"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


2. First day of 2nd year highschool

Carmelle's P.O.V

It was 6:30 a.m in the morning when my alarm clock rang. I took a bath, changed my clothes, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. RING RING.................... then my phone rang (Samsung S3 mini) I picked it up.

Aliza: K! We are right now having a group call. So u guys ready for school?!

Tiffani: Heck yah!

Aliza: Then lets all drive or cars! Lets meet in the parking area! k! bye!

I was driving then I parked my car! Then I texted Aliza.

To: Aliza

Hey! I'm here. Where are u guys?

Fr: Aliza

Look at ur back!

When I looked back.

Carmelle: Oh!! Sorri.

Aliza: It's okay! Come on! Lets see how the school and the people in it.

When we started walking out of the parking lot. It was WHOAH!! There were jocks,nerds,cheerleader,popular ones and emos. I'm guessing this school is always into the "social status."

Shaina: It gonna be hard in this school to much status.

Aliza: Remeber guys don't fall for that just be yourself don't presure.

Julianne: HANDSHAKE TIME! (after everyone does the handshake we say this) WHO CARES!!!

We were walking down the hall when I could see people looking at us. They were talking then we went to this girl. She was very pretty she had a skin color as white as snow and cheecks as red as rose. (im sounding like the story teller of snow white uhh)

Carmelle: umm... Hi! Were like new to this school and we dont know where are lockers are can u help us?

Henrika (the girl): Sure and by the way my name is Henrika. This our my friends Kathy, Monica and Lara. Well um were the school information so whats ur names. Will just look in the students paper then will give u your ID then u will see ur locker no.'s . And then get ur schedule here too.

Carmelle: My name is Carmelle Mae Anne McLine

Aliza: Aliza Feliyz Shane.

Tiffani: Tiffani Ong.

Shaina: Shaina Yu.

Julianne: Julianne Kate Ng.

Trixie: Trixie Marie Ryle.

Henrika: Okay! ummm... here's ur ID's and this is the map of the school incase u guys will get lost cause this is a very huge school and most of all your class schedules.

We sayed our "Thanks". Then looked in our schedules.

All of us: YES!! We have disame schedule and we are near each others locker!

Shaina: Come on! I got to put my books! And we also need to ready our Biology things!

Tiffani: True! And we don't want to be late in our first class.

We huried going to our Biology class. Well we weren't late but the teacher was (I really hate that sometimes). Then after like 5-6 minutes he arrived.

Professor Lane: Good morning class! I'm so sorry i'm late!

Everyone: You may take your seats! Now class open ur books to page 153. Today we will study about Genes. Genes are the basic unit of heredity....................................... blah blahhhhh etc.....

*After the discussion Prof. gave us an assignment*

Professor Lane: Okay class tommorrow I want you to make a printed assignment about your family like about your grandparents or your greatgrandparents or cousin or brothere and sisters or relatives etc..... you must put there names and writea 5 sentences about them. Then answer this question in your assignment. What does you and yur family do together? and I almost forget don't forget to include if u have like a hald blood examaple like if ur Chinese and American blood like that. Bye!

Then we all stood and went to our lockers and got out or History things.

Aliza: WTF! Never really thought Biology wll be fun.

Carmelle: Me too! I like Professor Lane his a great teacher.

The bell rang. It was time for History. My fav subject.

Mme. Gale: Good morning class! Please take ur seats. Now class today I want to have a recap about the Spanish - American War. What was myteriously exploded in Cuba.

Carmelle: (raised her hand) The USS Maine.

Mme. Gale: Excellent! How about the date of the mysterious bombing? Who is the Assistant Secretary of the Navy? Who did he order what is his rank?

Carmelle: (RAISES HER HAND) Febuary 15, 1898. The Assistant Secretary of the Navy is Theodore Roosevelt. He ordered Commodore George Dewey who is the commander of the American Asiatic Squadron stationed in Hongkong to sail to the Philippines and destroy they Spanish fleet anchored in Manila Bay.

Mme. Gale: Excellent! Very good! Bravo! Now wat is ur name dear?

Carmelle: My name is Carmelle Mae Anne McLine Madam.

Mme. Gale: I am sure u werent in my class before but Excellent!

The whole class Carmelle kept on raising her haqnd and so many bravos and excellent. Why wouldnt they Carmelle always loved History.

Mme Gale: Now class good bye! Happy Eating!

*It was recess time.*

We were eating then we heard a huge scream.

All the girls: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bone breakers.

Then a nerdish - jock guy came to us.

Ray: hey! I'm Ray can my group eat with u guys.

Aliza: Sure!.... ummm.... can I ask u why r those girlss shouting.

Ron: Those guy r the hottest guys in school. There in the football team and they have a way to get any girl they want.

Carmelle: There not that hot.

Ethan M.: U have a very different taste girl.

Trixie: By the way who r u guys?

Ray: I'm Ray

Ron: I'm Ron

Ethan M.: I'm Ethan

Ethan C.: I'm Ethan also.

Ethan Z.: Me too im an Ethan

Dustin: And I'm D.......

Trixie: Yes of course I know u Dustin cous.

Ethan Z.: Can we be like a gang? I know this is ur first time meeting us but lets be bestfriends.

Julianne: Sure! why not?

Ethan C.: So what do u call yourselfves as.

Aliza: We call ourselfves WHO CARES!

Ron: Weird but duable.

Carmelle: (took out her iPAD mini) lets take a picture....

Ray: A gang picture. (he corrected) 

Carmelle: LOL 1..2..3.. CHEEZE.

Shaina: So tell us a thing or two about u guys.

Ethan M.: We are nerdish - jocks.

Sophia: Cool!

Carmelle: This school is full of status.

Ethan Z.: True! and apparently u guys showed urselfves as nerdish - jocks like us.

Aliza: Cool!!!

Carmelle: Why? Is recess so boring? In our school its awesome somene plays music then we dance.

Ray: Cause nobody tries even though were allowed. The only time we did that when DJ. Jacko came. But he graduated. :|

Carmelle: Well! LETS START THIS PARY!!!

Aliza: Alright! Crazy girl go for it!

I played so many songs at first nobody stood up but then the guys stood up and started dancng then everyone followed. We played I could be the one and Get it started - Pitbull ft. Shakira and heart attack - demi lovato and all the other songs. When it was Here's To Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne then PSY - Gentleman. I went up to the Canteen highest floor and shouted "Singing to radiohead." (a phrase frm the song heres to never growing up) The teachers didnt mind even the principal he just smiled and did a thumbs up and the councilr smiled at me like I was doing great things. I LUV THIS SCHOOL!!!!

The whole day went on and on we had luch we had music.

Everyone: The DJ'S THE DJ'S.

I played my musc and everyone was dancing. Even nerds!!! The first day was awesome.!!!!!!!!

Carmelle's P.O.V

I was foin my assignment for Biology. I was finally finisshed then I drifted off to sleep. Dreaming about dogs!! LOL XD








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