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My child-hood best friend left me when we were 16. One thing he didn't know was that i loved him so much. His name? Niall Horan... Left to try out for X-Factor, he called me each day, but when he got even more famous, formed a band called One Direction, he stopped calling... I cried everyday for the past years. But, I'm going to enjoy my senior year! My name's Kayla Wright. Call me the popular girl, I don't care. There's only one boy that has my heart and he probably doesn't remember me. I doubt I'm ever going to bump into him or see him in real life anymore.. Apparently there's going to be 5 new kids at school this year. Wonder who they are.


13. Saturday Part 1

-Kayla's P.O.V-

It's finally February! There's spirit week next week and Cheer competitions next weekend. It's 6 a.m. in the morning and The popular's and I are going out for Starbucks, then heading to cheer practice which goes on for like, forever. The boys are in Texas right now, and Niall promised to ooVoo me every night! I wore my H&M Jersey bustier(white), light washed skinny jeans, my promise ring, an orange cardigan and orange heel boot thing. I brought my cheer duffle bag which had our competing uniform, pom poms, my bow and shoes in it. My hair was up in a ponytail and my make-up was done.


I checked the time and Allison texted me 'Be there in five bitch' I smiled and went downstairs to get a water bottle. In the fridge, I found a not from my parents, "Sorry honey, we had an unexpected business trip and we don't know when we'll be back. You know the rules and where the money is. We love you!" I frowned hoping they'd be back for the competition and then I went into Karlee's room to put the note on her bed-side table. 'Off to Cheer practice! Byexx' I went outside and it was a little chillier than I had expected. I walked over to the chairs and sat there on my phone until Allison arrived. 

I was waiting for a text from Niall and he stilll hasn't contacted me. Our relationship has been really boring these past months. I don't even know if I still love him,I mean, I never told him that, but he hasn't said anything either. I sighed and before I knew it, two cars pulled up into my driveway "C'mon Kay! Let's go!" Allison yelled. I picked up my duffle bag and got into the passenger seat. It was Allison driving, me in the passenger seat, Christina, Kristen and an empty seat which had all our duffle bags on. "So, how's Niall?" Christina asked. I sighed "He hasn't talked to me in a while actually." My phone buzzed and I immediately whipped it out and FINALLY it was a text from NIall, well, not only a text, a videoo! A huge grin grew on my face as I read his text 'Hey babe, sorry I haven't said anything to you for the past days, here's a video to say it all'

"HEY KAYLAAAAAAAAA!" The boys said in unison, I chuckled and then Niall said "I miss you sooo much Princess, I wish I could be there with you right now. The boys are getting too boring" then the door flew open and Paul said "Boys, soundcheck now." Niall sighed and so did I "Well I'll ooVoo you later baby. I-" Niall got pushed out of the door and the video ended 'I WHAT!'  I thought. 

When I looked up, we were already at Starbucks. When I got out, the guys looked at me "What." I asked. "You look a little upset." Tom said. I gave them a weak smile and said "I'm fine guys, now let's go, I need sugar." Everyone chuckled and as  I walked in a bunch of girls screamed. I looked around to see if anyone famous was here and no one was. I was really confused and then that's when I realized everyone was screaming at me because I was Niall's girlfriendd. I smiled at all of them and then went to take my order. "hi" I smiled at the cashier. "Hello" the boy smiled. "What can I get you" I looked at the menu "Iced coffee please" He nodded and then I took out my wallet, but the boy stopped me "This one's on the house' he winked. I looked at him confused and then said "o-okay." He gave me my receipt which also had his number written on it and when I went to go sit down, I rolled my eyes and shoved the reciept in the duffle bag. "Kayla" a girl called for my name. I smiled and took my iced coffee "Thank you" I said. 

After everyone got their drinks I replayed Niall's video over and over again until Allison grabbed it and showed the others "Guuyysss!" I whined. "Look the Princess is blushing" Micheal chuckled. I playfully punched his arm and took my phone away from the others. "What do you think he was gonna say?" Allison asked. I shrugged "I miss you?" "No one sayd I miss you at the end of a video!" Alex pointed out. "Maybe the little irish boy's in llovveee" Allison teased. "He's only been with me for like 5 months?" I said. "But the way he looks at you!" Tom said. I shrugged and continued sipping on my iced coffee. I looked at my phone. "6:45 a.m, c'mon let's go." I said.


a/n: SSSSOOOOOOOORRRRRRRYYYYYY for not updating! I've been hanging out with my friends and family these past few weeks and yeaaah. I'm finishing the next chapter right now :)

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