Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


22. Plane ride

Jasmine's P.O.V I am so bored This plane ride is taking forever maybe its not Im probably just anxious to see my brother the boys and everyone we stopped in Charlotte again to fuel the plane and then we were off "Please fasten your seat belts we are landing in Bradford" I literally think I cant smile any wider El Dani Perrie Leigh-Anne Jesy and Jade were picking me up the boys couldnt its a surprise when I get there I took a shower before I left so before I put my seat belt on I went and changed into an off the shoulder Purple T-shirt, a Pair of Dark blue skinny jeans, and I kept my supras Jay got me, The bracelet Justin got me, the snapback Siva got me,and the necklace that tom got me on and I put my John Mayer signed phone case that Max got me and put it on my phone I looked at the ring Nathan got me and smiled I sat down on the seat and put my seat belt on The plane jerked back and came to a stop about 5 minutes later "we are now in Bradford United Kingdom" I unbuckled my seat I grabbed my suitcase and walked off the plane looking for the girls "JASMINE!!!!!!" I heard girls squeal those were my girls "HEY!" I hugged them "Okay lets get you home Harry is anxious he thinks your not coming" Leigh-anne said "WELL hes in for a surprise" I said getting into the van "PAUL!!" I screamed "JASMINE!!" He said I hugged him "Ready to see the boys" he asked "YES!" I said bouncing like a 4 year old on christmas morning we drove about 10 minutes and pulled into the drive way I got out of the van and left my suite-case ill get it later "SHES HERE!!" I heard Niall yell from the upstairs window in 2 seconds all of the boys were outside I immediately hugged Zayn "I missed you" Zayn smiled "I missed you too" I said releasing him "BOYS!" I screamed "JAZ!" They yelled back I hugged Louis Liam and then My Irish boy and then Hazza "Happy birthday Harry!!" I exclaimed hugging him "Thank you I feel old" He said pouting "Whale you dont look old so your good" I said "Good" he replied "Lets get inside and celebrate" Louis said like a three year old "Alright hold on" I said I ran and grabbed my bag and we all walked inside I put my bag on in my room someone knocked on my door "Come in" I said Liam walked in "How are your ribs doing" He asked "You tell me I havent looked since the other day Im afraid to" I said lifting up my shirt "They look fine bruise is gone you have been careful??" I nodded "Nathan squeezed me a little tight before I left and they hurt a bit but I dont think it caused anything" I said "Good" He smiled "Nathan and the boys give you those?" He asked I nodded "And is Justin coming over if Not im gonna call him and tell him thank you for the bracelet" I said "Yeah he went to get the Pizza we are celebrating Harrys Birthday indoors due to Being mobbed earlier" He said "Alright lets go" I said "Race ya"He said we both darted out the door and down the stairs but  he tripped and fell "Oh my god Liam are you alright" I said as everyone rushed to us "Yeah Im fine just a minor fall" He said "that gave me a heart attack" I said helping Liam up "RYAN(butler) AND I ARE BACK!" Justin yelled I heard him set stuff on the counter "JUSTIN!" I screamed "JAZZY!" He screamed back Hugging me "This is my best friend Ryan, Ryan this is Jasmine" He introduced I shook his hand "Hi your Zayns little sister right" He asked "Hey and yeah thats me" I smiled Justin carried the beer and Pizza into the Living room "Okay so Jasmine is turning 18 tomorrow how about we see what she thinks of this" Louis said tossing me a Bud light  (if some of you dont know Bud light is a type of beer) "Um thats up to Zayn as well Im not Eighteen yet" I said "Go for it" He nodded I opened it and took a sip of it "So?????"Niall asked "Calm it Irish boy" I laughed "Do you like it?" Justin asked I nodded and took another drink of it "So Harry how does it feel to be twenty" I asked "I feel old" He said "Well you look like you 18 still so your good" Perrie said "SEE TOLD YOU!" I exclaimed "Oh and Justin thanks for the Charm bracelet" I smiled "No problem" He said

Zayn's P.O.V I saw my sister come home and I felt relieved I kept having this feeling that she was going to get hurt "So what did Tom and Sivas girlfriend get you since they hardly knew you" I "WELL Kelsey got me a spiderman Bikini which I absolutely love her for and Nareesha got be a Comic Bikini like your Tattoo on his arm but it says Bam instead she figured I liked comic art like Zayn and I do" She smiled like a kid on christmas morning "Why spiderman" Ryan asked "Shes obsessed with superheros and villains" I said "Yep" She smiled proudly "So which ones do you have" Harry asked "I have Batman Spiderman Superman, Green Lantern, Ironman, Aquaman, Black cat, Cat woman, Captain America, Flash, Hulk, Red Arrow, Thor, Wolverine, X-man, Bane, Joker, Loki, Red skull, Sandman, and Venom" She continued to smile "Are you sure  your my sister and Not Liams" I asked we all laughed "Im sure" She smiled we all started eating pizza and drank None of the girls were tipsy or wasted which is probably a good thing "Hey its quite warm outside well for england who wants to go into the pool??" Liam asked everyone agreed the girls brought their swimsuits already good thing we told them to they all went into Jasmines room and changed and the boys and I just took turns in the bathroom and somehow the boys and I finished before they did "You girls almost done?" I shouted from down stairs "Just wait" Lou smiled "Lou what did you do?" Justin asked "we are coming hold on" Leigh-anne said as all of the girls walked down stairs 

Jasmines P.O.V I saw Niall and he was staring at me and I blushed I was in a Melissa Odabash Evita Ring Bandeau Bikini 

"Hey Im  gonna grab another beer anyone want one" Niall asked everyone wanted one "Ill help you" I smiled and went back into the house

Nialls P.O.V Jasmien came down the stairs and I couldnt help but stare "You look good you know that" I said grabbing beers out of the fridge "You dont look bad yourself" She smiled and grabbed some of the drinks from me and set them on the counter "Hey Niall I need to talk to you" I finished grabbing the beers out of the fridge and shut it "Whats up Jaz" I asked Concerned "Dont tell the boys or anyone this but when I was with Nathan and the boys I felt like something bad was going to happen and I didnt show it or tell anyone I just ignored the feeling but it hasnt gone away yet its even worse when I came here and I'm scared" She admitted I sighed Zayn had the same exact feeling which is crazy "Come here" I opened my arms she walked to me and gave me a hug "Nothing will happen to you we will keep you safe you know that and did they make you feel uncomfortable or anything" I asked him "No I just felt like something was going to happen and I couldnt make it go away" She said I kissed her head "Nothing will happen to you promise" I smiled she looked up and smiled "Thanks Ni" She said grabbing 8 beers since there was 14 of us I grabbed eight as well we passed them all out we all got in the pool and just hung out "So Jasmine we saw you preform you did awesome" Harry said "Thank you but do you know how much of an adrenaline rush that was my heart literally stopped beating" I said "Yeah it gets like that" Perrie said I got dunked under the water by harry and someone grabbed my beer out of my hand I came back up to Harry laughing his ass off "What the hell" I ran my hands through my hair "Come on mate that was pretty funny" Harry said "Heres your drink" Jasmine handed it to me "Thank you" "OOH LETS PLAY CHICKEN FIGHT!!!" Louis shouted "Jesus Christ my ears" Jasmine said "You get used to it" Niall said "girls you up for chicken fight" they all agreed they had finished there beers but Jasmine hasnt and everyone was getting ready "You dont have to finish that if you dont want it" I told her "Do you want it I cant finish it" She asked "Yeah love ill finish it just put it next to that one and lets go play" She put the beer down and we swam over the others "I wanna go against Jasmine" Zayn smirked "SIBLING FIGHT!" Harry yelled "You sure you wanna do that" She asked "Definitely" He got on top of Harrys shoulders and I put Jasmine on top of mine "1....2....3.... FIGHT!" Louis yelled "Come on Jaz you got him" I told her She was winning she had Zayn pushed pretty far back "Zayn are you seriously letting your sister beat you or is she really that strong" Harry asked "Shes actually that strong" He said "Hmm you see you need upper body to be a gymnast slash cheerleader" She said "My sister cheerleader?" He asked "Since when" he taunted "Well since I was in gymnastics I got recruited to a cheer and gymnast gym speaking of which I have to go tomorrow" She sighed "Dont wanna go?" I asked "Nope its my birthday tomorrow and there is a dick that is well a dick" She said pushing Zayn into the water and he came up "She beat me!" He said Jasmine fell backwards and came up "Told you im stronger" She smirked thunder crashed and it started pouring rain we all got out of the pool and went inside "Present time" We brought out harrys present it was only one thing Jasmine sat in my lap "You cold" I asked she nodded we both went up stairs I got her one of my old t-shirts and put it on her it went down just below her bikini botttom we both went back down stairs she sat back on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her as Harry opened his presents He was confused "Whats this????" he asked pulling out a plane pass "Well we all pitched in a bit to get this person to come on short notice since the person was in like Africa and Haiti " I said "Jaz you wanna get this person" she nodded and got up Harry had no clue about this but we got Gemma to come home for his birthday "Niall cover his eyes" She called I blindfolded Harry and Jasmine brought out Gemma and placed her in the middle of the living room came back and sat on my lap "You can now take off the blind fold" He untied it "GEMMA!" He screamed and hugged her "Haha Hey Harry" She smiled I felt a vibration in the couch Jasmine picked up her phone "Hey Im gonna sneek away its management" She whispered I nodded and she went up the stairs without anyone knowing "Who can I thank for this" Harry turned to us "Everyone we all pitched in to get this one present because Management gave us a limit on the money we spend and this was Jasmines Idea" Liam said "Jasmine?? Shes your little sister right Zayn" Gemma asked "Unfortunately" he joked "I will be willing to adopt her" justin said "Shes mine Bieber back off" he said we all laughed Jasmine came back downstairs "Everything okay?" I asked her "Yeah just management being a pain" She said sitting back down on my lap "Are you dating Niall" Gemma asked We both laughed a bit "No Im dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted" She said barely audible "How does Zayn take that" She asked sitting on harrys lap "He was a pain at first but he actually warmed up to it and I honestly believe your brother had something to do with it" She said "Probably did he does that a lot" Gemma said "Hey but your together aren't you" Harry said "Yeah" She nodded "And your happy right??????" He said "Yeah" She smiled looked at him "I rest my case"He said Jasmine rolled her eyes I noticed Zayn was gone "Wheres Zayn at" I asked we all looked around and didnt see him he picked up Jasmine and lifted him over her shoulder "NO! PUT ME DOWN ZAYN!" She screamed "Sorry" He said she grabbed onto the door frame trying to keep him from going out back he put her on the porch and locked the doors "Zayn let her in" Perrie said "Nope" We heard her scream it was her prank every time Zayn does this she told us not to worry and just to act "GUYS HELP!!!" we all ran outback and there was a hand through the fence we tried helping her but whoever was be hind the fence took her we all ran to the front and she was on the front porch with a devilish smile on her face "And you said I couldnt act" She fired at Zayn we all laughed "You scared me Shitless dont do that" He breathed "Well dont lock me out when its raining" She smiled "How are you dry when its pouring rain" He asked "There is this thing called an umbrella" She said walking inside "Who was that?" Zayn asked yet another question Paul stopped by but had to run something management had to do and he helped me oh and this is for you Haz" she handed him a present it was a beanie and a card we all talked and ate some more pizza and drank a little more and we all went to bed sooner or later  Gemma slept in Harrys room who Harry bugged the shit out of her too Perrie slept in Zayns El slept in Lous Dani slept in Liams and Leigh-anne, Jesy,and Jade said they had to go home and Justin and Ryan went home aswell 

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