Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


3. Delay and The talk with Zayn

A/N: I know that like One Direction and The Wanted supposedly hate each other but I think the media is making them fight with each other just my opinion 

Zayn's P.O.V

I got a call from Harry saying that Jazzy fell and couldn't get up because our prick of a father was there I literally Grabbed the food left money and drove home as fast as I could I got into the driveway shut off the car and ran inside 

"Where is she??" I asked in a rush

"Shes upstairs" Niall said coming down in a groggy tone 

"Were you sleeping??" 

"Yea I put her to sleep and then I accidentally fell asleep and IM STARVING" He said 

"Is she awake now?? and heres some food" I said tossing everyone there bag of food 

"Yeah" He said we had a couple minutes of silence and we heard a Guitar playing

We all looked at each other I grabbed her bag of food for an excuse so we can listen we all walked up the stairs of course we had our food and we stood in the doorway listening 

"Don't you remember,

I'm your Baby girl 

How could you push me out of your world

Lie to your flesh and your blood 

Put the hands on the ones you swore you loved 

Don't you remember 

I'm your Baby girl 

How could you throw me right out of your world

So young when the pain begun 

Now forever afraid of being loved

Oh father 

Please Father

I'd love to leave you alone 

but I can't let you go

Oh Father

Please Father

Put the bottle down

For the love of a Daughter 

For the love of a Daughter" 

She finished and we clapped 

She screamed 

"Sorry your really good and you CAN sing" I said smiling 

"Okay maybe a little and come on in you don't have to stand there" She said setting her Guitar on the stand we all walked in and sat on the King sized bed 

"So I heard you fell" I said starting to eat I handed her the food I got her 

"Yeah but I'm fine and Thank you" She said taking a bite out of it

"Alright we hardly know you so tell us stuff" Harry said 

"Well first off I'm NOTHING like Zayn when it comes to my hair I play the piano and Guitar Obviously I sing I can do gymnastics tricks I skateboard I play sports My Full name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 My birthday is February 2 1996 My best friends is Nathan Sykes Irish boy My brother and of course you guys My father got drunk and passed out Nathan would come and get me out till the abuse got worse and he put up security cameras and I'm not the girly girl type and thats about it" She said 

"Any Tattoos??" Liam asked 

"No but soon yes" She smiled 

Her laptop started ringing

"Ummm Jazzy your laptop is ringing" I said She got up and answered it 

"Hey" girls voice rang 

"Hey you alright?" She asked 

"Yeah guess what!" She said 


"Zayn Malik followed me!" We all tried holding in laughter 

"Hon I have a surprise for you" She said

"What could be better than any of them following and why aren't you flipping out I thought you loved them especially Zayn?" The girls voice said 

"Okay I cant hide it but your brother is the only one that knows My last name isn't gonzales its Malik" She said 

"What?!" the girl asked

"And Zayn Malik is my brother so of course I love them" She laughed 

"Your lying" 

"If I was lying would these 5 boys be sitting in my bedroom?????" She said and turned the camera to us 

"And you hid this from me?"

"Well Yea I hid it from everyone because all I got was friends that weren't real friends" 

"Hi love" we said in unison 

"Hi guys" she said 



"God hes annoying!" She exclaimed 

"Reminds me of Zayn at times but I guess that what happens when they join boy bands" She laughed next thing you see is Jessica falling to the ground 

"TOM GET OFF ME!!" She yelled 

"MUM!!!!!!!!!! NATHAN!!!!!!!!!" 

"TOM GET OFF MY SISTER!" Nathan yelled

"I gotta go Ill text you as soon as these boys are out of my house Bye Jaz Bye boys" 

"Bye" We all said and bursted into laughter 

Liam's P.O.V

"So you followed Nathans sister?" She asked 

"Apparently so and whaddup with changing your last name" Zayn asked 

"I had a couple of friends that when they found out that I was your sister one tried dating me for fame and lets just say he left with a broken arm and nose and the girls tried using me to get to you guys Nathan and his sister were the only real friends " She said shrugging her shoulders

"Who broke his arm and nose?" I asked 

"Nathan" She said

"I dont know bout you boys but Protecting my sister and getting her out of the house? I like this kid what boyband is he in" I said  

"Good and hes in the wanted now I gotta question" She said the last part quickly avoiding the fight that might erupt she doesnt know that the Media makes us fight 

"What's that?" Louis asked 

"When do you guys leave because I know your not staying here for long" She said 

"Your coming with us when we leave we're not going to leave you here" I said 

"Liams right no way in HELL am I taking a chance of him finding you and taking you again I lost you once and Im not going to lose you again" Zayn said 

"you guys don't have to drag me along when you leave you know that right" She said 

"We most certainly do" Harry said

"No you dont" 

Louis jumped up and picked her up and through her over her shoulder 

"PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled 

"Say you'll come with us!!!" He shouted 

"Fine Ill go just put me down before I die of lack of oxygen"She said as her phone started ringing but it wasn't her normal ring tone

"Lou you have to put me down" He put her down and she answered it

"Whoa whoa whoa slow down" She said

"Yea I'll pick you guys up calm down" 

"Your welcome be there in 10" She said and hung up 

"I have to take Nathan and his friends to the airport I'll be back" She said she grabbed her hoodie and sunglasses 

"Be careful" Zayn said 

"I will." She said and gave us a hug 

as soon as she hugged me I whispered in her ear

" if your bruise gets worse or if it hurts call me I'll come get you" 

She smiled and nodded grabbed her phone 

"Bye guys!" She said cheerfully and left 

Jasmine's P.O.V

Nathan was freaking out because his plane was delayed so they went back to his house and then it ended up getting open again so they needed a ride so I said I would take them I jumped in my car I got from working and took off to Nathan's house my phone started ringing I answered it and put it on speaker


"Hey Jaz its just me and Tom. Siva Max and Jay are already there" Nathan said 

"Alright Hurry paparazzi are everywhere Im in the driveway I hung up and the through there bags in the trunk and they got in the car 

"Thank you so much your the best" Nathan said hugging me 

"I know I am and Hey Tom"

"Hey Jaz" 

"You need to calm down its only 4 o'clock and you have to be there by 7 I will get you there" I said trying to calm down the nervous nathan 

"Thanks Jaz and I gave the boys your number I hope thats fine" He said 

"Yea thats fine" I smiled

"I tried calming Nath down but CLEARLY you can tell that didn't work" Tom said

"Here I got this" I turned on the Radio and Nathan just looked at me like he was waiting for something 

"What???" I asked 

"Nothing" He started singing to Call Me Maybe and so did Tom soon I did to but I stayed quiet so they wouldn't hear me" I smiled as I heard Nathan sing I remember all the times he would sing me to sleep over the phone or would sneak into my room or when we went to the lake and all I could think of was my brother or I was pissed or hurt he calmed me down and as the song finished I saw Tom and Nathan staring at me 

"Why are you too staring at me like that" I asked

"You have an amazing voice!" Tom exclaimed 

"Thank you" We pulled into the Airport parking lot We saw Siva Max and Jay standing out front and we got out and I helped them get there bags out of the back 

"Nath go to the back and tell them we are here and we'll go through baggage claim" Max said 

Nathan got back in the car and i drove around back nathan jumped out and said they were here it was 6:30 I got out to hand Nathan his carry on bag 

"I'm gonna miss you" Nathan said wrapping his arms around me from behind 

"I'm gonna miss you too" I smiled turning around 

"Promise you'll call me" 

"I promise" He said 

I hugged him before again I honestly didn't want him to leave 

"Promise me you will be safe while I'm gone I would not live if you got hurt or worse" He said resting his forehead on mine I started blushing 

"I promise" He started to lean in 

I leaned in a closed my eyes as our lips touched I smiled as I fell against the car door 

"Naths got it goin on!" Siva shouted 

We both pulled away I blushed like crazy 

"I love you" He told me looking directly at me

"I love you too" I replied 

"Wait for me to get back and I'll take you on a date" 

I just nodded and smiled 

"Be safe" I said 

"I will"

"Nathan lets go!!!" Jay yelled 

"Go your going to be late" I said kissing him one more time 

"Bye" He grabbed his bag and walked on the plane 

I got back in the car and started to  drive when another car drove right in front of mine and I almost crashed I slammed on my breaks and screamed 

I saw the boys run to my car 

"Jaz are you okay?!?!" Tom asked 

"Yea I'm fine" My dad got out Nathan looked at me 

"Boys get in the plane and GO" 

"Jaz no what are you going to do" 

"What we did when we were at the lake" I smiled 

"Thats My girl"He kissed my forehead and they all ran back into the plane and took off I rolled up my window and sped off I grabbed my phone and called Zayn and put it on speaker 

"Jazzy whats up" 

"Zayn I just got cut off by Dad I'm trying to get away" 

"Where are you at?? Haz is calling the cops right now you on the news" He said as Dad rammed the back of my car 

I screamed 

"Zayn dad just rammed the back of my car" 

"The cops are coming your way just keep driving and get off the phone" Zayn hung up and I saw the police 

A unknown number was calling me I answered it and put it on speaker 

"Jasmine its Tom are you okay Nathan's phone isnt working" 

"Yeah I'm fine"

"Alright we just called to make sure talk to nathan real fast because we have to turn off our phones" 


"Hey are you okay"

"Yea I'm fine I still got my skills" I laughed 


"I'll Text you when we land" 


"Love you Jaz bye" 

"I love you too Nath bye" I said and hung up I saved Toms number as Tommy:) and pulled into the driveway I turned off the car and unbuckled and sighed of relief Niall and Zayn came rushing out and they pulled me out of the car and wrapped me in hugs 

"Thank god your alright" Zayn said picking me up

"We saw you on the news you got mad driving skills" Niall said lifting me up and kissed my forehead 

"Thanks" I said 

"Louis is coming he told us to come out here first since you know" Harry said as he and Liam came out 

They hugged me 

"What did you do to Lou?" I asked 

"We were messing around and well that happened." Harry said as Louis walked out slowly holding his stomach

"Louis are you okay?" 

"Your brother and Haz killed me" he whined in pain

I hugged Louis gently and we all went inside and I helped Louis upstairs to his room and he and I hung out laughing and talking 



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