"New Things, New Beginning"

When Carmelle and her family along with her BFF's family moved to Chicago things become different a new school new friends to meet. They start there 2nd year of highschool in Chicago. But most of all they adventure begins in Chicago. (umm 1D is in the story but they are just popular kids but not a band)


4. 2nd day part 2

Go with the wind.

Carmelle's pov

We ate our food. Niall came by our table and whispered something to Aliza. I didn't know what but I was gonna ask her, Aliza just managed to say " let me ask them first" she nodded

" so what did he say?" I asked eagerly.

" erm, .... He asked me if I could eat with him and the lads, but..." She trailed off

" but what?!" I snapped

" you guys can't eat with.. I'm really sorry but if you guys want me to stay I will ill turn his offer down its really fine," she hissed, while giving me a guilty look.

" I think you should eat with him!" All three ethans said

" really ou think so?" She mumbled

" yea ," all of us said in unison

Se stood up and turned her heel and sat down they all greeted her with a huge hug and warm smiles, why didn't he want us to eat with him? , I shook the thought off and asked them

" why didn't they want us to eat with them!?" I eagerly asked them

"I think it's because of us were nerd jocks and they're jock -jocks and they think we're losers, it was actually hard for us to say yes to her but it looked like she wanted to go." Ethan c. Said, picking on his green peac.

 I could here all of them laughing and giggling it looked like Aliza had a really fun time.

We were having biology unluckily the 1d boys were in the same class they gestured Aliza to sit beside them, she casually looked at my direction and gave me a ' what to do look' I could see Tiffani giving her a 'no ' look so she said no and sat beside us

" I see they like you a lot " Sophia hissed but I could still hear it,

Aliza's pov

I kind of felt bad because I saw every now and then while we were eating  they were looking at us.

Shaina's pov

" hey!" My seatmate mumbled, I looked at is direction and quickly got turned on, he was Korean, I got a thing for hot Korean people his name was Krai ,

 " hey " I hissed back.

We started listening to her I could feel that he was checking me out and I found my self turning a massive shade of red. We had all. Free period and we went by our lockers and started talking I couldn't stop myself thinking of Krai 

" shaina so who is your lover boi!?" Julianne asked, her eyes wide open ,waving her hand infront of my face snapping me out of my daydream 

" yah yah yah yah," I replied not knowing what she was saying she respected herself and I instantly blushed 

" oh his just a guy!" I hit her arm playfully

" just a guy," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

" hey Aliza!" A boy with dark brown hair called I think his name was Harry cuz girls were screaming out his name .

" yes " she half shouted 

Harry gave her a gesture to come to him she started walking her heels making a sound 

Aliza's pov

" so you wanna hang sometimes with the lads?" He asked me 

" sure " I replied in an instant.

After the whole class me and the lads went out they brought me to a park we sat down by the grass and I automatically started pulling grass off we just chilled there making out own conversation  


I was back at my house my parents weren't around so I opened the door to my shock I saw a group of people chilling around my house giggling and laughing and talking.

" what the bloody hell are u dousing here!!!!?" I questioned my temper already in the level of killing them

" we'll, you disappeared just like that and you know that I know where you hide a spare key!" 

" I was just with the lads" I mumbled

"And" they all asked sarcastically

" and nothing! Now get the bloody hell out and go back from where you came from!" I shouted very frustrated

" i don't think it's possible we can go back in our mum's you know" Ron said 

We turned our heads to Ron's direction and gave him a 'wtf' look

" no seriously get out" I said more calmly motioning them to get out and they did .

I went up and changed  and thought about the things we did today.



So this is my chapter you could actually tell bc I didn't do it like in a " script" way so yah hope you guys like it!!
 Much love xoxo


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