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My child-hood best friend left me when we were 16. One thing he didn't know was that i loved him so much. His name? Niall Horan... Left to try out for X-Factor, he called me each day, but when he got even more famous, formed a band called One Direction, he stopped calling... I cried everyday for the past years. But, I'm going to enjoy my senior year! My name's Kayla Wright. Call me the popular girl, I don't care. There's only one boy that has my heart and he probably doesn't remember me. I doubt I'm ever going to bump into him or see him in real life anymore.. Apparently there's going to be 5 new kids at school this year. Wonder who they are.


9. Welcome Home!

-Kayla's P.O.V-

I woke up to Niall placing kisses on both of my cheeks, my forehead, nose and then my lips. A smile appeared on my face and then he said "Oh good, you're awake cause I'm hungry. Everyone's downstairs" laughed at him and then got up. "You can go without me and by the way, best wake up ever" I told him as I walked into the bathroom and washed my face then fixing my messy bun. "You're welcome babe and I'm not leaving without you" He told me as he got up from the bed and into the bathroom where he placed his arms around my waist and head on my shoulder. "Don't I look attractive this morning" i said sarcastically still fiddling with my hair. Niall grabbed my hand causing my hair tie to fall out of my hair and my loose waves visible. "Yup. Still beautiful" Niall said kissing my cheek. I blushed and then said "I needa go home and change." He laughed and said "You're lucky I knew we were going to the beach house! I packed you some clothes and bikinis!" "Well. Best Boyfriend Ever" I told him as I twirled around and wrapped my arms around his neck planting a gentle kiss on his lips. "I'm gonna go get changed now" I told him. "Ill be waiting!" He said as I closed the bathroom door. I unzipped my backpack that he chose and found myself some short jean shorts, a white loose tank top that stopped right above my belly button, my green and blue flip flops, and sunglasses. I wore the green bikini that Niall had picked out underneath and then put on my famous messy bun again. I took out my phone and then got out of the bathroom. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=80504073 I looked up to see Niall anxious to get food. I grabbed him and we both ran downstairs to find everyone having fun eating. "Well look who finally decided to show up" Micheal said as he handed Niall and I our pile of pancakes. I laugh at Niall who already has digged into his pancakes. "It takes time to look decent you know" I told them. "Says the girl that won prom queen two years in a row." Christina said. I laughed and dug into my pancakes while replying "I'm hoping for three" "Everyone should know that you're soooo going to win" Kristen said while gulping down her orange juice. I smile at them, they really are my best friends, even if we're called the popular's. We don't act all bitchy or treat each other like a piece of meat.

-Nialls P.O.V-

Man these pancakes are mm mm GOOOOOOD. I just can't help but over think what Kayla just said. She won prom queen two years in a row! Maybe I shouldn't have leftt. I would've seen her stand up for herself, then again, I wouldn't have the guts to even ask her to prom without help from my mom and her parents. Oh! I just remembered something! "You're parents told me that their business trip had to be cancelled because their boss's getting married!" I told kayla. Her face lit up "When are they coming home?!" she said anxiously. "Today at around 6" I chuckled. "Good, enough time to decorate the yay-you-don't-have-to-leave-posters" The girls in the populars squealed in excitement "YAAAY! PARTYYY!" Josh exclaimed as he ran outside into the water. "C'mon Lou! Let's go swimming!" El said while dragging him outside. Liam and the populars went outside leaving Zayn, Allison, Kayla and I.

"Soooooooooo" Allison said awkwardly. "We should go outside babe" Zayn said while grabbing her and leaving to go join everyone else. "What was that all about?" Kayla asked turning to me. I just shrugged and said "Wanna join everyone else?" She nodded and laced our hands together. Then, Kayla got a pphone call. 

-Kayla's P.O.V-

"Mom! Dad!" I anxiously yelled.

"I'm guessing you heard the news?" They answered.

"Yeah! When are you guys arriving?!"

"About 6" My dad said

"anything new happen?" My mom asked.

I turned to Niall who was already facing me with a smile. "Yup, but it's a surprise" I told them

My parents laughed and then said "Okay, see you in a few hours sweetie! We love you!"

"Love you guys too!" I said. 

I turned to Niall who took a sip of his orange juice, I then realized something "What?" he asked. "We have to start decorating!" "Now?!" Niall asked who was looking at the time "It's only 12 " I let out a sigh and said "Fine, in an hour." He let out a cheeky grin, grabbed my hand and went over to the water. Taking off his shirt, he asked "You coming?" I shook my head and sat down on the table. He frowned and sat right next to me "Why not?" He ask me. "Not in the mood, plus it's so hot" I told him. "Oh sorry let me get out of here" he chuckled. I let out a small giggle and then he sighed. "Well what about now?" I laughed and shook my head. Then he placed he turned to me where his legs were on either side of the sitting bench. I did the same thing. He cupped my face and leaned into me. He then gently placed his lips on mine and then we moved in sync. It felt like fireworks were being blown up everywhere. When we pulled away, he whispered "fifteen" i playfully hit his stomach and then we went into the water.

After an hour, we all headed back to my house. "SOPHIE? KARLEE?" I yelled, they all peeked their head through a hallway. "Yes Kayla?" Sophie asked. Then I said"My parents are coming home tonight, you think you guys could pick up the food I ordered from that restraunt mom and dad love?" "I'll go" Karlee said as I gave her my keys. Justin was playing outside with his friends so it was just us populars. "How do we decorate?" Harry asked and then adding "Oh, great place by the way" "Thanks, we have the stuff in our basement and Allison knows where to get the streamers so we'll split up. It was Me, Niall, Louis, Christina, Liam and Tom and Alex. Then Allison, Zayn, Harry, Josh, Kristen, Christian, and Michael. We walked down the basement and then Liam let out a "Woah. Basements can't look this cool" I just laughed and opened the surprise closet. We had a custom sign made that said "Yay! Business trip's cancelled!" "Here Liam, you and Tom take this upstairs and hang it on top of the fireplace. They both went up and then I said "Christina, you, Tom and Alex are in charge of the invites. and Christina, you know EXACTLY who to call. She nodded and they went to the living room. "What about us?" Niall asked while sitting down on the couch. "I'm home! There's more food in the car!" Karlee screamed "Ni, you and Lou will be in charge of setting up the food" I told them, just as Louis left the basement, Niall wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. "And what will you do babe?" I smiled and said "I'm the boss" while kissing him on the cheek. He laced his fingers with mine and then we walked upstairs. The house looked AMAZING! My parents friends and family were already there figuring out their hiding spots.

It was 5:55 p.m. My parents will be home soon! We closed all the lights and hid in our spots. I hid under the table with Niall, he had his arm around my waist. We heard the door unlock "Hello?" My mom yelled. She turned on the lights and then we all screamed "SURPRISE!" We all jumped out from our hiding spots and my parents were surprise and everyone greeted them. After the party got started, my parents walked over to Niall, Me and the rest of the populars out in the back near the pool. "So Kayla! What was the surprise?" Mom asked me. I smiled and laced Niall's fingers with mine. "Sooo?" Dad asked me. I raised Niall and I's hand. My parents just laughed. "What?" I asked. "Honey, that's not news. There are magazines with you guys all over California!" I looked at Niall with shock. "I swear I havent seen any of the paparazzi!" Niall said. My parents backed away and left us there. After a few hours, the populars left, there was school tomorrow! Then, Niall had to leave. Once we got to the front, he grabbed my waist and we walked over to his car. "So, your okay with this dating someone from one direction thing?" Niall asked as he turned me around so I  was facing him. "Only if it's you Ni" I told him as I leaned in for a kiss. As we kissed I put my arms around his neck and then we saw a flash. Looking around, it was only my parents. I shook my head and left. "Need something Mr and Mrs Wright?" Niall asked as he laughed and put his arm around my waist. "Yup! see you in the house! Bye Niall!" My parents said as they walked in. I turned back to Niall "Same mom and dad huh" I laughed. "Goodnight Kayla" he said as he gave me a gentle kiss. "Night Ni" I told him when we pulled back smiling at eachother.


A/N: I'M SOOOO SORRRYY for not updating. I didn't know what to write and on You Changed My Life, I'm still writing the next chapter so pleeeeaaseeee be patient! Thanks for reading thisxx any guesses of what happens next? (:

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