"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


15. Babysitting at the Quinns

Carmelle's P.O.V

I woke in the morning smelling the scent of bacon. I knew it was my dad cooking. I jumped out of my bed went straight to my mirror and looked at my bed - headed look in my face. I know I sshould be going back to sleep but my gutts tell me to get up and eat! I just can't resist my parents cooking! Well I looked at my phone and saw a reminder.
"Babysitting job! Today: Mickel Quinns.
Time: 9:00 a.m sharp"
After I saw that note I quickly took a bath and get ready for the day. I went downstairs to see my parents reading together the newspaper.
Dad: Good morning dear!
Me: Good morning daddy! How is the business?
Dad: Well it's great!
Me: (I got my chair and was ready to sit down) Great! um... mom i'm going to babysit today at the Quinns.
Mom: (still readding her newspaper) Okay dear! Just make sure you will come home early for dinner.
Me: Promise!
After my conversation with my parents I ate my breakfast and went to my car and drove my way to the Quinns. As I arrived there I doorbelled and waited for Mrs. Quinns or ayone to answer. As I waited finally the door opened.
Mickel: I think your the babysitter...... MOM THE BABYSITTERS HEAR!!!
Mrs. Quinns rushes to the door.
Mrs. Quinns: Good morning dear! I would like to introduce you to my son here Mickel Quinns.
Me: Hi! I know you don't really know me yet Mickel but my name is Carmelle McLine.
After the little introduction Mrs. Quinns and I talked about his son and the babysitting mostly she wants her son to you refreash and not always use the internet. She wants him to try new things. I understand the situation of this cause I have been there and done that.
Mrs. Quinns: Well our numbers are written ref. and incase of emergency call us.... (I could see that Mr. Quinns was really in a hurry to go to there Bible Study but I don't really mind) WE WILLL BE BACK AT 4!
After they left I went to Mickel's room. I knocked at the door then a few seconds Mickel opened the door and led me to his huge room filled with technology! WOW! I was amazed as how a 11 year old could get all this. But to see this I knew that it would take alot of time for him to refresh his mind just as his parents want me to do.
Me: So......... Mickel do you want to go to the park?
Mickel: uh.... no I still need to play this virtual game I just newly downloaded "Dimension Worlds."
Me: Mickel, your game can wait you need to get refreshed.
Mickel: (he got a bottle of water placed in the top of his head and poured right to his face) There! I'm refreshed!
Me: No! I mean lets go to park and ride bicycles breath fresh air not techy air or whatever! Come on!
Mickel: (takes a deep breath) Do I really have to?
Me: Yes!
I waited for while until Mickel came out of the house.
Me:  Now get your butt of that chair and get your bike where going to the park. hehehehehehe
We went to the garage and found two mountain bikes. We grabed it and went to th park.
So we went to the park riding bikes. I could notice that Mickel didn't really yet get the hang of riding bikes. We rode our bikes along the park. We saw kids playing soccer. Mothers bringing there babies for a stroll in the park.
Carmelle: Don't you think this is amazing Mickel?
Mickel: Yah it is! (He looks around and look at the wonders of nature)
Carmelle: Don't you think this is better than you know like playing with your games? It gets you socialized.
Mickel: Yah I know...... (he looks down to the road) Yah I know........
Carmelle: Is there a problem Mickel?
Mickel: Nah! Just you know deep thinking.
Carmelle: Oh k.....
We rested for a while under the apple tree. I thought for a while about things and how I just wanted it to disappear. I looked at Mickel and saw him looking at sky.
Mickel: Look! (points at the cloud) It's a cloud shaped like a ice cream.
Carmelle: Oh you think that is cool! Look at this! (I pointed to the cloud shaped like a dragon).
Mickel: COOL!
Carmelle: Mickel can I ask you something?
Mickel: Yah sure!
Carmelle: Is there something going on with your life or whatever? Cause I remember an hour ago when we were biking you looked at the ground sad and depressed.
Mickel: Oh.... yah, Can you keep a secret?
Carmelle: Ofcourse!
Mickel: So like i've been going in this very difficult stage.....
Carmelle: Puberty?
Mickel: No, It's about me being adopted.
Carmelle: You are?!
Mickel: Yah, I was told in my 11th birthday 2 months ago.
Carmelle: So thats why you have been very rebelious lately or how do you put this morely rebelious through your computers.
Mickel: Well if you put it in that way then yah.
Carmelle: Why?
Mickel: Cause you know it hard to know that you have been loved like a son but you know..... I don't know how to explain it!
Carmelle: It's okay! You shouldn't be rebelious about that cause you know there are more less fortunate kids there and your so fortunate to have your adoptive parents with you.
Mickel: Okay......But thanks. :)
Carmelle: Why don't we just skip this whole thing and buy some............. (then a cart saying " Shaved Ice" was at the side of the park selling you know... shave ice) SHAVE ICE!
Mickel: k!
I was happy that Mickel was happy again. We bought one cherry and lime. Mickl licked is shaved ice "BRAIN FREEZE!" said Mickel. "Ohhhhh!!!" I replied back with a gangsta attitude.
Carmelle: Come on! We have to go home you parents r going to arrive at 4 and its 3:30p.m.
Mickel: Cool! I haven't been in the computer for 6 hours and 30 minutes!
Carmelle: LOL XD!
We went home and in a few minutes Mrs. and Ms. Quinns arrived.
Mr: Hello son!
Mickel: Hi dad! (hugs his dad)
Mr: Oh! What happened to you mostly when I arrive you just walk away! I AM SO HAPPY!
Mrs: Thank You Carmelle!
Carmelle: Anytime! Anytime!
Mrs: Well you did a great job why don't we eat snacks? I have nachos!
Mickel: Yes!
We went to the dinning room and ate afterwards Mrs. Quinns and me had a little pep talk then she gave me the money. After I got paid I went to the door before I got to twist the knob Mickel hugged me.
Mickel: Thank you!
Me: Welcs Mickel! Now be good!
Me: (chuckles) Bye!
Mickel: Bye! See you again!
I waved goodbye. I know that someday or maybe next week i'll see him again.


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