"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


11. Acting class

 Ms.porris pov (acting teacher)
"Okay class we are going to have a play and I will be choosing your roles okay?"'I explained, holding my clipboard."so henrika your the lead, Liam Payne your her leading man, aliza your the mean girl, Harry styles your gonna be the jock boyfriend of aliza, Niall zayn Louis your assigned for props , Carmelle co-director and music, Julianne director, trixie and Tiffani make up and costume, Sophia& ray  lights, the three ethans the nerds and gamma Jane Mae you are gonna be the teachers," I explained to them "and you cannot change your roles, here's your scripts pass it and practice now by partners and roles first so Liam and henrika go to that corner aliza and Harry to that other corner, three Ethan's in the middle and the three teachers at the other side and director lights , costume make up and props here infront okay?" I said and they all moved to there places.

Harry's pov

"It's a great thing we are really close!" She chuckled 

"I know so I was looking through the script and something caught my eye.." I trailed off

"What is it?" She uttered

"It's just that.." I scratched the back of my head "we have a kissing scene for 5 seconds" I blurted out 

"Really?" She gasped 

"Erm yah is that okay with you?" I consciously asked 

"Yah I mean its not like its a real kiss with feeling you know," she nervously chuckled 

"Than that's good, babe" I said chuckling with the word 'babe'

"Your calling me babe?" She asked in disbelief 

"Hey we're a thing in this play why don't we start now" I placed my arm around her and she giggled 

Zayn's pov

I could see Harry and Aliza getting along chuckling and Harry putting his hand around my girl. Practically  she's not my girl and we never made it official in that dinner we had and I clearly told Harry that I like her and I asked him if he liked her he instantly said no.so want the actual fuck!? "Zayn!" I was snapped out of my trance with Louis saying my name 

"Yeah?" I replied 

"Okay bring this stuff and read through the script if we still have something lose to bring , alright mate?" He reassured me 

"Yah okay"  I said scanning through the pages until I saw a kissing scene  between aliza and Harry, what the hell?

Liam's pov 

"So yah it goes like that," I muttered. I could say that henrika was quite a charmer but I wouldn't say I like her but she's nice. 

Ethan Zamora's pov

Why am I not partners with henrika? Huh why? I mean I know I suck at acting but like ill try for her. I bet she's gonna fall for Liam. It's obvious Liam's a charmer. 

We were reading our lines and trying to memorize and playing around.

Carmella's pov

All of us went to my dorm and chilled for a while we were so tired from  "what you guys wanna watch?" I asked, standing up and getting some CDs "camp rock!" Aliza suggested 

"We watch that all the time that's your favorite Disney movie!" Julianne and shaina whined

" fine!"  She answered 

"How bout beautiful creatures?" Tiffani asked 

"That's better than camp rock!" I rubbed it in Aliza's face 

" fine !" She half shouted crossing her arms.

We were already in the part where Lina and Ethan were in that library place.

I heard a phone beep and aliza quickly got it.

"Hey guys I'm leaving I'm gonna come back."she excused herself

Aliza's pov 

I got a text from zayn saying 'wanna meet me at my dorm' I instantly replied yes
I excused my self and went to zayn and Harry's room. I knocked and zayn opened the door.

"Hey" I said putting my hand up

"Hey" he said back gesturing me me to come inside 

I sat down on his bunk bed  and put my phone down

"So what do you wanna talk about?" I hesitantly asked 

"Do you really like me?" He blurted out

"Yah a little" I shrugged

"And...Harry?" He asked 

"We're close why?" 

"Do you like him?" He sighed 

"No I like you but I don't wanna make it official yet I never even made it official with Niall "I defended myself

"Oh ok?" He hesitantly said.

*knock knock*

Harry came out the door

"Hey aliza why you here are we gonna practice?" He worriedly asked 

"No" I shook my head

"She was here cause I invited her" zayn muttered 

I saw Harry wink at zayn and I left

Zayn's pov

"Okay tell method truth Harry" I said going near him

"What truth?" He innocently asked 

"Don't act all innocent you know what I'm talking about!" I pushed him in the chest

"What?" He protested 

"Do you like aliza or not?!" I shouted at him


O.o cliff hanger!!! What do you think?!1
~ siviza

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