Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


19. Landing

Jay's P.O.V I honestly had feelings for Jessica I hate seeing her hurt I kissed the top of her head while jasmine removed the bandanna "Did it stop?" Jessica nodded "Is Nath up?" Jasmine asked "No we tried waking him up but he wouldnt wake up" I told her she got an evil smirk on her face "Do it" Jessica laughed I helped her up we walked out "Jess you alight" She nodded "Nath wake up" Jasmine shook  him "hes not waking up" Tom said she grabbed an air horn out of her backpack and walked to the captain and then walked back cover your ears we covered out ears and she covered her one ear with a hand Tom pulled out his phone and recorded it and went off the air horn Nathan jumped out of the seat and fell on the floor we all laughed "What the bloody hell was that?!" He yelled "An Air Horn" Jessica laughed Jasmine was on a chair laughing with Tom and Jessica "Who did that" He asked "Your lovable girlfriend" Max laughed "JAZ!" She just started laughing harder so did Tom "And you let her?" He asked "Well Your sister cut the top of her mouth open and Jaz fixed it up she slapped you twice and then we shook you and you didnt move so she had an air horn but you should of seen your face" I said Jasmine and Jessica were laughing even harder "Your mean" he pouted the girls calmed down a little bit "Hey you know I love you but that was too damn funny" Jasmine said hugging Nathan "Please fasten your seat belts we are landing and nice screaming Nathan" The Pilot said we all laughed and we landed we got our bags and walked out and Holy crap there were fans everywhere 

Nathan's P.O.V "Crap how are we going to get out" Tom asked "I dunno I have faith in our fans but Im worried about the girls" Siva said "If you got Jaz I got Jess" Jay said I nodded and we held onto the girls as our body guard pushed us past the fans "JASMINE!!!!!!" "JESSICA" "JAY" "MAX" "TOM" "NATHAN" "SIVA" fans were screaming everywhere  "Hold crap my ears are gonna start bleeding" Jasmine said in my ear "You get used to it" I smiled at her as I kissed her forehead we got out to the parking lot we put our bags into the tour bus and we got onto the bus and all sat on the couch in the back "Wait we are in Colorado right" Jessica asked "Yea why" Nano said (Nano is their day-to-day manger ~Taylor) "JASMINE" She screamed "Jesus Im right here what" She said "Take me sky diving" She said "Well thats up to your brother I have no right over you" Jasmine said "Can we come" Jay asked "Yeah Its in door though and I would recommend your body guard comes with us" She said "Why" I asked "Well  its you boys in an indoor skydiving place" She said Nano and our body guard started laughing "Shes hardly known You boys except for Nath and she knows not to leave you alone" He said "Shes smart then" Our body guard said "So Jasmine how old are you" He asked "Im proudly 17" She smiled "Any piercings or tattoos" He asked "WHY DIDNT WE ASK THAT" Tom asked "Tattoos no but soon yes and Piercings yes" She said "How many and where" I asked "I have my belly button pierced I have my ears pierced in two different places on each ear so 5 piercings" She said "You all look tired" "Whale Jess and I didnt sleep the whole way there" Jasmine said "JAZ!" Tom shouted "If one more person shouts in my ear I will go def " She said "Sorry but show Nano what you and Jess did to Nath" She laughed and handed him her phone and played the video he started laughing his ass off "You two are my favorites besides Kelsey and Nareesha" He said "HEY!" We said in unison "You guys should get some rest you have rehearsals later" We all groaned "SIVA AND TOM UP FRONT PLEASE" They left

Jessica's P.O.V "Nath Im gonna sleep with Jay" I said "He tries anything hes dead" Hr pointed "He wont" I smiled  "Jess can I talk to you" I looked at her "Yeah" I said "Ill be in the bunk" Jay said I nodded "Same here" Nathan said we walked back to the couches "Jaz whats up?" I asked "You remember my ribs?" I asked She nodded "They got worse I think its from gymnastics I mean come on look" We ran to the bathroom and locked the door She lifted up her shirt to reveal her ribs "Holy crap" I whispered "What do I do I dont want to tell Nath and if I tell any of the boys they might tell him" She whispered "Jay wont" I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom Jasmine covered his mouth "Whisper" I said quietly he nodded "You cant tell Nath promise you wont tell any of the boys" Jasmine whispered He nodded she lifted up her shirt to reveal her ribs "Jaz thats really bad" He whispered "I know I think its from the gymnastics and im scared something might happen" She whispered "Your going to have to tell Nath" Jay said "Hes going to flip out and I dont want him to worry" She whined "Jaz he needs to know just tell him real fast ill go get him" He offered "You two are staying with me then" "Deal" We said in unison He left and 5 seconds later was in here with Nathan "Whats going on" he asked rasing and eye brow "Mate her ribs got worse she thinks its from the gymnastics she didnt want to tell you because you might worry to much" Jay whispered "Let me see" Jasmine lifted up her shirt yet again "Babe thats bad" He said "I know and Im scared I dont know what to do"  She said "Lets see how it turns on in the morning" She nodded "Now how the hell are we getting out of here?" Jessica peeked "Nath and I will go in the lounge you too go to the bed" Jasmine said we nodded left and went separate directions

Nathan's P.O.V "There they are" Tom smiled "This is Nathans girlfriend Jasmine Jaz this is my girl friend Kelsey and Siva's girlfriend Nareesha" Tom introduced "Nice to meet you" Kelsey and Nareesha said "You too" Jasmine smiled shyly "Wheres Jess and Jay" Max asked "Sleeping" Jasmine said "Something you all need to do" Nano said we all nodded and went off to separate bunks I crawled in and then Jasmine did I wrapped my arm around her waist "Babe if your ribs hurt tomorrow come to me alright" I kissed her cheek "I will" She said resting her hand on top of mine "I love you good night" I mumbled into her hair "Night love you too" about 5 minutes later we both were asleep

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