"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


3. 2nd day

Aliza P.O.V

My alarm clock when on RING.....RING..RING ,,RING.

Aliza: uhh!!! weres the snooze button here.

Then I pulled out the outlet and slept for 5 minutes more then I got a txt from Ethan C.

Fr: Ethan C

Hey gang! Wake up! Its school time! Dont forget your History assignment! hehehe.....

Oh shit! I forgot about my history homework! I took a bath then changed then ate breakfast at the same time I was multitasking doing my assignment! FINISHED!

Aliza: Oh no! I'm going to be late! Bye mom!

Mom: Bye sweetie!

I parked my car near Sophia's car. I went running through the halls going to my locker. I placed my things in my locker. Then I got my Math things out. Then I went to the grass area were I knew the gang will always be there under the tree.

Ray: YOH! Aliza! Over here!

Then I someone bumped me.

Aliza: Shit! not again.

Niall: I'm so sorry. (looks up and then exmaines Aliza's face) Oh its u the girl I bumped in the mall.

Aliza: Well that girl u bumped in the mall has a name Aliza.

Niall: Sorry! When we bumped I only asked for ur number (chuckles) So u schooling here?

Aliza: Y do u think im here!?!!

Niall: Stupid of me!

I noticed Shaina signaling me to come over.

Aliza: I'm sorry and um...I have to go see u around school. :)

Ron's P.O.V

The rest of us were just looking at Aliza and Niall and thinking what they were talking about. Then Shaina told her to come here.

Carmelle: So how did it go!?

Aliza: Wha.....t! do u mean?

Julianne: She means how did it go with u know who........ Niall.

Aliza: Nothing! We just asked for my name then there nothing really happed.


Then the rest of the gang went in and said KISSING MWAH!!!

Aliza: Oh shut up! I dont like him!

Shaina: Yes! u do! (then the bell rings)

Aliza: uhhhhhh! Come on! will be late for class!


Then we all laughed. We headed to Math.

Ms. Cape: Good morning class! Today we will have a pop quiz about about Divisioon of Algebra!

Ron: SHIT! that thing is so hard!

Aliza: Mee too! We just learned it yesterday how......r....whawhat....WTF!

Carmelle: No it isnt!

Ray: Yah! it isnt!

Trixie: Well maybe because u and Ray r math maniacs who competed in math thingys!

Carmelle: CORRECTION! It was Ray and Ethan M.

Julianne: Its so easy here ill teach (after teaching them)

Aliza: Well thats easy!

Ms. Cape: Now class! grab ur tablets and go to iTest then go to Math Quiz#1.

After answering!

Ms. Cape: Okay! Time's up! Now lets check!

After checking:

Carmelle: I GOT PERFECT!

Julianne: ME TOO!



Then it continued blann me blahhhh...... After Math was Music. We had a riff - off just like Pitch Perfect. Boys vs. Girls and as usual it will always and always be a TIE! Then we ate r recess!. The canteen was serving Italian today. We all took Nachos,Tacos,Pizza and Spaghetti. The worst thing happened after we sat. The POPU GIRLS! CAME!!

(one of the popu girls looking at the food being served): Is there like a more healthy than this uh!! gross!!!

Aliza: Those girls r like shit!

Julianne: I know right! Its tacos this r really good!

Carmelle: Who r  they even?

Ethan M.: Those r the POPU GIRLS! There the meaniest cheerleader! But were lucky next year that there out of here for good!

Shaina: Why! there going to be kicked out!

Dustin: No! there graduating they never get caught! NOT EVER!

Aliza: WEIRD!

Tiffani: Come on guys! lets eat our food might get cold!

Sophia: True!





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