Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


4. on tv

Niall's P.O.V

Justin Bieber came over to hang out for a little while since hes in the UK  and we turned on the tv and some tv show had a picture of Jasmine up against a car kissing a guy we all choked 

"IS THAT!?!??!" Harry shouted 


"Whats wrong " Justin asked

"Zayn isn't going to be happy"" Liam said 

"Why am I not going to be hap-" He saw the TV 

"Is that his girlfriend?" Justin asked

"No thats my sister" "JASMINE!!!!!" Zayn yelled 

"Zayn calm down a little man" I said trying to calm him down

"Yeah??" She asked cheerfully as she walked into the living room next to Zayn 

"Jazzy come over here" I told her 

"Wh-" She saw the TV and looked at Zayn and backed up 

"Whos that?" Zayn said through gritted teeth

"Thats Nathan" She said backing up 

"By the way Jasmine this is Justin Justin this is Zayn's sister Jasmine" I introduced them 

"Hi nice to meet you" Justin smiled and shook her hand 

"You too"

"Why??" Zayn asked clenching his fists 

We all went upstairs knowing he could start yelling

Zayn's P.O.V

"Zayn I'm not a little girl anymore give me my keys" 

"No and you're my Baby sister and I don't want you getting hurt again I won't let you get hurt" 

"Zayn Nathan won't hurt me" Her phone started ringing 

"Shhh calm down come in the driveway She said and hung up a girl busted through the door in tears

"H-He was at my house asking for you" She cried Jasmine wrapped her in a hug 

"I'm SO SO sorry did you call your brother" 

"Nathan said he would fly me out now but I can't get there" she said as Jasmine grabbed her bags

"I'll get you there go wait out in my car lie down in the backseat and make sure no one sees you" Jasmine said as she ran out

"Dad was at her house Zayn picture what you felt when you found out he hurt me thats EXACTLY what Dad will do to her and picture what Nathan would feel Give me my keys or I WILL go on  She said I gave in and gave her the keys 

"HAZ!!!" She yelled "If I knew I was going to get yelled at by you like Dad yelled at me ALL the time I couldn't of come I would've taken the abuse" She spat I was taken back was I really sounding like my dad?


"Come with me to the airport I cant be in the car with Zayn right now My dad went to Jessica's she in the car please?" 

"Yeah I'll go he said grabbing his Jacket and putting his shoes on"

"Meet us in the car in 5" Jasmine said grabbed her backs and ran to the car

"Dude I just dont want her getting hurt again if he means that much to her than I'll give him a chance" 

"Ill talk to her but for now calm down alright mate?" Harry said 

"Alright go" I said and he ran out 

"Harry's P.O.V

I ran out to the car and jumped in the passenger seat 

"Thanks Harry and This is Jessica Jessica this is Harry" Jaz said I looked back and saw a girl who was really scared 

"No problem and Hi love" I said smiling 

"Hey"She said 

"Are you alright" I asked 

"Yea just a bit scared"She said 

"You'll be fine we promise" 

"Thanks and Jaz what's up with you and kissing my brother at the airport I mean seriously ?" 

I started laughing 

"Hey shut up one day you could be kissing my brother or one of these dorks" She said and punched my arm

"Hey Violence is never the answer and you know you love us" I said teasing 

"Sure I do and I've liked nathan for the LONGEST time and turns out he has to and I honestly would die if something happened to him and Zayn won't except that "She said 

"Well you too need to go out already he wont SHUT up about you" Jessica said as she pulled into the airport

"Thanks Jaz love ya and bye guys" 

"Bye Love you too" She rolled up the window and we drove off 

"how upset are you at Zayn?" I asked

"I know he cares but I've known Nathan for a long time and I've had one boyfriend that told me I was worthless and a slut and a lot of other things for no reason and would slap me every now and then and I would cry myself to sleep Nathan was the one that beat the crap out of him and made me feel better he was the one that protected me when Zayn wasn't there I love Zayn to death I just cant believe he yelled at me like my stupid father did" She said with her eyes all glossy 

"Well you still have Zayn and now you have Niall Lou Liam and I Zayn is just being the typical older brother he said if he meant alot to you then he would get a chance" I told her as she pulled into the driveway 

"Really??" She asked turning off the car 

"Yea Why don't you go talk to him?" 

"Thank Haz love ya" She told me and hugged me 

"No problem and Love you too" I said and she ran inside with me following right behind her when I walked in he house and saw her hugging Zayn he mouthed thank you and I smiled and walked up stairs 

Zayn's P.O.V

Jasmine runned in through her back on the couch and hugged me and wouldnt let go 

"I'm so so so so SO sorry Zayn I meant nothing I said I just don't" She started to trail off I felt one of her tears hit my chest 

"Its alright I know hes your best friend and I shouldn't of yelled at you like that I'm sorry" I held onto her and I kept feeling tears hit my chest 

"Why are you crying?" I asked her as I sat on the couch 

She just shook her head back in fourth 

"You sure???" 

"Yeah thanks for getting me away from Dad" She said

"You don't need to thank me I promised you I would find away to get you back to me or Mum and I got you back to me like I promised" 

"I love you" 

"I Love you too Jaz" I kissed the top of her head 

her phone started ringing she jumped up and ran to her phone and smiled like a retard all the boys came in now

"Nathan?" We all asked 

"Nope" She popping the 'p' and laughing 

"So you got two boys sounds like your little sister is a player just.... girl verison" Louis said 

Her head shot up 

"First off where I lived and went to school I was considered a boy for.. certain perfect reasons and Second its Jessica whos sitting at the airport sending me retarded pictures from the airport of random people" She smiled 

"And what are those certain reasons?" Niall asked 

"Erm.... I got into some fights and long story short I won a lot of the times I only lost when I fought against people with weapons and I'm stronger than most typical girls going through what I have" She said 

"My baby sister??? Fighting that doesn't sound right" 

"Mum didn't tell you?" She asked

"Uh no"

"I got transferred to a different school and she would take me and I would get shoved into Lockers doors stairs as if I didnt get enough of it when I was home so they hit me and I fought back hard and I won" 

"Anyways bye guys!" She said and ran upstairs 

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I  yelled so she could hear me she didnt answer and we heard water running and we got the picture 

"I'm starving" Niall moaned 

"So are we how about Pizza?" We heard the water stop running and we heard a door open and then shut and a door open and shut again  

"You guys want to watch a Horror movie?" Liam asked 

"Sure" We agreed about ten minutes later of our arguing Jasmine came down in a Tank Top and sweatpants and she was smiling on like an COMPLETE retard 

"Looks like someones talking to her boyfriend!!" Louis cooed and make kissing noises 

"Shut up Lou" She said through a cookie at him 

"Thank you Jazzy" He smiled 


We heard her laugh I hate the fact there is a chance she could get hurt but I guess I have to take the risk the house phone started ringing 

"Um nath hold on two seconds" She said and answered the House phone "Hello?" 

"um yeah which boy do you want and can I ask who this is?" She asked walking in 

"Li its for you and dont ask me who this is because they refused to tell me" She said handed the phone to Liam and Jazzy went upstairs laughing 

Liam's P.O.V

Jasmine said someone was on the phone and they didnt tell her who it was 

"Hello??" I asked 

"Its simon put me on speaker" Simon said and I put him on speaker 

"Boys Simons on the phone" 

"UNCLE SI!!" Niall yelled 

"Hi Niall Hi boys who was the girl that answered the phone" 

"My little sister shes living with us" Zayn said 

"the one that can sing? and You boys have an interview in a day and you need to get on a plane to California tonight at midnight" He said

"so we have to pack now and how did you know about that." I stated and asked 

"Yes and youtube the press are going crazing because shes your sister so get to it bye boys" He said and hung up 

"I hate Paparazzi" Jasmine groaned coming downstairs 

"Dont we all" Louis said 

"Whats with you and the Paps?" I asked 

"They were outside my bedroom window trying to get pictures" She said 


"I through text books at them" She said shrugging 

"Algebra?" Zayn asked

"Pretty much" 

"Figures" He said 

"I'm ordering Pizza" She said

"Good then you can pack" Harry said 

"WHOA what?" She looked like she was going to have a heart attack 

"We have to go to California"

"you mean YOU have to go to California I dont have to go anywhere"

"Your coming" Louis said 

"No...." She said

Niall charged after her and she took off running 

"Your coming we will kidnap you in your sleep!" He said running after her 

I stood up and turned off the tv and Jana stood behind me 

"Liam save me" She said 

"Sorry love cant do that" I stepped out of the way

"NO!" She said as Niall picked her up 

"Say you'll come with" I said as Niall held her tight 

"Never!" She said

"Shall we feed her to the Paps?" Louis suggested in a posh tone

"NO!" She screamed

"Whos gonna stop us" Harry said 

"My brother" We all looked at Zayn 

"Say you'll go you get to see Nathan but Mum said you have been there so you have to spend time with us too" He said her eyes widened 

"Okay I'll go and of course I will you're my brothers and my 4 best friends NOW PUT ME DOWN" She said

We put her down and she went upstairs 

Jasmine's P.O.V 

I started running up the stairs to my Laptop so I could call Nathan  


"Cmon pick up pick up" 


"Nath" I sounded worried 

"Jaz what's wrong?"

"Are the boys with you?" I changed my voice to sound like I was about to cry really pulling this off

"Yea  we're all here" Tom said as the boys coming into the camera 

"I'm going to California" I said bursting into laughter 


"I KNOW!!" I shouted through laughter

"But wait why are you coming to California" Siva asked

"My brother and the boys have a Interview and I have to come with" I said calming down

"I'm going to answer for Nathan and say we are all excited and we miss because I think Nathan is too excited because he is smiling like an Idiot" 

"Haha I miss you guys too" 



"DON'T SASS ME MALIK" I got up and locked the door 

"COME AT ME" It was dark in the hallway and Harry ran right into the door 

I started laughing again

"Did he just run into the door" Tom asked

I just nodded and they all laughed along with Liam Niall Zayn and Louis 

"That really hurt" Harry said causing me to laugh harder 

"Ill call you guys when we are at the airport tomorrow" I said through the laughter

"alright bye" 

I caught my breath enough to stand up and unlocked the door

"That was awesome" Louis said

"Jasmine hurt me!" He said

"I love you styles"I hugged him 

"I love you too" He said I walked back in my room and started packing stuff in my Suitcase that Zayn got me since I would travel a lot with them and I packed fairly quickly when I heard the doorbell ring I ran down the stairs and answered it and it was Pizza I paid and brought it in 

"BOYS PIZZA!" I yelled and Niall ran down the stairs first everyone finished packing and we were ready and we got in the car I ended up sitting on Niall's lap because there was no room I was really really tired and I laid my head down 

"You tired?" He asked 

I just nodded 

"Get some sleep when we get there I'll carry you in the airport" 

I shook my head not wanting him to carry me 

"Yes go to sleep you need it" I gave in and laid down on his shoulder and fell asleep 

*Two hours later*

I woke up and I was on a bed and I started to freak out a little in till I saw Zayn walk in 

"Sleep good??" He asked 

I nodded 

"Good Nathan has tried to skype you like ten times" I smiled 

"He really makes you happy doesnt he" 

I just nodded Zayn sat down on the bed and put an arm around me grabbed my laptop and called him back 

"Hey Nathan she woke up but hasn't spoken yet" He said poking me in the stomach

"If you dont stop poking me I will bite your finger" She said and sat up 

"Morning Love" Nathan said smiling 

"Morning Zayn where are we"

"In the sky of California" He said 

I smiled 

"I have to go wake up Niall I'll be back to get you in a bit" He said and left

"Im at the airport to get you your brother said I could see you first" He said 

"YAY!" I shouted 

"I thought you would like that" He said smiling 

"Please turn off all electronic devices we are landing in San Diego California enjoy your stay"  

I smiled 

"I'll see you in a minute love" He said and hung up I stood up and I brushed my hair and grabbed my phone put it in my back pocket as the place landed 

"Ill take your bag so have fun not to much fun" Zayn said

"shut up" I playfully punched him in the arm and hugged him 

"Bye" The boys said 

"Bye guys" I hugged them and walked off the plane 

"JAZ!!!" Nathan yelled through the crowd of people I smiled and ran 

"NATH!!!" I hugged him and he picked me up 

"I missed you" He said setting me down 

"I missed you too" I smiled 

He leaned in I closed the Gap between us and our lips touched It sent butterflies into my stomach

He and I pulled away and walked out to his car and drove off


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