Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


2. First day with the boys

Zayn's P.O.V

"Guys Niall is still sleeping and so is Jasmine should we wake them up or at least Niall?" Harry asked 

"Yea" I said Harry and I walked up the stairs clearly no one else was listening we decided to wake up Niall first we walked in and I saw Niall's arm wrapped around my little sisters waist 

"Zayn dont im sure there is a good explanation" Harry said 

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" I yelled tuning Harry out Jasmine fell out of the bed screaming 

"Jaz are you okay!?!?!" Harry and Niall both helped her up 

"Yeah but one question what and the hell did you do that for?!"She yelled at me 

"Jasmine talk now!" I said dragging her out of the room

Harry's P.O.V 

I'm confused on what just happened but there has to be a really good explanation

"Niall what was that?" 

"Jasmine said she had a nightmare and she was scared so I told her she could sleep with me she was looking for Zayn's room but she found mine instead so I told her she could stay in here I swear nothing happened" He explained as Zayn walked back in 

"Explain" He said glaring at Niall

"Dude she had a nightmare and was looking for your room and came to mine instead I told her she could stay here and I swear nothing happened" He explained.... again

"Alright I'm sorry for getting mad" He said

"Its alright" Ni said 

"Niall get ready I'm going to go actually say good morning to Jaz instead of are you okay" I said and walked out I walked down to the hall and to her room and I heard her talking 

"No whatever you do don't go to my house"

"Because one I'm not there and two do you want your ass kicked or KILLED by my stupid father?" She asked

She started giggling 

" No he would never look a the lake and I seriously miss you boys and your sisters and I'm living with my Brother and the boys for awhile I'll be fine Nathan" Who is Nathan 

"I know your mad at me for not saying bye to you but it was like last minute thing so how about we meet up and I can come see you before you leave" 

"Coffee shop in 30 minutes" 

"No because I'm seeing my Mum today now let me get ready" She hung up I felt bad for eavesdropping I knocked on her door 

"Its open!" 

"Hey I just thought I could come say a proper good morning instead of a Are you okay" I said walking in 

"Haha Good morning to you too" She replied smiling 

"Someone seems awful Happy who you thinkin about" I said teasing her 

"Nobody because One Zayn would kill me if I got a boyfriend and then the boy Two I'm happy because you guys got me out of the hell house" She said smiling

"I think the first reason would be the other way around and the second one is a very good reason!" I said

"Now can you get out so I may change" She asked

"Yea" I got up and left

Jasmine's P.O.V

I woke up this morning in some pain I mean I expected that my Dad hit me pretty hard but this hurt worse  as soon as Harry left I lifted up my shirt and took it off I had I big black and purple Bruise on my ribs I started freaking out I took off my Bra and but a Bikini Top on 

"ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled

Zayn knocked on my door

"Jaz whats wrong"

"Are you alone?" 

"Liam is with me what's wrong?!?!" He shouted

I opened the door really fast and shut it and locked it 

"This is whats wrong!!" I started panicking 

"Jasmine thats not normal How hard did he hit you" Liam asked

"He didn't hit me there he Pushed me and I fell on the hardwood stairs" I said 

"I'm not going to the interview" Zayn said 

"No Zayn go I'll be fine"

"Are you sure?" He asked with hurt eyes

"Yea I'll call you if anything goes wrong" I said 

"LIAMMMMM!!! PAUL IS ON THE PHONEEEEEEEE!  Louis shouted I giggled a bit

Liam walked out and it was just me and Zayn

"Hes not touching you ever again I promise" He said wrapping me in a hug 

"I know he wont" 

"ZAYN WE GOT TO GO!" Liam yelled 

I walked into the closet shut the door put my Bra back on and put on a Hollister v-neck and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and I put on my Varsity Jacket and put on my toms and walked out I already brushed my teeth and hair and grabbed my purse and walked down stairs 

"Where you goin?" Niall asked me 

"To the coffee shop" I said 

"ooh you gonna meet someone" Louis teased 

"Actually I am" I said

"Who???" Zayn snapped 

"One of the boys I went to the lake with hes moving to the U.S I promise I would see him before he left and you are going to be late now go!" I said hugging them

"Be careful call any of us if you have a problem" Zayn pointed at me 

"You put your numbers in my phone good to know and I will I promise bye guys" I said and walked out the door and put down my sunglasses and started walking to the Coffee shop I walked in and saw Nathan sitting there

"Wow havent see you in ages you look gooood" He said 

"Haha not to bad yourself" I replied 

"Now your leaving today?????" I said

"Yeah to go on tour" He said 

"Your bands name is called The Wanted right?" I asked

"Yep and the boys are coming is that alright?" 

"Yeah " I said as the waiter came up

"Ahh miss Jasmine the usual??" 

"Yes please Dyllan" I smiled 

"And for you sir"

"5 French Vanillas please" He said as the waiter nodded and went off as the rest of the boys came in

"Hey Nath sorry we are late got stuck in traffic" A tall boy with Dark hair and Tan skin said

"Its alright Lads this is Jasmine, Jaz this is Max, Siva, Tom and Jay" He said as pointed to each one of them I smiled and shook their hands

"Hi nice to meet you" Max said 

"You too" 

Tom's P.O.V 

Nathan said he had to go to the Coffee shop to meet a friend before we left for tour and he insisted on us coming to meet her and I have to say shes quite pretty I can see why Nathan and her talk a lot. 

"Here you guys 5 french vanillas and one usual" the waiter said smiling Directly at Jasmine 

"Thank you" We all said we all started to get money out till the waiter spoke 

"No need its on the house" He said glancing at Jasmine one more time 

"Alright whats goin on there?" Nathan asked 

"Nothing hes a friend of mine" She said 

"Says the girl who the waiter wont stop staring at her" Siva said gesturing at him

"Well hes like 30 and I'm 17 about to be 18 thats a bit um creepy dont you think" She said

"Shes got a point there" Jay said 

"This may sound crazy but you look familiar do yo have a  brother or sister?" Max said

Nathan started laughing his ass off

"Nathan shut up and yes My brother is Zayn Malik from One direction" I said

"ohh so your maliks baby sister" I said 

"Yep" nathan was smiling in amusement

"That was funny!" Nathan exclaimed 

"Well at least people dont say I look like you anymore" Jasmine fired at him 

"Hey you wish you could look this good" He fired back 

"You wish you look good" She said winning that battle 

"Nathan you just got told up by a girl" I said

"I know but I let her win" He said 

"Yeah uh huh sure" Siva said 

"Hey Im sorry to run but I have to go see my Mum" She said as she got up 

"Its no problem it was nice meeting you" I said

"You guys too" She started to walk off in till Nathans eyes widened and ran after her he grabbed her arm 

Nathan's P.O.V

Jasmine was about walking out I thought I was forgetting something grabbed her arm and spun  her around

"Yes Nathan" She asked

"Can I have a hug from you please" I asked 

"Yea" I hugged her and kissed her cheek

"Ill call you when we get to the airport" 

"Promise?" She asked


"Bye" She said

"Bye love" I let her go and she walked off I literally just got butterflies I  think I'm falling for my best friend

**********1Ds INTERVIEW! (at the end)********** 

Louis's P.O.V

"Hey boys its nice to see you" 

"You too" Harry said 

 "Alright we need to cut straight to what the fans are DYING to know now who this girl is she walked out of your house this morning and was spotted by Paparazzi can you tell us who she is" The reporter asked as  Picture of Jasmine popped up with her sunglasses on 

"Thats my Little sister Jasmine" Zayn said smiling 

"Is she here today?" The lady asked

"No she wasn't feeling good" I lied

"What do you boys think of her and do any of you fancy her?" She asked Zayn glared at her

"Shes really nice shes like a sister to us already shes awesome and we have just met her and no  no one fancies her" Liam said 

"Thats sweet how old is she"

"Shes about to be 18" Zayn said proudly 

"Nice well thats all the time we have for today ONE DIRECTION everybody" She said we said bye and walked off we told them thank you for having us on the show as the removed the microphones and we walked off

"Anyone have missed calls?" I asked

Zayn said that he would meet us at the house he was going to get some food

We all checked our phones and we all had a missed phone call from Jasmine 

"We're on our way home we'll be there in 5 minutes" Harry said and hung up

"What happened?" Liam asked 

"She fell and cant get up" Harry said as we pulled into the driveway Niall jumped out and bolted inside 

"JASMINE!!" We yelled

"UP HERE!" She yelled 

We ran up the stairs looking for her 


"IN MY ROOM" She cried

We ran upstairs and Niall had already picked her up 

"Jazzy what happened" Liam asked as Niall stroked her hair

"I saw my Dad at the front door and I ran up stairs I slipped at fell and landed on stomach and I couldn't get up" She started crying 

"Jazmine can you show me your stomach again to make sure it did get worse" She nodded and lifted up her shirt and she had a black and purple bruise on her rib cage to her stomach

"You need to rest" She nodded we all kissed her forehead Liam left came back with an Icepack and we left 

Niall's P.O.V 

It killed me to see her in pain and for her to be scared I started to leave when She called my name 


"Yea love?" 

"Stay here please?" She  asked 

"Yea" I shut the door picked her back up and sat her on my lap I sang her save you tonight knowing it was her favorite song of ours and she fell asleep I stayed there and fell asleep too

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