Did You forget?

My child-hood best friend left me when we were 16. One thing he didn't know was that i loved him so much. His name? Niall Horan... Left to try out for X-Factor, he called me each day, but when he got even more famous, formed a band called One Direction, he stopped calling... I cried everyday for the past years. But, I'm going to enjoy my senior year! My name's Kayla Wright. Call me the popular girl, I don't care. There's only one boy that has my heart and he probably doesn't remember me. I doubt I'm ever going to bump into him or see him in real life anymore.. Apparently there's going to be 5 new kids at school this year. Wonder who they are.


14. Saturday Part 2

-Niall's P.O.V-

"I didn't get to finsih my video!!!!!!!!" I whined. saying I love you for the first time over a video is kinda tacky anyway. I'll say it in person, when it's the right time. 

-Kayla's P.O.V-

We all walked out of our cars and into the park where we're practicing. We were the last ones there and then coach said "okay ladies and gents! Go change in the bathrooms. After that, we stretched then we started our routine, it looked like this:


After, we all collapsed on the floor. "Good Job Thunders! Take 10" Coach Fran announced. I ran to my duffle bag and found my phone. No text. I sighed and the frowned. The populars all sat near me and they got a sip of water. "This relationship is going no where guys" I sighed. 

"Why do you think that?" Kristen asked.

"Well, we barely spent time together these past few months, barely talked and uggghhh" I buried my face into my hands.

"C'mon, don't think like that" Allison said while rubbing my back. 

I chuckled "Maybe I should just end it, us, for a while." 

I raised my head and they all looked shocked.

"If that's what you want." An irish voice said. I turned to see Niall and the boys behind me with flowers and tears were flowing from his eyes. "Niall." I said softly. I don't even know why he was here. He threw the flowers and the ground and walked away. "Wait." I said, but he was already walking away. Zayn walked up to Allison and gave her a hug and I basically ditched the practice and walked home. Once I got to my subdivision, my makeup looked horrid and to top it all off, it started raining. "Great, this is just sooo great" I mumbled while running my hand through my hair. I quickly walked back into my house so that I could dry myself. I ran into Karlee while I got inside. "Sweetie! You look a mess, what happened?!" she asked while taking a closer look at me. "N-nothing, I um have to take a shower now" I replied while going upstairs. "dinner's on the table!" I nodded my head and bumped into Justin "He- woah. What happened to you?" he asked. "Just ... Just leave me alone Justin." He raised his arms in defeat saying "Okay, but Niall dropped something off in your room." I nodded and then opened the lights to my room. Oh, btw, this is how it looks like.


I noticed a box on my bed that was wrapping in pink wrapping paper and there was a white ribbon on it. I didn't bother to open it. I set it down on my desk and went into the shower to clear my mind.

After the shower, I dried my hair and put it into a bun. Then i got changed into a loose shirt and sweat pants. It was about 8 p.m. and I decided to go to the boys' house to talk to Niall. I got my keys, grabbed an apple and off I went!

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