Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


14. School

Jasmines P.O.V

Its 5:00AM Last night my principal called saying that we have school today I did have a four day weekend but are finishing our last day of school I walked into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and got in the shower turns out that my principal wasnt the one that callled my dad it was my Vice Principal I knew my principal wouldnt do that she is the only one that knows about my dad and EVERYTHING besides Eric Jason Fernando Rain and Gavin they all went to the camp with us. Im putting the people that walk all over me into there places even if it does mean taking a few punches I got out of the shower and walked into my room and changed into a white polo a pair of Skinny Blue jeans a pair of white supras and my custom snapback that has the words Swag written across it Harry and I recently went to the lids store and got matching snapbacks that were custom that had Human Party #1 and #2 on it I brushed my teeth I didn't bother putting on any makeup on gabbed my backpack and walked down stairs surprisingly everyone is awake

"Morning boys" I sighed

"Dont want to go to school do you???????" Liam asked

"NOPE" I said My phone rang




"I'm 5 minutes away you ready"

"Yep Im ready let me just till my brother and the boys by and I'll be done by the time your here"

"Alright love"

*****END CONVO*****

"Whos picking you up" Zayn asked

"My friend Rain one of the boys I went to the lake with 5 of them go to school" I said

"We will pick you up for lunch and guess whos coming?" Liam said with a  smile on his face as a car horn went off

"Who?" I asked anxious

"Lets see Leigh-anne Jade Perrie Jesy Tom Max Jay Siva Nathan Justin Ryan Dani and El and Jessica " Louis said

"YAY! jessica goes to my school" I jumped the car went off again I grabbed my phone and texted rain to shut up and ill be there in second "Bye boys"

"Bye Jaz" They said in unison and hugged me and I was out the door and I got in rivers car

"Morning Rai (pronounced Ray)" I hugged him

"Morning Jaz" He hugged back

"Lets get his week over with and whats going on between you and Nathan" He wiggled his Eyebrows up and down

I punched his arm playfully

"Hes my boyfriend and today Im putting people in there places and coming clean because I am dropping out on friday" I said putting my red sunglassed on

"haha Record it PLEASE?!" He laughed

I through my head back laughing at his facial expression as we pulled into the schools parking lot and turned the car off

"Jaz Im serious " He said

"AYEEEE!!!!!" Jason Fernando Gavin and Eric yelled and ran over to us

"HEYY!!!" We both yelled I jumped onto Erics back

"Hows my little pack been?" I asked

"Good I heard your dating Nath"

"Does the whole school know?!?!" I asked

"No We are still in contact with Nath"

"Oh okay well Im coming clean today and he the boys and a few other people are coming and yes its true Im dropping out on Friday" I said jumping off of Erics back

"We're going to miss you"

"Ill miss you guys who has what for first period?"

"I have Biology" Eric said sighing he haets bio

"I have Chemistry" Jason smiled

"Just like you have a so called Chemistry with Cassandra" I teased We burst out laughing

"Shut up!" He groaned

"I have Algebra" Gavin said

"I have AP Science" Fernando said

"I have Gym"Rain said

"YAY! I have gym too I was getting worried"

Over the intercom Mrs,Simmons our Principal said everyone needed to go the the auditorium for my announcement I smiles a sinister smile and we walked to the auditorium and Backstage everyone was sitting and was talking

"Alright students Jasmine Gonzales has an announcement shes coming clean you will be quite shocked and who she really is" She smiled

I laughed got up and went on stage

"GET OFF STAGE SLUT!!" John stevens captain of our union rugby team I grabbed a mic and said something I've wanted to for a long time

"Im not a slut for anything your girlfriend is and you, YOU are a man whore" His mouth dropped open and I smiled everyone said OH and started laughing

"Go ahead Jasmine"

"Alright my Last name isnt Gonzales" I said everyone was confused

"Raise your hand how many of you think I look like Zayn Malik?" The entire student body raised their hands

"Do you ever wonder WHY!?" I said putting e emphasis on the why they all said yeah

"The only people who Know my true story and who I really am are my 5 best friends River, Fernando, Eric,Jason,And Gavin in Grade school Middle School and Junior high we had a  big group of friends we were all brother and sisters there was 20 of us 10 girls 10 guys it was Me,Jessa, Jinger,Amy,Amber,Rose,Maria,Sarah,May, and Vanessa. Rain, Jason,Fernando, Gavin,Eric, Jay, Jake, Nathan,Lance,and Zach. The last summer we all had together we traveled to Miami Florida to a lake there was no adults just a bunch of teenagers at a lake we spent the entire summer there and then we got split up those other 9 teenage girls all moved to florida and I stayed here the other 5 boys are in different states in the U.S alright they are the ONLY ones that know who I am really am besides Principal Simmons My Name you guys know Is Jasmine Marie Gonzales. Thats not my Name My FULL Legal Name is Jasmine Riley Malik I am the baby sister to Zayn  Malik Yes I know Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson otherwise known as my brothers band mates in One direction I know Perrie Edwards, Jesy  Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-anne Pinnock also known as Little Mix, I know Nathan Sykes, Jay Mcguinness, Tom  Parker, Max George, and last but not lease Siva Kaneswaran also known as The Wanted I also Know Eleanor Calder, and Danielle Peazer known as Liam and Louis' girlfriends Justin Bieber and Ryan Good they happened to be my best friends I will be putting people in there places meaning the populars now for questions if you have any raise your hand and my EPIC best friends will go around" I said tossing River and the boys mics and they went around I saw the boys and everyone back stage I smiled

"Im just curious because we never see you with anyone else but Rain Fernando Gavin Jason and Eric are you dating anyone?" This guy was a freshman I know because he likes me

I laughed and looked at Nathan with a Can-I look he nodded

"Yes I am I am dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted the Nathan he is actually that Nathan that went to the lake with us" I said

"Prove your Zayn Malik's sister and you know all of these people" This chick was head cheerleader  I hate her

"Okay I will and for you preppy ass cheerleaders I suggest you get yourself in check because that Attitude is nothing compared to what I can do Trust me I have more sass and attitude then you EVER will" I said put the pic in the stand and picked up my phone and called Zayn


"Hey baby sister way to put people in their places" He lightly chuckled

"Why thank you do you guy want to come out here or do you just want to talk on the phone"

"Um put the phone to the Mic and we will come out"

"Okay" I put my phone on speaker and put the phone to the Mic

"Hey guys Its Zayn Malik I hear you guys Dont believe my little sister that shes actually my sister" Believer he now?" 

*End Convo*

Everyone screamed I hugged everyone and brought out chairs I sat in between Zayn and Nath like normal

"You see this is my family always has been and always WILL" I said

"You still didnt prove that the ever so sexy Nathan is your boyfriend" I was pissed nathan could tell so he placed a hand on  my back and started rubbing circles on my back

"Take it from him" I said and I passed him the Mic

"Jasmine is my girlfriend alright Ive waited about lets see we were in grade school so.... lets just say a long time cuz I dont know How many years but all I know is that I finally have her" He said and handed me the mic back

we got to the last question

"Why did you hide your last name? People would not of  walked all over you if they knew who you were" This girl was new I could tell just by the way she talked

"Thats exactly why I had people use me to get to the people I knew and I didn't anyone giving me the easy road because Im his little sister" I said

"Thats screwed up that you had to change your last name" She said

"I know"

"Well its now lunch time and you lovely and nonlovely people are probably starving so go head and go to lunch" I said and everyone filled out

"You feel better?" Harry asked


John walked up

"Jasmine I am so sorry"

"Sure you are leave me alone and go be with your stupid girlfriend" I said

"Come on everyone wants me" He said with a smirk

"Yeah in your head they do fuck off" I said and we walked off

Someone leaked where we were because the Paps were everyong

"RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled we took off running into two different Chevy suburban suvs it all seats nine so half of went into one and the other half went into the other

Car 1: Me, Dani, El,Perrie Leigh-anne. Jade,Jesy, Jessica, and Louis

Car 2:Nathan,Jay,Siva,Tom,Max,Harry Liam Niall and Zayn

"OKay so catch us up how you became a singer " Perrie said

"Well Zayn Harry Liam Niall and Louis here rescued me from my hell of a house, I met up with Nath before he left for tour and thats when I met the rest of the Wanted there flight got canceled then got scheduled and Nath and Tom needed a ride so I took them Nath and I ended up kissing at the airport paps got the pics Zayn yelled at me and then it went to normal for a bit the boys had an interview in Flordia and I had to go with so I got to see Nath and our first date was there when we left Haz knew about how management didnt want me dating him in less I was famous so I had the choice to keep the life I have now and not date him or to become famous and date him so I wouldnt bear not being able to see him SOO I chose to become famous without thinking"I said

"You really like him dont you?" Jesy asked "I mean you just technically gave up privacy and everything"

"Yep ever since I can remember" I smiled

"Willte Jwazzy is in wuv!!" Louis coo

"Shut up Louis" I said playfully

"Its true it a proven fact that a crush over 6 months- a year is love" He said

"Sure...." We pulled into a nandos parking lot and my face lit up

"we opened the door and of course Niall and I got out last

"NANDOS!!!!!!!!" He and I screamed in unison

"Now that is disturbingly creepy" Harry said

"Hey I love nandos that one of the reasons Niall and I ever got a long" I said laughing walking over to Nathan he kissed my forhead and wrapped his arm around my waist

Eleanor's P.O.V

Nathan and Jasmine were really cute together he makes her smile like all the time ive never seen her smile that much

I tugged on Zayns arm and he looked at me with a weird expression his face

"Whats up El?"

"Do you see how much your sister is smiling?"

"Yeah Crazy right?"

"Its cute that he can make her smile like that"

"I know! I love seeing her this happy I will never get used to it" We all sat down at a big booth in the corner and ordered

"How nervous are you Jaz?" Ryan asked

"On a scale from 0-10 probably about a 30" She lightly chuckled

"You will be fine I mean you just got up in front of your tire student body came clean about who you really are and told off the people that push you around" Tom said

"Yea but this is in front of hundreds too thousands of people" I said

"If you can jump off a cliff I think you can handle being on stage" Nathan laughed

"You jumped off a cliff??"

"Yes but into water this doesnt have a cliff OR water" I said

"True but you have the boys right backstage watching you and my brother better take care of you or all hell will break loose" The girls and I through are head back laughing including Jasmine after what happened to the last guy

"Whats so funny?!?" Tom asked

we stopped laughing

"We all got the picture of the last guys face when he found out who her brother was his face was like Oh my god what did I just do and then when Zayn got home and found out what he did to her his face was broken in four different places but just the facial expression of him find out that he was her brother was PRICELESS" We laughed and joked around till are food came we ate and talked for a bit longer

"Crap I'm going to be late for second period"

"Whats second period?" I asked

"AP Italian " She smiled

"Someone just got smiley!" Siva said

"Someone have another boy??"Niall asked

"Shut up! One Im with Nathan no one else Two I didnt get in AP Italian by me liking someone I worked my ass off for it" She said her phone started ringing

*****PHONE CONVO BETTWEEN JASMINE AND PRINCIPAL***** (Jasmine P.O.V Then returns to El)

"Jasmine where are you?"

"At Lunch whats wrong" I said sipping on my drink

"your gymnastic competition is here you" I almost choked

"WHAT?! "

"You need to get here now is jessi with you"

"Alright Ill be there in 5 and yea"


"Whats wrong"

"My Gymnastic competition is  at the school and Jessica and I need to get there I thought it wasnt till thursday" I could tell she was started to stress out a lot

they  both pulled money out their pocket "that covers our lunch come to it if you can please theye hugged all of us Jaz kissed nathan and ran before we could stop them

"They are insanely fast" I exclaimed

"It comes with football and gymnastics" Liam said


We raced back to school into the gym locker room pushed past the remaining people in the hallway ran into the girls locker and ran into one of the judges and our coach

"You got here fast" The judge said

"We were down the street at nandos with my friends brother and boyfriend so I ran" I said

"We are excited to see you from my understanding you two one of the best gymnasts here" we walked to my locker and through my our stuff in Jessi didnt bother opening her locker

we wouldnt say that we just train a lot" Jessi said as we grabbed our leotards

"well we are looking forward to it" She said and left with my principal I changed put my regular clothes in my locker with my shoes on top with my hat on top of my shoes Jessica was in a Black Polo Shirt dark blue skinny jeans a pair of red supras and had her custom snapback that had  YOLO on it she changed into her custom leo that said Fresh written on it in small letters and and put her clothes in my locker

Our gymnastics team walked in

"You guys ready?"

"We are nervous as hell we are going against Heathrow training facility NOT a highschool team these girls are insanely good" Janice said 

"we got this now lets go kill it so we can get this over with"

we walked out and I saw Zayn the boys and the girls surprisingly Simon and Scooter were there too

First up is for Bradford High on beam is Medalist Jessica Sykes shes won 4 silver 1 gold and 3 bronze in her previous competitions for brean" Our entire school started cheering

"You got this JESS!!" We all started cheering till she got up on beam she got up and did a scissor leap a scissor leap but ended up falling I ran to her as the crowd stood up I saw Nathan with the IS-SHE-OKAY-OR-HURT look

"Jess are you okay?!?!" I asked

"Yeah"She groaned

"Hun are you sure" I helped her up

"Yeah" We walked back  and I gave Nath the Calm-down-shes-fine look as everyone sat down the other team did her routine spotless I wasnt even paying attention to there names I was to focused to care

"Next up for bradford high is Jasmine Malik on vault she has 6 gold 3 silver and 1 bronze for her perfect routines on the floor and uneven bars she is known as one of the best Gymnasts in bradford high but lately she has been having trouble with her floor routine and landing her flips hopefully she will stick this and medal for Bradford" everyone cheered

I took a deep breath and looked at everyone in the stands and saw Zayn give me the you-will-do-perfect look and Nathan was just plain worried I set the springboard at the setting I needed it to and I did a Yurchenko Vault and landed it perfectly

The Yurchenko vault is named after Russian gymnast, Natalia Yurchenko, the 1983 World Gymnastics Champion. When performing Yurchenko vault, a gymnast runs toward the vault and performs a round-off cartwheel onto the springboard. The gymnast then mounts the vault from a back handspring position. A series of twists, flips and other maneuvers are performed once the gymnast's hands hit the vaulting table. Yurchenko are blind-entry vaults and often include single or double full-twisting layouts. (This is true My cousin does gymnastics and i had to to a report on it so this is a true fact)

"WOW! That was incredible she landed the Yurchenko vault and she is just a minor Gymnast that bumped them up to first place If Bradford keeps this up they will medal for gold" I jumped up about 10 feet in the air just like Niall does and hugged my teammates The other team did her routine and I still didnt bother to care to look or listen for her name she only got bumped up to 3 bradford was in 2 Jessica a girl named Janice and I were only competing because this is our last year since we are seniors

"There is a short break and then we will be back for our last event" our team went and got water while we stayed we already had water

"Im nervous!" Jessica screamed 

"Jessi What happened?  Are you okay?" I asked

"I got dizzy thats all and Im fine" She said drinking a sip of her water

On the outside I was completely calm but in my head I was freaking out I have to do floor neck and some of my moves involve my ribs moving so Im really scared I lifted my hand up and I was shaking like crazy and I tried hiding it but.... I failed

"Jaz whats wrong?" I looked down

"I have floor next and Some of my moves involve my ribs moving and Im scared" I said I raised my head up

"Jaz we can switch I suck at bars anyways"Jessi said

"Jess My ribs will end up moving with those too"

"The vault did and you made it work you rock at bars and I well Suck and will end up killing myself"

I gave in and ran to to the line up director

"Sir there has been a mix up Jessica Sykes is supposed to to floor and I am supposed to do Bars" I lied

"And you are??" He asked

"Jasmine Malik" I stated

"Alright the switch has been made" I ran back to Jessica

"We are clear" I said as the team came back in

Everyone to there seats"

Heathrow just did there floor routine I was to busy getting refocused  to find out where shes from and everything she did a spot less routine

"Next up for bradford High on floor is Jessica Sykes who has medaled 5 times in gold 2 times in silver and 1 bronze in her previous competitions for floor" She started and Linkin park Shadow of the day came on and did little dance moves and then did her round off and the rest of her routine and landed it perfectly I jumped out of my seat yelling YES as the crowd cheered

Heathrow was on bars I was standing up getting ready I was nervous the girl landed wrong and fell

"Next up is Jasmine Malik for Bradford High on Uneven Bars she has medaled 7 times in gold 2 in silver and 0 in bronze all she has to do is land a simple routine perfectly and Bradford takes home the trophy" This is a lot of fucking presser!!!

I  put my grips on and chalked up my hands when I dismounted from the ground I cleared my mind and did a double flyaway Ive had trouble with this but it would put us in first place

(This is what a double flyaway looks like: )

I landed it perfectly and all I could do was gasp Jessica knew that I had issues

WOW THAT WAS STUNNING A DOUBLE FLYAWAY PERFECTLY LANDED!!!" he yelled the crowd cheered and I hugged my teammates my coach hugged me and spun me around

"first is over all score"

"In over all the winner is BRADFORD HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd went insane

"Now for the score on bars.. IN first place is... JASMINE MALIK FROM BRADFORD HIGH!!!" I was going insane I walked up and they gave me my medal and a trophy second place was a heathrow and third was heathrow now for Beam Janice one 2nd the res was heathrow

"NOW FOR FLOOR.... FIRST PLACE...... JESSICA SYKES FROM BRADFORD HIGH!!!!! Second place....... JANICE SALAZAR FROM BRADFORD HIGH!!!!!!!!!!" Jessica and Janice got their trophy and Medal and we were done everyone piled out of the  gym besides our friends while we took last pictures for our gymnastics team and with our coach we went and changed back into our regular clothes we tried leaving but the door locked we were locked in the locker rooms


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