Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


11. Tom sick

Jasmine's P.O.V

I saw Tom in bed coughing he looked pale and sickly 

"Hey Jaz" He groaned 

"Hey Tommy how you feeling? " I asked and sat on the side of the bed


"How long have you been sick?" all the boys came in

"Two days I cant move and I heard about Nathan" He smiled 

"Yep and I owe you guys and the others big time" I smiled 

"You owe us nothing we havent seen Baby Nath happy like that in a LONG time" Siva said

"Your also our sister" Max said 

I hugged them all as a Proper thank you and Hi 

I went to hug tom but tom stopped me 

"You will get sick to love dont hug me" 

"Tom your forgetting I grew up at a Lake and I have gotten sick to where I was in the hospital I will be fine" I said and hugged him 

"I hate being sick" Tom coughed 

"We all do mate" Jay said 

"What I wanna know is how in the HELL did you get this sick" 

"Doctor said I probably ate something or drank something I wasnt supposed to" He said

"Where was the last place you went?" I asked 

"A club" 

"Someone put something in your drink probably I've had that done to me" I said

"Wait Jasmine You in a club what age?" Siva asked

"um 15 there is a lot of things you can do with make-up and a fake ID plus I look older than I am" I said 

"You got a bad girl on your hands here Nath" Tom smiled 

"Yeah I've done a lot of things" I said 

"Like" Nathan said

"Underage drinking obviously sneaking out fighting and I may or may NOT have a small minor record" 

"Well she has the bad girl style just unexpectedly Nath I might steal your girl" Tom said

"Not happening" Nathan said 

"What did you do to get a record" Jay asked

"Breaking and entering nothing much" I said lying

"And doing graffiti and possession of a weapon without a licences " Max said 

My Head shot in his direction 

"Online record check" he said

"Okay so maybe I have more than breaking and entering and that weapon charge wasnt mine" I said 

"what were you even doing with someone that had a weapon." Nathan said

"you have been sick for two days Tom" I said switching the subject 

"Yea why?" 

"I have an Idea I'll be back" I left and called my Mum 

Nathan P.O.V 

"Max put that website in on my laptop because that doesn't sound like Jasmine" He ran and put it in and I read it and looked at the picture

Graffiti tho?" I said as she walked in 

"Tommy drink this" she said and handed him a green Liquid

"Um what is this?"

"Its a drink to fight off the stuff that's making you sick" She said

He took a sip and he gagged  

"GROSS" He yelled

"Drink it to feel better trust me I have to drink some when I get home" She said 

He started drinking


"Around this time of year I get sick where I'm like him but worse" She said 

"How could you get worse than him?" 

"I wont move I can hardly talk my head pounds like I have a hangover and when I try and sing I sound like a dying cat"  she said 

"You sing" Max said 

"Yes I thought this one would have shown you the videos and you have heard me" She said pointing to me

"I heard you sing in the car but hardly because you were quite now I command you to  sing for us!" Tom shouted 

"You got a guitar?" 

"In the music room? I left and grabbed it and ran back Tom sat up and we all sat on the king size bed she crossed her legs and sat the guitar on her lap

"I need a song an my mind just went blank" She laughed

"just think hard on a song your good at" I suggested 

Her eyes lit up as she smiled

"This song represents well ME" she giggled a bit and started strumming Avril Lavigne new song Here's to never growing up 

"Singing radio head at the top of our lungs,

with the boombox blaring as were falling in love

got a bottle of what ever but its getting us drunk singing

here's to never growing up. 

Call up all our friends,

go hard this weekend 

for no damn reason,

I dont thing we'll ever change.

Meet you at the spot, 

Half past ten o'clock,

We dont ever stop and we're never going to change.

Say, won't you say forever,

stay, stay if you stay forever, 

Hey, We can be forever young.

Singing radio head at the top of our lungs,

with the boombox blaring as were falling in love,

got a bottle of whatever but its getting us drunk

singing here to never growing up, 

We'll be running down the street yelling Kiss my *** 

I'm like yeah whatever were still living like that ,

When the sun's going down

we will be raising our cups 

singing heres to never growing up

oh whoa heres to never growing you x2

We live like rockstars, 

Dance on every bar,

This is who we are and I don't think we'll ever change. 

They say just grow up,but they dont know us 

We dont give a Fu** and we're never going to change

Say, wont you say forever, 

Stay, stay if you stay forever

Hey, We can be young forever.

Singing radio head at the top of our lungs,

with the boombox blaring as were falling in love,

got a bottle of whatever but its getting us drunk,

singing heres to never growing up.

We'll be running down the street yelling kiss my ass,

I'm like yeah whatever we're still living like that,

When the suns going down we'll be raising our cups 

singing here's to never growing up, 

Oh whoa,oh whoa, heres to never growing up 

Oh what, oh Whoa, heres to never growing up

Say wont you say forever 

Stay wont you stay forever

hey we can be forever young.

Singing radio head at the top of our lungs 

with the boombox blaring as were falling in love 

got a bottle of whatever but its getting us drunk 

singing heres to never growing up,

we'll be running down the street yelling kiss my ass 

I'm like yeah whatever we're still living like that

when the suns going down we'll be raising our cups 

singing heres to never growing up

oh whoa oh whoa heres to never growing up

oh whoa oh whoa heres to never growing up 

oh whoa oh whoa heres to never growing up

oh whoa oh whoa heres to never growing up

oh whoa oh whoa heres to never growing up.

She finished and I smiled the ENTIRE time I love hearing sing we clapped 

"You have a good voice" Siva said

"Why thank you"

"So why did Management FINALLY let you too be Together??" Tom asked

"They said I have to become famous and they found my stupid videos and want me to be a singer but I honestly think Harry Niall or Zayn said something about it because Liam and Lou wouldnt do that" She said and set the guitar down gently against the wall and got back on the bed

"Fans want a twit cam" Siva said

"As long as I'm out of it" Jasmine said crawling and sitting in my lap as they started it 

"Hey guys! Tom is sick we feel really bad for canceling our tour dates but we will be back soon" Siva said and turned the camera to us

"NO!!" Jasmine jumped up ran out the door and slipped and fell and hit her head on the door frame 

we burst out laughing

"Babe you okay?" Nathan asked


"Come say Hi to the fans love" 

"NO! I look horrible" 

"They are all asking who you are and you look fine" Jay said

"Show them Tom hes the one whos sick" She said 

Siva got up picked her up and carried her and set her in my lap she dug her face into my neck

"Cmon why cant you be like your brother?" Tom asked

"Because I'm far from him" She said

"Please love for me? and then we can go do what we want" I whispered into her ear 


"Jasmine's P.O.V

I gave in maybe because I want to be with Nathan I just HATE cameras 

I Faced the camera

"This is Nathans LOVELY girlfriend who looks perfectly fine Jasmine and if your wondering who her brother she can tell you" Jay said

"Hi and my Brother is Zayn Malik" I said 

"Alright fan question time!!!!!!" Tom said

"Jasmine and Nath prove your together and that its not just a publicity stunt. that was from itsjessybro"

Nathan and I got a smirk on our faces and kissed i love it when he kissed me it feels right like we are two puzzle pieces we both pulled away

"I wouldn't do that if it was a Publicity stunt" Nathan said with a smirk

"Jasmine your so PRETTY is your hair naturally curly or straight?" That was from" IloveThewanted" Max said

"We love you too!" Tom said

"My hair is Naturally wavy I just curled it this morning" I said

"Tom why are you sick?? We need you guys in BRAZIL!!" 

"The doctor said it was something I drank or ate and Jasmine here gave me this utterly disgusting green liquid to drink to make me feel better so I should be better in..." Tom trailed off and looked at me

"in a day or two" 


"Bye guys have a meeting with management" Tom said we all said bye and shut off the computer 

"Tommy you need help out of bed?" I asked

He nodded 

we all got off the bed Nathan and I were closest to top so we pulled him up  put an arm around each of our shoulders and helped him downstairs

"Jasmine your our new personal doctor" Tom said

I laughed 

"You all being the children you are will probably need a lot of help from a doctor" I said 

"OH Jasmine good you're here too" a tall guy said I recognized him as Scooter Braun 

"Yeah and apparently I'm the doctor to the boys now" I joked 

"So you're a doctor Nathan's girlfriend  AND you can act and sing??" He said 

"Tommy do I have a choice in being the doctor? I asked

"No you do not" 

"There's your answer then" I laughed as we set Tom down

"What if I don't want to be a doctor for you guys" I asked

"That is not an option" Tom said

"Okay then" I sat down next to Tom Nathan sat next to me Max sat down next to Nathan Siva sat down next to Max and Jay sat down next to Siva scooter sat down on the other side 

"Now you all know about the fight you and One Direction have been putting up with us for Jasmine and Nathan to date" Nathan grabbed my hand under the table 

"But YOU have to become famous now you have a choice be famous and be with Nathan or have your normal life the non-famous little sister of Zayn malik and not be with Nathan" He said pointing at me

"Um My life is anything BUT normal I have a famous brother who is in one of the most famous bands in the world besides these boys here and I have paparazzi AMBUSH me at school, the gym where I train, and I've had a few climb into my bedroom window I also get death threats saying to stay away from Zayn and the boys" I said 

"So your used to it?"

"Pretty much" I said nodding 

"So your choice is????" 

"I guess to be famous its better than not being with Nathan"

"Alright do you want to tell your brother and the boys or should I"

"I will its not a big deal... hopefully Zayn may flip out but who knows" I shurgged my shoulders

"Protective brother?"


"Now you boys are going back on tour as soon as Tom gets better" He stated

"We figured" Nathan sighed 

"And this one here is your second act"

"Whoa back up Im what?" I said 

"You never have sang in front of people have you?" He asked

"Nope just these boys my brother and the rest of the band" 

"And at the lake" Nathan added

"Yeah because you made me" I said 

"Aw the couples first fight" Tom teased

"Its not a fight and trust me we've had plenty of fights" Nathan said

"SO I just came here to tell you that rehearsals start at the next arena" He got up said bye and left

"What the hell did I just agree to?" I asked 

"You'll be fine babe" Nathan kissed my head

"we'll help you we know its going to be hard" Jay said

"I want my bed can you help me please" Tom asked Siva and Max helped him this time set him in the bed and walked back downstairs

"Hey we are gonna go out we'll be back" Nathan said 

"BYE TOMMY!!!" I yelled


"I WILL!" "Bye boys" I hugged them and we were off

we drove for about 15 minutes and pulled up to a park where there was a large oak tree in the back we got out and ran to the tree when we got there he sat down and I sat in between his legs 



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