Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


9. Day with Mum

Patricias P.O.V (Zayn's Mom for those of you dont know her name)

Jasmine is a sleep on the couch I just cant believe I got my Baby girl back after all this time and shes mine to stay he lost all custody I cant explain how happy I am I have both of my children  I can't stop Smiling 

"Mum???" I heard her call 


She just smiled

"What honey?" 

"Nothing I'm just glad I'm away from dad and you have all custody over me" She smiled and sat up and crossed her legs

"I am too now tell me about you and Nathan how did you get together" I said grabbing two cups of tea and handed one to her

"Well when I was living with the bastard I had no Computer Phone or even a car so I got a Job and worked for it I still currently have my Job which I have tomorrow Nathan was one of the only ones that had my phone number so He called and said he was leaving for tour he is going to Florida then to California Maine Texas Nebraska then to LA and then back home and doing shows here so when he was leaving he called me saying to come meet him and the boys so I went to the coffee shop where I work and we hung out and there flight got canceled due to weather than about an hour later he got a call saying they got a flight for them and his bandmates Sive Jay and Max were already there and he was at home with his other bandmate Tom so he called me screaming and panicking that he was going to miss his flight and I told him I would take him so I drove to his house and picked him and Tom up and may I mind you My car was surrounded by paparazzi we drove them to the airport and they were about to leave and Nathan and I were talking he rested his forehead on mine and was telling me to stay out of trouble to call him and to stay safe because he would die if something happened he made me promise so I promise then we kissed and Ii fell against the car door when we were interrupted by Siva yelling 'Naths got it goin on' Nathan is the baby of the group but hes like my whole world but when the boys and I were leaving to come home I found out Nathan's Management told me I couldn't be together I didn't know what to say or do Siva Jay Tom and Max had already left to go sit in the car and Nathan was trying to explain to me and I couldn't take it so I ran upstairs into the Bathroom and I literally cried my eyes out and Zayn left to go to the store and he and Harry were finishing my packing so I could say bye to the boys and well Harry saw me run into the bathroom and he tried to get me to open the door but I refused  because he knew about it and didnt tell me I yelled at him that I hated him and he left and then Liam came to the door I got up off of the bathtub and stood up and walked to the door and let him in and I told him what happened and I just fell to the floor on my knees crying I honestly thought it was over so when we got into the car I texted him this and this is our coversation" She handed me her phone that had text messages on it 

"Awwe see he cares" I told her handing her phone back 

"and here is what Tom sent me" She handed her phone back to me 

"Aw poor Nathan did you ever text him" I said handing her phone back 

Her eyes got wide 

"NO!" She said "Mum can you put your number in"

"Calm down tell them you came home with me and fell asleep and yes I will" I said I grabbed her phone a put my number in and gave it back to her "I'm gonna go put these away" I got up grabbed her emty cup and started walking 


I turned around

"I missed you"

"I missed you too sweetie" I left the room

Jasmine's P.O.V

Tom or Zayn Zayn or Tom..... decisions decisions eh Ill talk to Tommy first 


"Hellooooooo Jazzy" he said dragging the o

I giggled

"Hey Tommy I'm home and have been for a few hours I went home with my Mum and fell asleep on the couch" I said

"Nathan is an Emotional wreck why didnt you call him?" He asked

"Because I didn't know if he was sleeping or not I know how he likes to sleep when he's upset" I said fiddling with my hands while I held the phone with my shoulder 

"Jazzy we are doing our best and we are winning Harry liam niall louis and your brother are fighting for you guys too can you talk too Nathan?" 

"Yeah of course I'll call him"

"Bye Jaz"

"Bye Tommy" I hung up and Dialled Nathan immediately


He sounded upset




"I miss you"

"I miss you too whats wrong you sound like your dying"

"I am dying" 


"Because Your not with me and I can't call you mine and someone might take you" 

"Nathan listen to me You can call me yours anytime you want and no one will take me from you, you have my heart and I'm gonna call Zayn after I'm done talking to you because hes going to give the number to talk to management I love you never forget that"

"I love you too I'm I wont be home till  sometime next month I'm not going to be able to survive that" He said he honestly sound really hurt and I'm not okay with that

"Yes you will alright Ill text you everyday it will fly by fast I promise I already talked to Tommy I love you Im gonna call Zayn" 

"I love you too baby bye" I hung up a single tear fell from my eye and My Mum wiped it away I didn't even know she was here

"Mum Nathan is more torn apart than I am why am I not more torn?" I asked because honestly I dont know

"Because your putting up a strong front you have had to for a long time you don't want to seem weak honey a lot of people do that" 

"Mum I miss him" 

"I know you do honey call zayn and get in this fight if you want him" 

I Just nodded and dialled Zayns number



"Jazster!!" "I'm on the other line with the management do you want to..." He trailed off


He patched me with the call

"Sir My sister is on the phone with us now"

"Hi Jasmine"

"Hi" I said coldly 

"You dating Nathan would be bad for publicity"

"PUBLICITY?! PUBLICITY!? Nathan and I have been Best friends since I could remember and he and I have liked each other since we were kids and you want to take that away from both of us? Yeah My brother and his band and Nathan and his band may have some issues why I don't know besides that do they have a right to be happy???" 

"Yes b-"

"No buts if they have a right to be happy they should be able to date who they want so what I'm Zayn's little sister it was people like you that FORCED me to fake my last name because people would use me or try and do stuff to me and I have talked to Tom okay and he says Nathan is an emotional wreck Nathan as taken care of me when my brother wasn't around or I needed someone he was there to stick up for me and the only reason Im not an emotional wreck was because I was TRAPPED in a house with an abusive father and I wasn't aloud to cry or I would get punched so crying is foreign to me so you have a choice you can have one of your band members be in a critical emotional state or you can actually let him be happy and SEE that publicity isn't everything the wanted is next to one direction and Im close to BOTH bands so think your choices over" I spat not letting him talk 

"We'll think it over" The guy said and hung up 

"DAMN!!" Zayn said

"What I talked to Nathan today and he sounded like he was gonna die so I'm pissed oh and Mum said hi" I said smiling at my Mom across the room

"Tell her I said Hi and tell her I'm on my way to pick her up and Harry is gonna pick you up "

"Mum Zayn said Hi and hes on his was to come get you"

"Im 5 minutes away  Haz is right behind me"

"Hes 5 minutes away"

"Okay" She said and went to get her purse 

I hung up and jumped up waiting  for them to knock on the door I honestly want to see Hazza I feel bad that he thinks I hate him I really dont hes my best friend besides the rest hes my curly boy haha I heard a knock on the door I darted towards the door and opened it and there was only Zayn 

"Hey baby sister" 

"Hey" I hugged Zayn

"MUM!!! ZAYNS HERE" I yelled and stepped out of Zayns way

I saw Harry and I ran and hugged him 

"WHOA!" "Miss me much?" 

"Yep" I smiled 

I jumped on his back and we walked up to the house and I got off

"You guys can go Mum is trying to find her phone" Zayn said

"And am I aloud to say bye to Mum??" 


"BYE MUM!" I yelled as she came down the stairs 

"Bye sweetie Hi Harry" I hugged her and grabbed harrys hand

"Hi Mrs.Malik" He smiled with a dimple poking out of his cheek 

"Bye Mum bye Zayn love you"

"Love you too Haz take care of my sister" 

"I plan on it bye Mrs.Malik." We opened the door and Paparazzis surrounded us 

Harry squeezed my hand and I squeezed back

"Hey come with me" A guy said with a seductive smile on his face and put a finger in one of my belt loops I struggled to get it out and to get him away 

"HEY DON'T TOUCH HER!" Harry pulled me towards him he wrapped an arm around my waist protectively and pulled me away from him I just buried my head into the side of his chest

He got me to his car and put me in the passenger seat and walked around the car and got in the driver seat

"You alright????" 

"Yeah thanks Haz" 

"No problem" I kissed his cheek and we started driving


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