Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


1. My life

A/N: Just so you know the father in this story is not intended to be Zayns real dad 

Jasmine P.O.V

"JASMINE!!!!!!!!!!" My dad yelled and slammed the front door

"Y-yes Dad?" I asked He slapped my across the face with the back of his hand 


"Dad I have a hard time with it I-I'm sorry!" I pleaded he abused me DAILY I miss my brother

He punched me in the stomach 

"I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT ANY CALLS ABOUT YOU!" He yelled and pushed me onto the wooden stairs and I hit my ribs 

I screamed that time

"I-I'm sorry" 

"GET TO YOUR ROOM!" I ran back up the stairs he shut my door and locked it from the outside 

I heard the front door slam again I burst into tears I grabbed my laptop and my phone and went into my closet my dad doesn't know I have these  My phone started ringing and it said blocked caller I gathered my voice up and answered it

"Hello?"I asked 

"Jazzy?" A voice boomed through my phone 


"Its me get on our old skype account" I did what I was told as he hung up and skype started ringing it said the boys I answered it knowing it was Zayn 

"Zayn!" I exclaimed 

"JAZZY!" His voice boomed 

"I miss you" I started crying 

"Jazzy I miss you too who did that to your face" He asked 

"Dad did he abuses me I can't get out of the house and I'm stuck in here I only get out for school I have bruises everywhere He locks my bedroom door from the outside I can't escape Zayn I can't do it" I cried 

"Well you're in luck pack your bags I'm getting you tonight at six I'm in town and you're living with me in the boys just like I promised I would get you one day you're my baby sister you're coming with me" He said 

"Thank god" 

"Zayn Haz wants to know if you own any hair gel" An Irish voice boomed 

I started laughing my ass off 

"Of course he has Hair gel its Zayn for crying out loud" I got out 

"Shut up!" He scolded me 

"Is that Jazzy??" Niall asked

"Yea get your ass over here hurry before the bastard shes living with comes back"

Niall dove in front of the camera 

"Hi Ni-Ni" I said

"JAZZY! THAT PRICK HIT YOU?!?!" He shouted I just nodded 


"Does he mean..." Zay trailed off I nodded 

"i just texted you my number alright act like you're sleeping" 

I logged off hid my phone and my computer and acted like I was sleeping


He was drunk he called someone

"Hey mike is that girl still at your house?" 

"Can stay at your house tonight?" 

"Thanks man be over in a minute" He locked my door again 

I sighed and packed my bags it was 5:50 and it gets dark at 5 so I grabbed my big duffle bag and rolled up all my clothes and put them in I put my Laptop and charger in the middle so it doesn't break and I grabbed all of my toiletries that were in the bathroom thank god I had a bathroom in my room I stuffed that in my bag and I changed into sweatpants a singlet and my varsity jacket my phone went off I grabbed and answered it. 

"Open your window and nice balcony" Zayn said I hung up and opened it and saw 5 hooded guys

"Throw your bag down!" He said

I stuffed my phone in my back pocket I walked out on the balcony and through down my bag 

"Hurry!" Niall gripped I grabbed my purse that had my wallet and ipod and hair brush in it I put on my Jacket and grabbed my Guitar

"Niall chill would you like me to jump and break a bone or get down safely and I'm NOT leaving my guitar! I sassed throwing them down 

"She's sassy I love her already" One of them said 

"Come down carefully" Nialls said as I dropped down my purse 

I jumped up on the edge of the balcony 


"Shut up!" I reached down and grabbed the bottom and flipped my self over so I was hanging down and dropped and landed on my feet

"HEY!! GET BACK HERE!!!" My dad yelled 

"RUN!!!!!" I shouted we all started running down the street till he through something at me 

"JAZZY!" Zayn yelled 

I'm Fine" I shouted and got up and ran 

"I WILL GET YOU!!" He yelled as we piled into the car 

"You alright you fell pretty hard" A curly hair boy asked 

"Yea I've fallen harder and taken harder hits" I said 

"Not anymore your not" Zayn said 

"and I thank you all for that" I said 

"Its not problem"

"Can I have my hug now please!!!" Niall begged

"Yes Irish boy" I hugged him 

"You met Niall??" A guy with a buzz cut asked 

"Yea when we dropped off Zayn at the airport let me see if I can get this one right I'm not aloud to watch tv or anything so I know your names just not who the belong to let me try" I said 

"Take your best shot" A guy with bed head styled hair  sassed 

"Alright Curly boy here is Harry your Liam your Louis for sure because your sassy" 

"Good guess" Harry said 

"Do you know what we are known for?" 

"Um let me try Louis the funny one who's loud Harry the flirt with the famous dimples Liam is the mature one but will play pranks Niall is the one who laughs at everything and eats a lot and Zayn... well there is MANY words for Zayn" I said 

"Correct" I said as we pulled into the driveway I grabbed my duffle bag out of the back and my purse and walked inside with the boys 

"Is that all you brought" Harry asked

"I can pack REALLY tight" I said 

"I see" he said and we walked inside

"Now I want my hug" Zayn said 

I launched myself at Zayn and he picked me up 

"Now let me see your famous videos Mum has told us about" He said 

"UGH she wasn't supposed to tell you!!" I groaned 

"Come on please" 

"Fine" I said I grabbed my Dark blue Laptop and opened it up 

"Nice laptop" Zayn said

I pulled up the video of me at the lake house and doing my pranks and dares and talents and my adrenaline rushes

"Jaz come on dont be chicken just say who you like!! I mean your brother could know if for crying out loud" 

"No!" My voice blared 

"Jazzy you coming to do this with me or not?" A guy asked

"You really have to ask that lets go!" I yelled and ran outside

"Where is she going" a girl asked 

"No the question is WHAT is she doing" A girl said as they ran outside with the camera 

"You sure you want to do this?" The guy asked me

"Dude I'm not a chicken lets do this" I said

"You heard the legends right" He asked trying to scare me

"Yes lets go!" She said getting on

The song from The wanted called Glad you came started playing 

"Why???" Zayn asked

"Not my choice Just watch" I instructed 

We climbed onto the really tall building 

"JASMINE!" Girls shrieked

I jumped off the edged and did backflips and frontflips and Spiral turns and landed on my feet

"Thats impressive" Harry said 

"Lets go in the lake come on!" a guy said as we all ran in I remembered this part and they didnt need to see it

"And thats all of that video your going to get to see" I smiled and grabbed my computer 

"Why you do something dirty??" Harry question moving his eyebrows up and down

"God no" I said 

"Mum said you can sing" My eyes widened

"No I cant" I said scrolling through twitter on my phone 

"Hate.... Hate.... Nice person.... Hate.... Death threat" I mumbled 

"You get hate and death threats??" Zayn asked 

"Im your baby sister of course I do"

"Its late its 10 o'clock and we have to get up early" Zayn said 

"Haz do you mind showing Jasmine where here room is" Zayn asked harry 

"Sure" He said attempting to grab my bag but I grabbed them before he did

"Scared are we?" He asked

"No I can carry my own things" I said as we walked upstairs 

I heard the front door slam and I jumped ten feet in the air and gripped onto Harrys shirt 

"Its alright that bastard isnt going to touch you again"Harry said picking me up and laid me on the bed 

"Night love" 

"Night Harry" 


I woke up sweating and panting GOD My father has scared me for LIFE I couldnt sleep so I went to find Zayns room but I found Nialls instead I knocked

"Come in"He said I opened the door and saw him lying in bed watching tv

"Jaz whats wrong" He asked pulling back the bed sheets and patted the spot next to him

"I cant sleep" I said 

"Are you scared?"He asked wrapping an arm around me as I sat down

I nodded

"You can sleep with me tonight alright?" He said

"You sure I dont want to be a bother" I said

"Your fine lay down and get some sleep" He whispered 

"Thanks Ni" 

"No problem" He wrapped a protective arm around my waist and pulled me against his stomach to tell you the truth I felt safe I mean I dont like Niall as in boyfriend but hes my other brother I know he would protect me just like zayn would

"Night Jazzy" He said 

"Night Ni-Ni" I said and we both fell asleep



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