Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


13. Freezing

Jasmine's P.O.V

I was literally shaking I could hardly stand at least my teeth weren't chattering

"Why are you wet and shaking?!" Zayn asked stopping me

"Nathan and I went to that park with the oak tree and it literally started Pouring rain I'm freezing and I want tea so therefore Im going to go change so I will stop shaking"  I said with an attitude and ran upstairs

I changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a V-neck and I left my hoodie at Naths place




"YEA JAZZY THATS FINE" I walked into Zayns room and grabbed a hoodie and put it on and walked down stairs


"That's why I let you use my hoodie" Lou handed me a cup of tea

"Thanks Lou"

"No problem love"

Zayn Lou and I all went into the music room with everyone else 

"I AM STILL FREEZING!" I shouted as I sat down

"Why were you  in the rain???" Harry asked 

"Nath and I were at the park with the BIG oak tree and it started pouring rain and we had to run to the car" I said sending about my fiftieth text to Tom 

"Ahhhh" Liam said 

I sat on Nialls lap 

"Nowwww I would like to personally thank you guys for helping me fight stupid management" I said smiling 

"Love he makes you super super happy and we can see it and according to Siva and the boys you make Nathan really happy" Niall said 

"And I had a choice and I dont know what I got myself into" i said 

"What did you get yourself into this time?" Zayn said 

"Shut up" "So before we left to the park Naths manager came in no other than scooter Braun and he said I had he choice of becoming a singer and to be with Nathan or to have my normal life and stay the little non-famous sister of Zayn Malik and NOT be with than and I chose the first one I have No idea what I just got myself into and who in the HELL told these people I could ACT? I get them knowing I could sing but ACT??? and when Tom is better Im going on tour with them to get me out there" I said looking at them 

"Zayn" They all said in unison 

"Wow sell out your own best mate" He said

"Hey I'm your baby sister they will ALWAYS sell you out to me" I teased "But Zayn you know I hate cameras its bad enough I got Paps ambushing" I said laying my head on Nialls shoulder

"Jazzy you will be fine we will help you" Liam said 

"Thats EXACTLY what the others said" I smiled 

"We all will! its not going to be easy at all but you can get used to it" Harry said

"Perrie, Leigh-Anne,Jade and Jesy said they would help" Zayn said I smiled 

"El said she would to" Louis said 

"Dani will too"

"I havent seen them in FOREVER!" 

"Hold on you met Dani and El?" Harry asked

"Well lets see when your brothers girlfriend is best friends with his best friends girlfriends then you end up meeting up at some point" I said "And thank you" I smiled I got off of Nialls lap and grabbed my laptop

"No problem" Niall said smiling 

"Who record company are you signing to?" Liam asked 

"Not sure does it matter?" I asked plugging in my phone as I went through Itunes for ringtones 

"They probably are going to sign you our label since your his sister" Harry said picking up his phone 

"Yeah man let yourself in we are on our way down"

"Jaz we'll be right back up" They said and left nows my chance I ran to the recording booth and played with the beats 

I started it off with a simple drum beat added a beatbox then added random sounds to make it sound better it sounded like one of Mac miller or Macklemore's beats I was very proud of myself Im happy that everyone will help me through it

"So your also a beat master???" A tall guy with gel styled hair 

I screamed jumped and turned it off 

"Sorry didnt mean to scare you"

"Its fine I wasn't expecting someone to come in I know the boys went down stairs so I thought I was alone" I said 

"Haha I get that done to me a lot" He said I think I recognized him as Ryan Good 

"I'm Jasmine" I said

"I'm Ryan" I shook his hand 

Justin came running up behind him and jumped on his back 


"Hey Justin" I laughed then went serious "No one is jumping on my right"I said 

"Not that I'm aware of" Justin said

"Okay good" I smiled my phone went off on the beenbag chair I darted out of the recording booth I shoved I think Niall out of the way not sure who and grabbed my phone 

"BOYFRIEND ALERT" Harry teased

"Shut up Styles" 

"Come at me" He started up and fight 

"Nah I'd rather not waste my time on chasing you when I think everyone clearly knows that I can take you down" everyone looked wide eyed 

"Oh really?"  He said

"Any time any place" I said he ran at me and tackled me to the floor and we started wrestling 

"Jaz don't hurt Harry: 

"No promises" I shouted Pinning Harry down with his arms over his head and my legs were on each of his sides

"Jasmine how old are you?" Ryan asked 

"17" Harry tried pinning me over again and I pushed him back down 

"Jaz let me up" 

"I tried and succeeded so therefore dont underestimate me and my skills" I said and got off Harry

"Where did you learn to hold someone down like that?" Justin asked

"Friends and friends of friends" I said simply and started texting 

"Where has this picture been all my life??" I asked and showed Zayn his eyes widened I burst out laughing 


"Nope NI!" I through my phone and he started laughing and through it to Harry he caught it and started laughing The same with Liam Louis Ryan and Justin and it went back to me 

"Zayn I never knew you didnt style your hair and left it flat like that" I said laughing 

"Shut up" about 5 minutes after of us calming down from laughing I went to order 3 large Pizzas

I tripped over something and fell flat on the floor with a loud THUD and I landed on my left side I gripped my side and propped myself up against the back of the couch I guess Justin was the only one that heard it because he came racing down stairs 

"Jazzy you okay?"

"Yeah My side just hurts" I stood up and a shooting pain went to my ribs and I winced Justin picked me up and carried me upstairs into the movie room

"Jaz what happened" 

"I told you something fell.... or someone" Justin said

"My side hurts I landed on it I'm completely fine" He set me down and I got another shooting pain 

"You sure your fine?" Ryan asked 

"uh-huh I need something out of the top of my closet and I'm short Ni can you come help me" I asked I gave him a we-need-to-talk look

"Yeah love" We walked into my room and I shut the door 

"Drive me to the hospital" I said

"What why?" 

"Ni-Ni I landed on my ribs and there is a shooting pain I think its broken I dont want Zayn worrying till I know for sure drive me please?" 

"Lets go" we opened my door and he pulled out his car keys I grabbed my varsity jacket and he helped me put it

"WE ARE GOING TO PICK UP THE PIZZA!" He lied and we were out the door and into the car 

"How bad does it hurt on a scale from 1-10"

"9" I replied 

we pulled into the parking lot and went into the emergency room Niall carried me because I could hardly walk 

Niall's P.O.V

We got into the hospital and I laid her in a chair She was in a lot of pain

 "How can I help you?"

"Yes my friend Jasmine just fell down the stairs and she thinks she broke some of her ribs I asked her how much she hurt and she said a 9 out of 10" 

"Is this her here?" 

"Yes Mam" We walked over to Jasmine she was crying I hated seeing her like this

Some Nurses came up with a bed I picked her up and laid her on it 

"Ni-Ni it hurts" 

"I know do you want me to call your brother Nath and the boys?" 

She nodded

I grabbed out my phone and dialed Zayns number while speed walking with Jasmine



"Hey we arent getting the Pizza Jasmine said when she fell she thinks she broke her ribs and told me to drive her she doesn't want you to worry get down to the hospital she wants you guys here" I said 

"Alright we are on our way" he said and hung up

****END CONVO****

They wouldn't let me in the x-ray room so I called Nathan



"Nathan its Niall Jasmine fell down the stairs and she thinks she broke her ribs and she wants you guys down at the hospital and hows Tom if he's not well enough you guys can stay home or figure something out" I said

"Is she okay?"

 "Shes in a lot of pain" 

"We are on our way and Tom is fine that drink Jasmine gave him got rid of most of everything he just has a fever so we will be there in 5" He said and hung up


*ten minutes later* 

Everyone was here and we were waiting in the lobby 

"Jasmine Riley Malik" We all shot up 

"She fractured 2  of her ribs she is allowed guests now are you all family??" 

"Yes ma'am but Im her boyfriend" Nathan lied for us 

"Then all of you guys can come on back" 

"How ya feelin?" Nathan asked kissing her forehead 

"Eh." She said the guy pulled tighter and she yelped 

"Sorry sweetie"

"Is nurse Malik working today?" Zayn asked 

"Yes shes coming in to check on this one here in 5 minutes" 

"Your ribs arent broken just bruised and fractured" Tom said 

"Thank god and Mr.Parker why are you out of bed?" She asked

"Because that DISGUSTING green liquid you gave me actually cures a lot i just have a fever" He said

Nathan's P.O.V

When I got that call from Niall my heart started pounding I Was really scared

"MY RIBS HURT" She shouted 

Her mum walked in 

"Well Mrs.Jasmine" She giggled "I have a daughter named Jasmine" She said not looking up from the clipboard we burst out laughing

"Mum it is me" She stopped laughing "Ow" she gasped "I CANT LAUGH!!!" we burst into laughter again 

"Hi mrs Malik" Everyone said in unison 

"For some reason I think you should be related to Louis" her mum said

"SEE I TOLD YOU!" I shouted

"Hi guys now who wants to explain to me why my baby girl has two fractured ribs" 

"By the way Im just throwing this in there I will LOVE to adopt Jazzy El wouldn't mind either

"Well He who shall not be named beat the crap out of me the day Zayn and the boys broke me out of the hell house and My ribs hit the stairs so I guess it wasnt completely healed so I fractured it I can still walk right? Its bad enough I cant laugh" She said dramatically 

"Louis what have you done to my baby girl"

"Nothing I swear shes just another me but girl version" He said I put my arm around Jasmine and kissed her temple 

"Mum will I be able to walk because.." She tailed off "Zayn tell Mum about the Deal I made" She laid her head on my shoulder 

"As soon as Tom gets better we'll have tons of time together" I whispered into her ear she smiled

"Jasmine had a choice to either have her normal life like it is now and just stay my little sister and NOT to be together with nathan or to become a singer actor or both and be with Nathan and she doesnt know what she got her self into and said that  she'd become famous that is the best deal we could come up with and I mean we all fought for them and she picked to become famous and shes going on tour with Nath Siva Tom Jay and Max" Zayn said 

"Congratulations sweetie" She hugged Jasmine and Jasmine moaned 

"Mum crushing my ribs in pain here" She said as her Mum realised her 

"Sorry now if you go this one here has to take care of you" She said pointing to Nathan

"Dont worry Mum I made that clear" Zayn said

"ZAYN" She groaned 

"Hey hes your big brother thats his Job" Tom said 

"Cant he do less of it though?" 

"No because thats when guys would just take advantage of that" Max said

"I like these boys"

"Haha I do to" Jasmine laughed 

"Mum I'm tired can I go home?" 

"Let me look at your ribs" 

I stood up and Jasmine laid down and she pulled up her shirt to reveal her lower part of her rib cage 

"Sweetie thats bad you need to not be an accident prone and be careful" 

"Mum Im not an accident prone and I just tripped on someones sneaker" She said sitting up 

"Go home and you all get some sleep" Her mum ordered 

"We plan on it" I said 

"BYE MUM!" Jasmine shouted and her and Zayn hugged her and kissed her cheek

"Bye Mrs.Malik" 

"Bye kids" 

We started walking out to the parking lot

"I dont wanna go" Jasmine pouted 

"I know but hey if Tom is completely better tomorrow or the next day we leave back for the tour in 2 days and you and I have tons of time to be together" I kissed her forehead 

"I love you" I wrapped her into a hug 

"I love you too babe" She looked up and kissed me

"Go home and get some rest"  I told her she nodded and ran off to there car we all went home and went to sleep



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