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My child-hood best friend left me when we were 16. One thing he didn't know was that i loved him so much. His name? Niall Horan... Left to try out for X-Factor, he called me each day, but when he got even more famous, formed a band called One Direction, he stopped calling... I cried everyday for the past years. But, I'm going to enjoy my senior year! My name's Kayla Wright. Call me the popular girl, I don't care. There's only one boy that has my heart and he probably doesn't remember me. I doubt I'm ever going to bump into him or see him in real life anymore.. Apparently there's going to be 5 new kids at school this year. Wonder who they are.


4. Maura!

-Kayla's P.O.V-

He truly did remember me. I was crying, not sadly, but happy tears. I have my best friend back. The populars left, so did One direction, except for Niall. We had so much catching up to do! "So how's Maura and Greg?" I asked. "Actually, their great! Greg's visiting for a week and he's coming today, your family should come to see them!" Niall said. "We'd love to! My parents have been wondering how Maura's been. Let me go change and I'll meet you downstairs? Tell my parents for me? okay!" Niall went downstairs, I changed into and Aqua sleeveless blouse, light washed mini shorts, my promise ring, black sandals, an off-white cotton scarf, my ray ban sunglasses, and my Fossil Marlow satchel. Then, pulled my hair into a messy bun. (http://www.polyvore.com/casual_daaaay/set?id=78845853) Walking downstairs, I told my brother to get ready, "you're friends can either go home or some with us" I said. They decided to come. My parents were still getting ready and Niall was sitting on the couch. "So how'd school go without me?" Niall asked. "Pretty well I guess." I told him. "Well? You're the most popular girl in school Kay!" He exclaimed. "Yeah, i know, but sometimes, I don't wanna be, i don't wanna have all eyes on me, be the leader of the group you know?" I told him. "Can I ask you one thing?" Niall asked. I nodded. "Why do you dress like that? what happened to I-don't-care-how-I-look Kayla?" I looked at him stunned, then I laughed. "The day you left, I told myself that I could be strong without you. It didn't work that well, I kinda got depressed, then my mom took me shopping and well yeah. That's how it all began." He looked shocked "You didn't harm yourself did you?" I lied and said "N-no" He knew I was lying. "Ka-" "It's time to go now!" My dad yelled. "Niall, I'm so glad you remember us!" "Me too Mr and Mrs Wright." 


-Niall's P.O.V-

"Wow. your house is bigger than ours" Justin said with amazement. They wanted to surprise my mom, our plan was that when my mom opens the door and I go inside, I won't lock it. We'll go in the kitchen and they'll come in when I text Kayla. Mrs.Wright will then yell "Surprise!!" I know. good idea right? They parked the car near the garage, so you couldn't see it. I walked into the front door and rang the doorbell. "Niall! You're home!" My mom said. We walked inside and I said "Hey! I wanna show you something! Let's go in the kitchen. She nodded and I closed the door, not locking it. When we sat down and I texted Kayla, To:Bestfriend<33 Hey, we're in the kitchen ! xx Then the door opened, Mrs.Wright snuck into the kitchen and yelled "SURPRISEEEE!" My mom turned around "AHHHHHH! Oh my gosh! i haven't seen you in such a long time!" She yelled. They hugged for a long time. "Kayla! you look amazing! oh my gosh, guys must be all over you" my mom said. Kayla's laughed. My mom and Kayla's parents went to catch up, me and Kayla went into my room and talked. "So, as I was saying earlier, I know you're lying Kay." "C'mon Ni, It was along time ago, can't we forget about?" Kayla said. "W-what did you do?" I asked. She looked down, a tear fell from her eyes and that's when her wrist caught my attention. She turned it so I couldn't see it, but I took her hand gently and looked at it. I was shocked, she cut herself multiple times! "Why'd you do this?" i asked her on the verge of tears. "I-I, When you left and I didn't walk into school with you, everyone kept saying "Oh, he finally left you" and "Aww boohoo no more friends for you right?" and i just couldn't take it. and well yeah." She said, crying. I pulled her in for a hug comforting her. "i never should have left." "Well, if you didn't, then I would't be able to stand up for myself like I can today." she smiled and then said "thank you" I smiled and said "At least we found each other right?" I asked. She nodded and we just talked about our lives. Once again, we knew every single detail about each other. That's what I love about Kayla, she trusts me and she tells me everything.  One thing I didn't mention was that I was still in love with her. I loved everything about her, her smile, her eyes, the way she plays with her hair when she's nervous, her eyes and the way she told me that she's stronger now than before. I don't want to ruin our best friendship.

-Kayla's P.O.V-

When we talked, I missed these days. But, it makes me realize how much I really do love him. His eyes, his accent, the way he opens up to me, the way he pulls me in for a hug, the way he smiles and when he's nervous, he plays with his fingers. I love him, I really do. I'm so glad that we found each other again. I realized we were just staring at each other, I smiled, "what?" he said, smiling back. "You're just so cute" I said giggling. He was blushing and then he said "Right back atchaa" he told me. After a few hours, it was time to go. We dropped off my brothers friends and then my parents chuckled. "What?" I asked. "We all know you still love him to death" my mom said. I blushed. "Hey, if he asks you out, you don't need my approval, I already approve him" my dad says. "Doubt that he ever will, I don't even think he likes me that way." I said with sadness. "Never know honey" My mom said. Once we got back home, I took a shower and went to bed. But, then I got a text from Niall. From"Bestfriend<33 Good night Kay(: <3 I smiled and texted back To:Bestfriend<33 Night Ni<33(: Then off to sleep!

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