Sexy Styles

Lexyiee is not only a new girl at her college, but is at the same college as one direction. Author's Note: this is way inappropriate. If you are offended by sexual content, leave because this is in detail. Anyways!
Lexyiee somehow falls in love with one of the band members.
Is that okay? Is he pushing her through too much? Please rate!!!!


1. Move in

*falls on deck with large suitcases*

Danielle: oh lemme help

Me: okay :)

I look at her face and realize she is Danielle Peazer, Liam Payne from one directions gf!!!

Danielle: what's your name new roomie?

Me: Lexyiee and I know your's

Dani: haha... Wanna meet Louis and Zayn?

Me: sure

*we walk to other building*

Dani: Hey boys this is Lexyiee!!! Where is Li?

Zayn: Sexy Lexyieeeeeeee!

Louis: hello dear, and dan he's with Niall and Boo

Dani: Thanks

we walk to a dorm next to the one we leave

Dani: Boys!!! Hi this is Lexyiee! Hey Hun!!

Liam: hi oh hey babae

Niall: Bring any food?

Me: *giggles* no!!!;)

Harry: *walks up to me and kind of checks me out* hi *looks at my boobs then down some more*

Me: Um my face is here

Harry: Yes, and my pencil would like some sharpener of yours.

Me: well I'm single ;) but lets just go on a date now

Dani: what? 

Harry: As long as I can get you in my pants around.. Tomorrow


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