Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


15. Locked in the locker rooms and packing

Jasmines P.O.V

We were changing in the locker rooms when we heard like a click we both ran to the door putting our hats on and standing on the correct sides of each other so it said YOLOSWAG and we pulled out our phones

I called Zayn

no answer

"You've got to be kidding"

Called Niall

No answer


No answer


no answer


no answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No reason


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer


No answer

Jessica started calling Zayn Harry Liam Niall and Louis while I called last but certainly NOT least Nathan


"Hey Babe you okay"

"NO your sister and I are locked in our gym locker room and the rest of you people don't know how to answer your phones will you come get us please?" I begged

"Yeah where is your gym locker room"

"Have Eric or one of them take you guy we want out of here"

I saw Jessica blushing

"JESSI!!! WHO YA TEXTING CUZ HE GOT YA BLUSHIN!!" I shouted in a gay tone

"SHUT UP!!!"

Nathan just laughed

"We are on are way babe"

"YAY!" I hung up

"Whos the dude"

"YOU cant tell anyone"

"Do I know him?"

"Yes and so Does Nath Tom Siva Jay Max Liam Niall Louis Zayn Justin Ryan Perrie Leigh-Anne Jesy and Jade all know him and so do you"

"WAIT you didn't say Harry"

she didn't say anything

"OH MY GOD!!!!" I started freaking out as they opened the door

Jessica just smiled

"What?" Zayn asked

"Urm.. nothing just a text message" I said sticking my hand in my pockets

"NO! its something else when you like you stick your hands in your pockets and play with your fingers" Rain pointed

"SHUT UP!" I yelled

"Why did you scream oh my god?" Tom stepped up

"She probably likes John Stevens" Jason snickered



I tackled him to the floor and he full on his back so I put my knees on either side of him and held his arms above him

"Take it back" I said Pinning him down


"Take it back"


"Take it back or I will tell Cassandra" I threatened

"OKAY fine I take it back" I let him up

"Now I have A.P US History" I said

"I have Drama" Jessica said

"By the way ladies Love the hats" Justin said

We laughed

"Why thank you"

"Yolo swag really?" Zayn scoffed

"You just jealous cuz you got no guts to do reckless things and I mean come on we got swag" Jessica said

"Yeah and so do we all now go to class" Nathan and Zayn said in unison

"Fine!" We groaned

We hugged everyone and Nathan offered to walk me to class I gladly accepted and Harry offered to walk Jessica to class Nathan shot him a You-better-not-touch-her look

Jessica and and Harry went to the Drama department and I started walking with Nath to my Italian class

"I cant believe I'm leaving on tour soon and with you "

"I know but you need to finish your last day of school so we can go" He smiled

"Fine if I must" I said

"Yes you must" He kissed my forehead

"And if Harry touches my sister I will kill him" He said

"First I wont let you and second don't tell your sister I told you but she likes him and if it comes to it give him a chance"

"I don't want to shes my little sister" He said staring at me I leaned my back against the wall

"But didn't Zayn give you a chance?" I said making a point

"Yeah bu-"

"No buts Nath just think about It for me please?"

"Fine" He gave in

"Thank you now I have to get to class"

"See you in two days" He said

I just nodded slowly

"Hey don't be sad"

"I'm not just thinking" I kissed him and gave him a hug

"You be safe and text me and call me" He said

"I will I love you"

"I love you too" He said and started walking off

I walked into class the class started clapping

"What is this for??"

"Well you are one of the best students in this class" One started

"Your leaving" another said

"AND we actually liked you for who your are" A girl said

"Aw thanks I honestly liked you guys too because one you didn't judge me for anything I did"

"Can we just get a picture with you not because your like famous and everything but because you are nice to everyone and we are actually gonna miss you" A guy said

"Yeah that's fine I know a few of you I know Cassandra, Anastasia, Luke, and Bryan but YEAH we can get a picture"

We all got around the teachers desk

"WAIT!!" I yelled

I stood up on the teachers chair and grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote on a the bored


I fell off the chair and a guy caught me

"Thanks" I said he sat me down

"No problem" He said

I heard a knock on the door and looked and saw zayn hes so weird Its not like it is my bedroom I rolled my eyes and opened the door

"This isn't a bed room you know"

"SO I didn't want to interrupt a lesson" He said

"Yeah we aren't really in a lesson C'mon" I pulled him in and shut the door

"Guys this is my Brother Zayn"

"Hey" He said shyly


"Can you take a picture of the class?"

"Yeah" I handed him a camera

We all posed for one picture that was normal

"One more picture but this time you must be weird and make funny faces" I pointed a finger in the air and talked with a posh tone

"Your so Louis"

"I know and I'm proud" I smiled

We all made funny faces and we were being weird Anastasia and Cassandra kissed either of my cheek while I just dropped my jaw a bit and looked up out of the top right corner of my eyes and Zayn took the picture and laughed

"Thanks Zayn"

"No problem now I have to go but I see why you like this class" He lightly chuckled and handed me the camera

"YEP! now go and make sure Haz  stays away from my closet hes been looking for my books" I told him everyone was absorbed in there own Conversation

"I will bye love"

"Bye" I hugged him and he left

"Since your one of the best students in here can you sing something in Italian" Nathan asked as he and the boys came in the door

"What are you going here?"

"Teacher said we can sit through class"  Tom smiled

"Guys this is Nathan Tom Max Jay and Siva and NO confusing them with Italian" I pointed

"MAN!" Bryan and Luke groaned

"Ignore those two" I said

"So lets hear it Jaz" Jay moved his eye brows up

"Kay" The teacher sat Nathan and the boys in the front

I thought for a minute

"None of you can speak Italian right?"

"Yeah why"

"No reason" I said and I started singing

Ti ho trovato, nell'ora più buia
 Ti ho trovato, in una pioggia battente
Ti ho trovato, quando ero in ginocchio
E il tuo amore mi ha tirato di nuovo
Si trovano in un fiume di emozioni pure
Ti ho trovato, la mia unica verità
Ti ho trovato, con la riproduzione della musica

Ero perso til ti ho trovata, tu, tu
 Til ti ho trovato, voi, voi     (A/N: This is real Italian and what that I just wrote in Italian was the chorus to was The Wanted's song I found you)

They all clapped

"Now what exactly did she say???" Siva asked

"It was the choruses to one of your songs guess which one and NO ONE give it away" I smiled

"WHY DO THIS TO US?!" Tom shouted like a 5 year old

"Because I love you all now guess" I laughed

"Nath shes your girlfriend and technically your best friend before hand so whats her favorite song that we sing?" Max said as all of there heads shot to him

"I DUNNO I honestly don't I haven't seen her in forever before we started dating" He admitted

"Think of the beat I sang it in I sang it in the same tone it is in the song"

"I FOUND YOU!!" they shouted in unison I laughed and nodded

"Jasmine take a seat we have 10 minutes left in our lesson" She said I went and sat down between Jay and Nath

Nathan's P.O.V

Jazzy being able to speak Italian is just plain awesome and cute

"Yeah we need erm Jasmine for Football practice" John said we all laughed

"Sure now go" I stood up shoved him out the door shut the door and locked it

"Now we are going to play a game I need Jasmine Cassandra Anastasia Luke Bryan and Lucas" "NO!!!" Anastasia and I yelled getting up


"Any game with LUKE in it is a PROBLEM"

"I OBJECT ON THAT!" Luke yelled

"Okay may I recall the time you jumping the fence and falling backwards and then causing me and her a Nose bleed and bloody mouth" Cassandra said

"How in the bloody hell did he give you that in at the same time" Max asked

"By tackling us"

"Come play the game its safe"

"Fine" We all went and sat in a row

"okay I am going to answer you a series of questions and every time you answer one you move to the back"

"OKay" We said in unison

"And this is getting recorded" Siva said I stuck my tongue out

"This one was requested by Amy what do zayn and Nathan have in common"

"Esse sono entrambi protezione ma Zayn è esagerato ma sapete hes mio fratello " She said laughing while she said

"Good answer" she moved

"Cassandra who is your biggest crush in the school"  "

"Giasone" She moved"

"Anastasia would you kiss a guy in front of everyone even with constant stares and what not? If yes then perfect and if no why not"

"No, non intendo dire che onestamente dipende, come se fosse una messa in scena bacio e relazione e ho avuto la scelta, quindi No, ma se mi ha"

"Wow good you boys have a translator right?"

"Yes mam" Jay said smiling

"Luke whos the biggest flirt out of your band"

"Eric è" everyone laughed

"Bryan is it true you have forced to drink alcohol at the age of 13?

"Sì ho fatto per salvare la mia ragazza la merda battuto dal suo"

"AWWW" everyone said

"LUCAS is it true that you have a girlfriend that is a year older than you?"

"Sì" The bell rang

"Class dismissed have a awesome summer"

"Since when do you speak Italian?" I asked her

"Since I started High school"

"Hey your principal wants to speak with us so we'll be back" I nodded and they walked off

Jasmine's P.O.V

One of the popular girls came up to me and through a punch at me and hit me in the Jaw

"Your a slut you know that" She spat

"I didn't get knocked up and get an abortion YOU did" She tackled to me to the floor and we started fighting I was on top of her I wasn't going to let her get the satisfaction of punching me and me not fighting back

the school started chanting fight

"JAZ STOP" Jason pulled me off and Gavin pulled the girl away from me

"AW you have your friends to take care of you"

"NO they are the only things from keeping me from KILLING you right now"

"Come at me "

I squirmed trying to get away from Jason

"JAZ look at me" Eric flipped me around

"What let me kill this chick"

"No do you want more charges?" He whisper


"Then don't fight her you know you have better chance than she does at surviving" He smiled

"So I still want to kill her"

"Your going on tour with The wanted I don't think you want to start out with murder charges" Cassandra stepped in



"Jason let me go"

He left go as the bell rang

*Skip 4 5 and 6th period because its Algebra Drama and Soccer practice* (They didn't do anything in Drama the teacher was sick)

Jessica's P.O.V

I CANNOT WAIT TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS SCHOOL on the other hand I like Harry and that statement that Jasmine said when she took me to the airport was coming true Nathans going to kill me.... OH WELL Zayn almost killed Nathan but Jasmine did let him

"JESSI JESSI!!!" Eric Fernando Rain Jason and Gavin ran towards me

"What happened to Jaz?"

"How did you-"

"Shes not here now where the hell is Jasmine" I asked

"Shes in a fight and she didn't start it "

"WHERE!?" I shrieked

"Outside gym padded Gymnastic floor she got to 7th period early"

"Here face time Zayn or Nath or both I don't care just face time them" I handed them my phone shut my locker door and through all my stuff in my locker and we took of running

"Hey Jes- Rain?????"

"Yeah um Jessica is busy running told me to face time you or Nathan and your Jazzys brother so I thought I would call you"

"Whats wrong with Jasmine?!"

"Jesus he says her name and you all pop up" I started laughing

"Whats wrong?"

"Shes in a fight and she didn't start it" We busted in through the main gym doors and out the back to see Jasmine in a fist fight dodging and throwing punches

"I cant fight him" I said

She got pinned

"Please don't" She screamed

"Zayn" I grabbed my phone

"Whats going on Jes"

"um we'll call you back" I hung up

"you 5 go find I hate to say this but Miles John and the other dumbass because they can do something"

They nodded and took off running

"HEY!" I yelled

There heads shot up towards me

"Why don't you leave her alone"


Jasmine screamed

"JIMMY!!!!" John yelled they ran up to Jimmy and pushed him out of the way while I ran hafway to Jasmine to because I didn't want to get in the way of the fight going on between football players Jasmine came to me I just pulled her into a hug

"Jaz you okay you didn't start this did you?"

"My chest hurts like hell because of his arm but yeah I'm fine and No I didn't start this" I said

"Hey at least we get out of this hell house we are seniors we graduated"

"Yeah I heard you called Zayn"

"Call him because as soon as he said whats wrong with jasmine they all popped up on the screen"

She laughed and pulled out her phone and dialed


"JAZ are you okay?"

"YEP I am fine"

"You should probably call Nath we told them you kinda had a mishap" I lightly chuckled

"Alright I will will you Ni Haz Li or Lou pick me up?"

"Of course It's probably gonna be Ni or Haz Li and I are helping Lou"

"ALright thank Imma call Nath"

"Okay see you later bye"


(Note:Jasmines P.O.V)


"Hey babe you okay"

"Yeah Nath I'm fine"

"We leave tomorrow night to beat the snow storm heading to Colorado"

"Okay see you tomorrow then you told My brother right"

"Yes I did"

"alright Babe I have to go get my stuff Ni or Haz is picking me up do you want us to take Jessi?"

"No we'll come get her"

"You sure?"

"Yeah go get your stuff"

"I will love you"

"I love you too"

*End Convo*

I walked into the gym and through the main doors and ran to my locker shoved my stuff in my bag ran to the girls locker room put my books down on the bench grabbed my gym bag picks up my books put my sunglasses on and walked to the principals office said bye to everyone on the intercom and ran out the door

Niall's P.O.V

Haz and I got asked to pick up Jasmine and of course we said yes when we heard she got in a fight and it was something she didn't start I didn't know about them besides Zayn I wanted to kill him I mean she's like MY little sister I saw her run out the door with a million things in her hand so I jumped out and helped her Harry was on the phone with Zayn


"Jaaazzzzyyyyyyy" I imitated grabbing some books from her and sat them on the bottom of the passenger seat by Harrys feet as she through her bags in the back

"Are you excited?????" I asked

"More like nervous and anxious"

"Don't be you'll be fine do you have everything?"

"CRAP I forgot my phone"

"Go get it hurry before someone takes it" I told her knowing all of our numbers are in there

She nodded and ran off

Jessica's P.O.V

"Guys where the HELL did she go" I asked. And surprisingly John Miles and the other guys name is Finn  are still with us

We saw her running towards us

"EASY!!" Jason shouted

"Have you seen my phone" She looked worried

"You mean you lost your phone with the..." I trailed off

"YES!" She shouted this has My number Nathans toms zayns everyone who is famous and she knows NUMBER in it

"Check the locker room hurry" I told her she ran

"She really is HOT" Miles said staring

"Dude back off shes taken and you lay a hand on her I will hurt you weather you are on my team or not" Rain warned

"AW someone have a crush on miss pop start" They teased

"No I have happened to grow up with her shes is like our little sister we have a bond since we were KIDS okay ask anyone of us on what the damage is when you hurt her or Jess"

"Its pretty bad"

"Um excuse me" We turned back around to see a guy that the cute nerd look the square glasses (same style as their sunglasses) the whole NINE yards and it was really cute

"Can I help you?" I asked smiling

"Y-your Jessica Sykes" He stuttered

I laughed

"Yes I am is there a problem?"

"Um no usually girls like you don't talk to me only Jasmine does"

"Girls like what?" I asked curiously

"Cute nice and someone who doesn't push me around or bully me I'm chase by the way"

"Nice to meet you" I blushed a bit

"You too do you need help with anything?"

"Um Jasmine is in my Math class she left her phone in class" He brought out her phone "Do you happen to know where I can find her?"

We heard her scream and it was quite creepy as in on cue Harry and Niall come running through the Halls and she came out of the locker room

"I'm flipping out my phone wasn't in there" she said

"Jaz calm down" Chase put his hands on her shoulders

"Chase I cant"

"Your phone is right here I found it in algebra you left it in your desk when you were secretly texting" He said handing her phone

"How did you know I was texting in class"

"Because you were smiling like a retard" He said Harry and Niall started laughing

"Shut up both of you because I have things on you Haz trust me" She pointed a finger

"Was someone texting my brother???" I teased

"Maybe and Chase you are a lifesaver" She hugged him

"No I'm not and from my understanding you have about 3-6 months of packing to do"

"Yes you are and I do good bye my loving friends except for you 3" She hugged Rain Jason Eric Fernando Gavin and Chase

"Why no hug for me"

"Your one of my best friends and My Boyfriends sister" She said


"And as much as I  hate to say it Thanks for saving me from getting hurt or worse by Jimmy" She said

"No problem have a nice summer" They left to their lockers and stupid girlfriends

"We have to do the same now both of you better call us over the summer"

"We will now go before Cassandra and whoever you like leaves" I said and they took off running

Harry's P.O.V

Okay I have a MAJOR thing for Jessica but like it will ever happen Nathan wont let it happen

"Well I am going to go pack up my locker and I will see you tomorrow" She walked to her locker

"I am ready to go pack and spend a hopefully NON-Painful evening with you boys"

"Lets go get you packed" Niall hugged Jasmine then I did we are really proud of her she's gone through a lot and still is and is taking on giving up everything that she has of a normal life

"Im nervous about the tour"

"Love you will be fine you will rock the stage and you have Nathan Jay Max Tom and Siva they better take care of you or we will kill them" I said pointing a finger

"They will" She said

I turned around and saw Jessica struggling with her books and all of her stuff

"Um guys I will meet you guys out there" before they could answer I ran over to Jessica and picked up her books off the ground


"No problem let me grab one of these bags for you I will trade you the books" I took her gym bag off her shoulder and handed her, her books

"Do you need a ride home?"

"No Nath is picking me up"

"Alright are you excited to be out of school?"

"More than ever no more getting pushed around no more crappy lunches no more anything" She sighed

"Who pushes you around?"

"Same people that push Jasmine around" She shrugged her shoulders

"You know whats funny" She added


"Everyone is so focused on getting home and to do what ever that they don't even know that the famous Harry Styles is walking down the hallway right now" I smiled

"Well that's because no one has screamed yet" We walked out of the school to see Nathan standing there

"NATH!!" she yelled

"Hey" He hugged her

"Thanks again Harry" She put her stuff in the back and took her bag from me and stook it back there

"No problem love"

We head someone laugh we looked to Jasmine and she had her head thrown back and she was laughing with some guy

Nathan looked pissed

Nathan's P.O.V

I saw Harry and Jessica come out and he was carrying her gym back and I was kind of mad about that I mean shes my little sister then I remember what Jazzy told me and I calmed down she through her stuff in the back and we heard someone start laughing we looked in the direction it came from and we saw her with her head thrown back and she was laughing I was kinda Mad I mean I'm not the Jealous type but when it come to Jasmine I can get a tad jealous

"Whos that?"

"That's Chase hes in one of her classes the one she was 'secretly' texting in according to Chase and I quote 'She was smiling like a complete retard' She she had to have been texting you" My sister smirked

"Okay maybe she was texting me during class"

I saw Jasmine hug him as he left

"Watch ya laughing about" Harry smirked

"John Stevens just got his pants pulled down in the in the middle of getting stuff out of his locker and the best part it was by who he calls the geeks" Jessica and her both started laughing

"He got what he was coming to him" Jessica laughed

"What are you two dolls laughing at"

"Shut it Thompson" Jasmine spat

"C'mon sweet heart your mom and my mom work at the same hospital you cant be mean to me"

"Call me sweetheart one more time you are going end up IN a hospital"

"Believe every word" I laughed

"Now don't you have some girlfriend to attend to??" Jessica said and he ran off

"I hate the football team except for Rain Jason Gavin Fernando and Eric of course" Jasmine said

"Agreed now go pack!" My sister ordered

"I am" Harry got in the drive seat and Niall got in the back Jessica got in the passenger seat of my car

"See you tomorrow night" She said opening the door

"Not so fast" I grabbed her hand and pulled her back as I kissed her

"I'll call you before I go to sleep tonight"

"Alright now go pack I need to finish packing" I told her kissing her forehead

"Bye Nath"


She got in the car and drove off I jumped in my car and started driving

"How was school?"


"Come on it cant be that bad"

"You saw Thompson right picture him plus like 8 more guys flirting and stalking you all day" She said

"ALL day?"

"Yeah they wait for us outside of class and torture us all day Jasmine broke one of there noses before because he touched her waist"

"Serves him right" I said pulling into the driveway

She jumped out and carried her stuff to her room

"So Jess how excited to be out of school?" Max said

"Picture when you got signed a recording contract but ten times more"

"Damn girl" tom said she laughed

Her phone went off

"Jesus Jessica already?" I said she just saw all of her friends

"Shut up Nath" She grabbed her phone and answered it in a different language that sounded like Italian and left the room

I walked to my room and started packing again

"Nath how excited are you?" Jay asked walking into the room

"Jasmine is coming on tour with us how can I not be excited" I smiled at the thought of her coming with us and just staying

"You really love her don't you" He asked

"Yeah I mean she's been my best friend since grade school all of our friends got broken up but Jasmine and I managed to see each other all the time and I love her to death I've know that I liked her since like the 3rd grade" I said putting my hair brush and everything like that zipped up my suite case talked to jay for a bit longer and at midnight I went to bed and fell asleep


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