Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


20. Rehearsals

Tom's P.O.V Everyone was up it was 6:30 we were going to do early rehearsals so we could have the rest of the day to do what ever I was done and so was Max so we sat on the Bus and started playing FIFA while the girls finished before everyone else and were talking  "So Jasmine how long have you known Nath?" Nareesha asked "UMM Since I was 12 or so hes 3 years older than me so I was 13 when he was auditioning for the X factor" She smiled "I TOLD YOU SHE GETS ALL SMILEY!!"I shouted "Tom you scream one more time I will beat your ass my head hurts " Kelsey said He through his hands up in defense  "so your 17?" Nareesha asked "Yeah turning 18 in......" She paused "Whats todays date?" She asked "January 30" I said "SO I turn 18 in 3 days" She smiled "How do you not know the day" I asked "Well in my defense I hardly remember anything from yesterday" She said Nano came and got us and we had to go "Did you drink last night" Max teased "Shut up Its not my birthday yet so NO teasing till then" She pointed we walked into the arena "You get teased on your birthday" Nareesha asked"Yep by Zayn the boys and Nath mostly" She smiled "Wait Zayn Malik?" Kelsey said eyeing Nathan like he did something wrong "Yeah Hes my brother and My birthdays right after Harry's" She said "So Naths dating you how do they all get along" Nareesha asked "Surprisingly they get along with Nath well but I havent exactly seen the rest of them around each other and Zayn isnt  okay with the fact Im dating anybody so ya know" She said "Well hes your brother he has the right to be worried and not liking it that so I can give him that" Kelsey said "Okay boys Justin is in there go chill why I talk to the stage manager" Nano said we all waked on stage the girls and I stayed on the edge of the stage talking 

Kelsey's P.O.V Jasmine is really cool I can tell Nathan really likes this girl she seems down to earth and really sweet "So whats is like living with Zayn and the rest of them" I asked "Its just as crazy living with these boys but they wont leave you alone when your sleeping" She laughed "Tom and Max does that to Nath" Jessica laughed "JASMINE AND JESS" Nath yelled "Yes?!" We screamed "CAN YOU DANCE?!" He asked we all got up and walked over to them"What Im getting from this is they cant dance" Nareesha said "No they cant so can any of you girls dance?" Justin asked asked  "We cant dance" I said Nareesha and I stepped back "Jaz and I can dance but Im not dancing" Jessica said "Im not dancing either" Jasmine said "Can you girls beat Justin here at the Jerk?" Nath asked "HOLD UP is this a challenge?!" Jessica stepped back in "No Jess its not no DUR its a Challenge" Jasmine told her "Show us how you Jerk and we can Top it with a Jerk PLUS free style trust me" Jessica shot the music played Your a Jerk by the New boyz and Justin started Jerking and stopped can you top that?" He asked "Hell yeah" Jess and I stepped up and stared doing dances with one handed flips mixed in and we stoped after about a minute or two "They just owned you" I laughed "You girls are good" Siva complemented "Anymore hidden talents we should know about? Max asked "Not that we know of" Jessica said "Jasmine you girls can go do whatever you dont have rehearsals today you have it tomorrow" Nano said "Cool" jasmine nodded He walked off "We're gonna go back to the bus and hang out" Jessica said as we passed Nathan and Jaz who Nathan pulled over to the side I looked at him weirdly but oh well 

Jasmine's P.O.V My ribs hurt like hell I cant put this off anymore when I get back home for my birthday they said we could break for my birthday and Im going to go see my Mum "Babe how bad do your ribs hurt" Nathan whispered "Like Hell when we go home for my birthday like Nano said Im going to my Mum and getting them checked out they hurt really bad" I told him he wrapped me in a hug "I hate seeing you like this Jaz" He mumbled "I know when your done with rehearsals we can go back to bed I think we all need sleep" I told him He kissed my forehead "Go relax and call your brother" I nodded pecked his lips and walked outside "JASMINE!!!!!!!!" Screams irrupted everywhere I raised my hands up and then went down "I will stay and talk for a little bit but you guys need to calm down a bit so you can hear me alright?" I smiled "Okay" They all said in unison "So How are you guys?" I asked "GOOD" They all said "SO Any questions???" They all raised their hands "Yes you" I saw a girl that looked similar to Eleanor "Can you speak any languages?" She asked "Yes I can speak Spanish Italian and French" I smiled I picked another girl with pink dyed hair "Can you sing a song in them?" She asked I nodded "Its cold out here go around to the front and we will go into somewhere warmer" I told them they all went to the front I walked inside and grabbed nano "Whats up Jaz?"  He smiled "Some fans wanted me to sing to them in a different language and they are in the front do you think I could get in there real fast?" I asked "Did they crowd you or mob you?!?!" He shouted I could read worry all over his face "No the screamed my name and I told them if they would be quite ill talk for a bit they wanted me to sing a song in the different languages I could speak but its really cold I dont want them getting sick and they are waiting in the front" I told him he brought over the boys' security Guard Kevin "Jaz you have met Kevin right?" He asked "Hey Kevin and yes I have" She smiled "Kevin the boys just finished and a some  fans want her to answer questions and what not but I dont want to risk her getting hurt so will you go open the doors so they can come in and she an do some questions " Nano said "Yeah just make sure these boys dont lose control" He laughed "Highly doubt the will stay calm" I said walking inside "Trust me we know" Nano laughed "Jaz what ya doin inside here?" Nathan asked "Fans found me outside and I told them I would answer a few questions" I smiled and walked on stage everyone was already inside "So what songs do you want me to sing?" I asked into the Microphone they all started talking "Can you do a One direction song in Italian and then The wanted song in Spanish and for French can you do a Justin Bieber song??" She asked "Yeah okay heres One directions Over again  Im going to only do  the Middle" I picked up the Guitar and sang (each song will be spaced)

"Se sta fingendo fin dall'inizio come questo, con una presa stretta, allora il mio bacio può riparare il tuo cuore spezzato che io potrei perdere tutto ciò che hai detto a me e posso prestarti rotto parti che potrebbero andare bene come questo e vi darà tutto il mio cuore così noi possiamo ricominciare e tutto" I smiled they clapped

"Now here's The wanted Heart vacancy" I strummed  "He oído su clamor por amor, entonces actúas como hay cabida, habitación para mi, ni nadie, no molestar es todo lo que veo, cerrar la puerta; Gire la llave en todo lo que podemos ser, si la soledad se movería hacia fuera, yo sería llenar la vacante.En su corazón, en tu corazón, en tu corazón, Ooh...En su corazón, en tu corazón, en tu corazón, Ooh..." I finished and started thinking "Now Justin bieber but this song you guys are picking since you guys communicate so well and your actually being the epic fans you are" I smiled they all got talking "BABY!" They said in unison "I dont know the cords to that song" I admitted "Can any of you play???" I asked only one girl raised her hand "You wanna come play?" I smiled she nodded She looked at least my age or 16 and scared she had scars going down her arm the same direction I used to do it in she walked up on stage and smiled at me I handed her my guitar "Dont be scared alright?" She nodded and started playing  

"Et je me suis dit bébé, bébé, bébé, non je suis comme bébé, bébé, bébé, non, je suis comme bébé, bébé, bébé, oh j'ai pensé que vous seriez toujours mine, mine, bébé, bébé, bébé, oh je suis comme bébé, bébé, bébé, que je suis comme bébé, bébé, bébé, non, j'ai pensé que vous seriez toujours mine" She finished I gave her a hug "Hey sweetheart whats your name" I asked "Lauren" She said weekly "I can sign something for you if you would like"I smiled She handed me her phone trying to hide her scars I pulled out a silver sharpie and signed it "You dont have to hide them I have them too I gave her a pieces of paper with my number on it "Call me I will be here for a few days" She smiled and her eyes lit up "Thank you" She walked down to the ground "Alright next question" I picked who was next to Lauren "We heard you and Jessica fell are you two okay" I could also see scars on her arms these were the only girls who had them "Yes we are perfectly fine" I smiled I picked another girl who looked about 5'9ish right around there "Have you graduated ?" She asked "Yes I have I graduated from Bradford High along with Jessica" I smiled they clapped "Congrats" She smiled "Thank you it was hard but I MADE IT how many of you are in highschool" They all raised there hands "If people push you around Remember keep your head up nothing lasts and they do it to make them feel better about themselves and you will probably end up in a better place then they will because I got bullied and pushed around and look where I am now" I smiled "We will have to take that advice" A girl said "If you guys will like stand in a line I will come down and sign some stuff but I have to go" I said "AWWWW" They said "I have a pen in paper if you write down your twitter names ill follow you or instagram or anything ill follow you" I handed the first girl a pen and paper and the passed it down I got down off stage the first girl handed me her phone "Thank you for coming" I smiled "No thank you for letting us inside your really sweet" She smiled "Awww" I smiled and took a picture with her and went down the line there was about 20 fans they all said nice and kind things like "You and Nathan are perfect together", "Your really nice thank you for letting us inside", OR "People shouldnt of pushed you around your a sweet girl" I signed all of their phones and took a picture when I got to the last girl it was Lauren and the other girl and they were holding onto each others arms each girl left as I signed there stuff so it was only us three "Jasmine this is my friend Annie" She smiled her friend just waved "So your scars did you both....." I trailed off she nodded we sat down in a chairs "Look I have them too" I slid up my sleeves and showed them "H-how did you stop" Annie asked "My brother saved me from my Dad and Nathan helped as well like I am going to help you girls" I told them Annie smiled she was still clinging on to Lauren's arm I did the same thing to Nathan and my friends when I went out "Are you two abused" I asked concerned Annie looked directly at me with tears in her eyes Lauren did too "How did you know" Lauren asked "How Annie is clinging onto your arm My dad abused me and I did the same thing to Nathan or any of my friends when I went out in public Annie this is my number I already gave it to Lauren if you need me to come get you I will call me okay??" They nodded and hugged me "Thank you"Annie said "Dont worry about it sweetheart" The let go and smiled at me "ANNIE LAUREN LETS GO" A guys voice boomed they both jumped "You call me or Text me" they nodded and ran I just sat there and ran my hands through my hair 

Nathan's P.O.V All of the boys had gone back to the bus I stayed and watched Jasmine shes really good with fans after she was done I saw her talking to these two girls someone yelled for them and they jumped I didnt like that "Jaz who were they?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes "Those two girls are going through the EXACT pain I did do you know how scared they looked how vulnerable  they looked and how scared they were? That was me Nath I cant let them happen to them they are BOTH 17 or 16" She shook her head I hugged her "Babe are you gonna help them?" I asked knowing the answer she nodded "I gave them both my number and I said they could live with me if they needed to and if the boys dont like it Ill buy a place for myself and them Ill do what ever it takes to save them they have the same cutting scars as I do same direction everything" She said "Lets go relax and see if they call" I nodded I took her out the back and into the bus she crawled into the bed "Babe Im gonna go get something to drink do you want anything?" She shook her head I kissed her forehead and I left. Seeing her like that was heartbreaking not gonna lie "Hey Nath whats wrong with Jaz she looked broken" Jessica asked "These two girls came to see her and Jaz gave them her number they were abused just like she was and had the same scars"I shook my head "We have to tell Nareesha and Kelsey if this happens again" She said "We have to Jaz because its her story" I told her " I will ask her" she walked off These two girls were 16 just like Jaz was its heartbreaking "DAMN!!!" I heard Jess yell "NATH COME LOOK AT YOUR GIRL" Tom yelled "What did she do this time" I laughed and walked in and saw Max pinned to the floor on his stomach "Jaz what did Max do this time" I asked "He tried dying my hair tips PINK!" She exclaimed "Max you should know by now not to do that to her" I told him "Get her off me I literally cant move" He said "Will you try and dye my hair again?"  She asked "Nope" He said she let him up her phone started ringing "ZAYN!" She sceeched "Someone miss there brother??" Siva asked "Very much yes" She grabbed her phone through on my jacket and went outside "She alright she looks like shes been crying" Nareesha asked "Jess?" I asked "She said yeah as long as shes not in the room so nows a good time lets hurry up" She said we all went to the back and Jessi and I started explaining 

Jasmine's P.O.V 


"JAZZY!" They screamed 

"BOYS' Oh my god I miss you guys" 

"We miss you too are you coming home for yours and my birthday so we can share a day?!?!" Harry asked excitedly God I miss them 

"Yes they said I could and I will" I heard Harry start cheering 

"You literally made him really excited" Zayn said 

"So im getting that you dont miss me" I pouted 

"Of course we do your our little sister" Niall said 

"Your facetiming the concert right??" I asked

"Of course" Louis said 


"Crap we gotta go its late" Harry said 

"Bye boys love you guys" I smiled 

"Love you too Jaz" 


I went back inside Nathans hoodie was huge on me but I didnt care I put up the hood to get warmer I was cold I walked into the back texting Lauren had texted me I looked up Kelsey and Nareesha had tears in their eyes "You told?" I asked Nath and jess they nodded "Im fine you know that right?" I smiled at them over today and last night when we couldnt sleep we went into the lounge and had a flash light ate Chinese food and talked we have become close "We do but still" Kelsey said I hugged them both "Dont cry im alright" Jess was texted and she hit the door we all started laughing "Jess are you okay" Jay asked laughing "Owwww" She rubbed her forehead we laughed we smiled it was about 3:00 so we decided to spend the rest of the day watching movies and joking around 

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