Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


16. Goodbye for now

Jasmine's P.O.V

I woke up at noon its not 3:30 and I am craving Coffee for some random reason the boys and I are lounging around in the living room watching tv and talking about old times Justin Ryan El Perrie Dani Jade Leigh-anne Jesy came over too

"Alright I'm not fighting it anymore I am getting coffee anyone want any"

"No Thanks" Everyone said except for Justin

"Can I go with you I kinda want so as Well" He asked

"Sure come on" I smiled and we walked down the stairs and out the door the Starbucks was just down the streets so we walked

"So are you excited for tour?" He asked

"Hell yeah but I'm gonna miss you guys"I said

"Well at least you have The boys to keep you company and Jessica" I admitted as we walked into the coffee shop

"We'll miss you too" He said we ordered and I tried paying

"Nope Im paying"He said grabbing my wrist 

"Nooooo I am" I Argued 

"I will pay" he pulled out his wallet but he dropped it

I pulled out a twenty and told the cashier to keep the change

"Jasmine you didnt"

"I did" I smiled he handed us our coffee and we left 

"I cant believe you did that"

"Well believe it Bieber" I laughed 

I saw a black van with guys with Cameras coming towards us really slowly started looking for places to hide

"Jaz whats wrong?" 

"See the black van that is a Paparazzi" I told him grabbing his arm and pulling him into an alley 

"If we run they wont know its us"

We closed the lids on our coffee and took of running we got to the house we locked the door 

"Damn girl your fast" Justin said

I laughed out of breath 

"Well It comes with Soccer and Gymnastics" I said as we walked up the stairs 

We walked into the room

"JESUS CHRIST ZAYN PUT ON A SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled covering my eyes 

The boys burst out laughing 

"Your just jealous you dont look this good"

"PLEASE you wish you looked good" I sassed

"Im skinny you than you are!" He yelled

"I BEG TO DIFFER" I yelled


I walked out of the room into my bedroom unzipped my suite case and changed into my 1D bikini top I thought it was appropriated and walked back into the room 

"You can see a little bit of my ribs I think I win!!!" I smiled my bruise was gone but I still had to be careful 

"Nice bikini love" Niall smirked and the boys laughed 

"Wellllllll I have one that has The wanted (of course) you guys my cousin bought me one with JB written in gold  and I have one of little mix and I got a new one that says YOLOSWAG accost it" I said smiling 

"She loves us" Jesy said

"You know I do"

"Jaz that is really bad that you can see your ribs" Liam said 

"I don't starve myself I eat like Niall does" I exclaimed 

"Its true she does" Zayn said laughing

"Thats why shes MY best fwend" He used a baby voice and wrapped me in a a hug from behind

"So shes like Lou and like Ni is she like any of us??" Harry asked 

"Shes flirtatious like you Curly shes Caring and CAN be mature and ALSO has the puppy dog eyes like by whoever he is and she looks like her big bro" girl said with an american accent said I whipped my head around

"Out" I spat

"Cmon you cant forget us and you look mighty fine in that bikini top" A guy said Niall tossed me his sweatshirt that said kiss me Im Irish on it I smiled put it on it was over sized but who cares and turned back around

"Ill be back you BOTH of you outside NOW!" I pushed them out the door 

Liam's P.O.V

Whoever that was got under Zayns skin he looked pissed 

"Who the HELL was that" He spat through gritted teeth

"Babe calm down" Perrie said sitting next to him 

"He has us all pissed" I said 

"Was all that stuff true"

"Yeah" Zayn said 

"Well at least IM NOT A SLUT! that goes for BOTH of you" She yelled we heard the front door slam 

"Someone has people mad" Jade said

"Who were they"

"People I used to work with" She rolled her eyes and sat on Harrys Lap

"You didnt seem very fond of them" I said

"Im not they are BOTH douches" She said

"We can tell" I laughed 

"Oh and Ni-Ni your not getting your sweatshirt back" She smiled

"You can keep it I have a another one" He smiled

"YAY!!" She shouted exactly like Lou 

"What time is it?" 

"6:00 Nath and the boys will be here in 10 minutes"

"Im nervous" She whined 

"Calm down" Harry chuckled 

"Now up we must take a picture" Louis said 

Jasmine rolled her eyes and so did we.

"PLEASE come on it her first Tour day" Lou said 

He had a point we all got up we grabbed a tripod and set the camera on it and set a timer I pressed the button and ran back and we all smiled 

There was a knock on the door 

"We'll get it you go get your bags and change out of your bikini top"I said we all went down stairs 

We opened the door and let Nathan and Tom inside


"What did she do this time" Zayn said

"ZAYNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! HARRY WONT PUT ME DOWN!!!!!" She screamed 

we all just laughed

She screamed of terror this time


Jasmine came darting down the stairs she changed into a tanktop and was still in Nialls sweatshirt and she jumped over the couch 

"You come near me I will break your hand" 

"Come on love just a little treatment" He smirked


She darted up the stairs dogged Harry and slammed her bedroom door

"HARRY SHE HAS TO GO LEAVE HER BE" He came down the stairs

"ITS SAFE LOVE" She opened the door and came down with her bag

"Can we actually have a hello now?" Nathan asked walking up to her and grabbing one of her bags 

"Hey guys" She laughed and hugged Nath 

"You give us this and tell your huge weird family bye" Tom teased

"Hey you know your part of it too!" I shot back

"True" They smiled and went out the door with her bags 

"DONT LEAVE ME TWIN!" Lou fake cried into Jasmine shoulder 

 "Im gonna miss you too Lou" She hugged him he kissed her forehead

"Have fun hun we are gonna miss you we need to go shopping when you get back" El said

"Deferentially" She smiled and hugged the girls

"You better stay safe" I pointed at her as I hugged her and kissed her cheek 

"I will" She hugged back

"You better call me!!" Harry said pulling her into a tight hug and kissing the top of her head

"I will Haz" 

"My bwest fwiend is weaving" Niall used his baby voice

She just smiled and hugged him 

"Im keeping your sweatshirt I hope you know that" She smiled 

"Fine by me" He kissed her nose 

Zayn's P.O.V 

Im gonna miss my sister I mean i had just gotten her back but this should fly by quickly 

"My baby sister is leaving" I told her 

"Hey I will call and text you I promise" 

"You better" They hugged and he kissed her forehead 

"You boys be safe"

Nathan walked up

"You ready love?"

"Yeah" She smiled

"Bye guys " She hugged me again like she would never see me again I hugged her back

"Call me please" I mumbled into her hair kissing the top of her head

"I will"

"Okay I love you be careful"

"I love you too" She said letting go

"You take care of my sister" I pointed at Nathan

"I will dont worry she will be in good hands" He smiled 

"Bye" That was the last thing she said and she was gone 

Nathan's P.O.V

We just picked up Jasmine we put  her stuff in the back of the van with our stuff her and I climbed into the back with everyone and we were on our way

"JASMINE!!!!" They all yelled

"BOYS!!!! JESSI!!!!" She yelled laughing 

"Are you excited Jaz" He was bouncing up and down like a 3 year old 

"Tom CALM down" She smiled

"ARE YOU!?!" He shouted

"Yes" She laughed and laid her head on my shoulder

"So we heard screaming from inside the house what was going on"

"Styles tried dying my hair"

"HE WHAT!!" Jessica shouted

"THANK YOU!" She tossed her head back 

We pulled into the airport and FANS WERE EVERYWHERE

Jessica's P.O.V

Fans were literally mobbing us even the security guards were having trouble keeping them back

Jasmine and I were holding hands (in a sister way) 

"Jaz is it always like this?"

"Yeah" Fans were pushing and shoving and Paps were everywhere we finally got inside

"JESUS"I exclaimed 

"Is everyone in one piece?"Nath asked

"Surprisingly" Jasmine and I laughed 

"TO THE PLANE!" Tom shouted

We went through Check in then through security and then through our gate and onto the plane 

I sat with Jay he and I got along the most and we had a lot in common dont get me wrong I love all of these boys Jay and I just had the little sister big brother stronger than the others 

Jasmine's P.O.V

Im actually on Tour with the boys

"Now wheres my kiss I've been waiting for" Nathan asked I smiled and kissed him

"You werent the only one waiting" I smirked as he kissed me again and again and again and it turned into about a 5 minute snogging session in till we had to go to our seats we all got in our seats and we all settled everyone fell asleep within an 2 hours except for Nath and I Jessica fell asleep in Jays shoulder and its really cute 

"Babe you should get some sleep" He suggested

"Nope Im staying awake mostly because these seats are uncomfortable" I said

"I can fix that" He picked me up and sat me on his lap 

I smiled and dug my face into his neck 

"I love you"

"I love you too" He kissed my forehead

I lifted my head up

"Are you going to be able to sleep?" I asked not wanting him to be awake the entire ride

"Your safe and sound and its better because your in my arms so I think I can manage" He smiled

"Good" I kissed him goodnight and dug my face back into his neck while he sang I found you in my ear

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