Save me

My name is Jasmine Riley Malik Im 17 years and yes Zayn malik is my Older brother I miss him to death our parents separated and He got to stay with my Mum and I had to go with my Dad I was so upset Zayn was my everything and I never get to see him because hes in One direction and is busy I got to meet one of the boys when we dropped of Zayn at the airport I only meet Niall he and I are besties I miss Zay to death I wish my life was normal


6. DAD IS Back and Rescuing Zayn??

Nathan's P.O.V

Jasmine looked exhausted I could tell it was a matter of time before she fell asleep she tried fighting it in the car but I told her to sleep she needed rest I wanted to take her back to her brother but I didnt know his number so I just took her to our place I grabbed the phone and called Tom

*Tom & Nathans Phone Convo*


"Tom Can you do me a favor" 

"Yea man whats up" 

"Jazzy's exhausted you should've seen her eyes so she fell asleep and I don't know Zayn's Phone number so I'm bring her into the house I'm in the driveway just open the door and tell the boys to be quite"


*End of call*

I turned off the car went to the passenger side opened the door and picked Jasmine up I walked to the front door and saw Tom and the boys 

"How long as she been asleep" Max asked 

"5 minutes" I whispered I walked up stairs laid her in my bed kissed her forehead left the room and shut the door 

"You have fun??" Siva asked 

"Yeah till the Paps found us" I said walking into the music room with the boys

"Are you serious?!" Jay said 

"YEP!" I said 

"But are you guys together??"


"CONGRATS!!" Tom yelled

"SHHHH!!!!" I said not wanting to wake her up 


we did some covers and after our cover of Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars we got tired of singing we all went down stairs and split up and did our own things Max and Siva played Ping pong Tom and Jay were playing FIFA and I was on my laptop  

*CRASH* *Faint Scream* I was the only one that heard that I dropped my computer not caring if I broke it and ran up the stairs the boys looked at me like I was crazy I got to the stop of the stairs and saw Jasmine on the floor she got up and ran straight into my chest she looked up at me with scared eyes but then relaxed when she saw it was me 

"Whats wrong?" I asked wrapping her in a hug 

"M-My dad was outside the window" She hugged me 

I walked over and saw a man about 39-45 standing outside the window and I immediately recognized him I shut the blinds and locked all the possible ways to get in

"Nath what's going on???? and Hey Jazzy"Tom asked as he looked at Jasmine who was sitting on the bed and the other boys came in

"Hey guys" she smiled

"Um.." I know Jasmine didn't want me telling anyone but I couldn't think of anything 

"Go ahead and tell them" Jasmine said grabbing my hand I widened my eyes 

"Love are you sure?" I asked 

"Yea if I told Harry Liam Niall and Louis well really Zayn told them because I broke down in tears but you know what I mean then they can know too BUT tell NO one and I mean no one" She said looking at the boys 

They all Nodded and sat down on the king size bed

"When Jasmine was 13 Zayn was 16  their parents split up her and Zayn were super close and her mom tried fighting for custody of both Zayn and Jaz but lost she won Zayn but not Jasmine she had to go with her prick of a father he was really understanding and kind till It was her 14 birthday Zayn had just left for the x factor when he finished and had to go all around the world things got bad and I mean really bad Zayn would protect Jasmine but when Zayn left her Father took advantage of that and started abusing her every now and then he would get drunk and completely pass out thats when I would come and sneak her out her Father let her go on field trips for school that video I showed you guys at the lake and that girl that jumped off the building was her that was the last time she got free of that house may I mind you she was 13 that's because he put up security cameras and everything I couldn't get to her and thats when I auditioned for the X factor I was 16 and yes shes 3 years younger than me the last time I saw this one here was when I was leaving to come meet you guys and all  so the abuse got worse according to Zayn she was only aloud to leave the house for school she got a job and saved up for A car A phone and A laptop and her Brother and the rest of them broke her out of the house and she said her Dad is outside which he is" I finished the boys were astounded and I just looked at Jazzy and she had tears on her face 

"Jasmine We're so sorry" 

"Don't be its not your fault" 

"Oh jasmine!!" Her fathers voice rang 

"Jasmine get under the bed" Tom said she listened and got under the bed 

"Where is she??" A man yelled he looked nothing like he used to

"Um sir we have no idea who you are" Max said 

"YOU you know my daughter where is she" He came up to me 

"I dont know who your daughter is sir I don't know you" I said Calmly 

"You think I'm an idiot" He yelled 

"Sir we dont know you" Siva said 


"Sir please stop yelling" Jay said

He reached under the bed and grabbed Jasmines arm she started screaming 

"LET GO OF ME!!" She got out on the other side and tried running into the bathroom in my room but he grabbed her and pulled her out of the room I got up and started running

"NATHAN!!" She screamed she was crying 

I got to the front door before anyone else

"PUT. HER. DOWN." I demanded the boys were ready to fight 

"What you gonna do" Jasmine kneed him in the stomach and he dropped her 

"Way to go Jaz" we said

"You little whore!" he groaned in pain 

I was about to lose it he threw a punch at Jasmine she ducked and back up towards the door I pulled her behind me 

"Your not touching her you've done enough" I spat 

I could feel jasmine shaking 

"What are you going to do about it pretty boy" He said 

"WE'LL do a lot to you trust me" Jay stepped in

I whispered 

"Babe run to Tom when I move" I looked at Tom and gave him a look and he understood 

Jasmine just nodded 

"You have hurt her long enough she doesn't deserve it" I walked forward and Jasmine ran into Toms arms 

"Leave we don't want trouble Jasmine wants nothing to do with you she wants you to stay away" Siva said

"Thats not true is it sweetie" He said 

"Yea its true I want NOTHING to do with you EVER again" She yelled 

"YOU LITTLE BRAT I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING" He yelled she flinched and hung onto Tom tighter 

"You gave her nothing" Max said 

 He pulled a Knife out on me 

Jasmine saw and started crying 

"You took my little girl" He yelled 

"No we didnt she wanted Away from you just leave the innocent girl alone" Tom said as he pulled out a knife on me

"NO!!!!!" Jasmine started to run but Tom grabbed her by the waist 

"Care about him do you" He smirked 

"YES NOW PLEASE DONT and Im not your daughter anymore" She started squirming even more

"What about these boys behind you" 

"I care about them too Leave me and my friends boyfriend and family ALONE!" She yelled 

"Dont talk to me like that" He swung the Knife at me it almost hit me but the Police came in and arrested him 

Jasmine immediately looked for me and when she saw me she ran and I held her as tight as I could 

"Hes gone" I whispered 

"Dont ever do that when My father has a Knife he will kill you and I would die I wouldn't live" She said 

"I'd do anything for you and I wasnt going to let him take you" I said kissing her head 

She let go of me 

"Thank you boys for sticking up for me" She said turning around 

"No problem your like our little sister no need to thank us" Siva said 

"Miss would you like to press charges?" a Lady asked 

"Yes" Jasmine said

"Alright Has he physically hurt you" She asked 

She nodded 

"Sweetie you need to show me" 

"Alright um Nath wheres your bathroom at?" She asked

"Right there" I pointed and she grabbed her purse she came back out within 5 minutes in a bikini top and I swear I had died 

"well that is very clear on where he hit you How long ago did he hit you" 

"About 2 Days ago hes also attempted to Sexually assault me but I acted like I was asleep and he left me alone" She got out slowly 

"Alright sweetie do you want us to call your Mom because your father has lost all custody of you" She said 

"Hes not my Father anymore and I'll call my Mum I won't be able to see her in till I get back to the UK anyways" 

"Alright have a nice day" 

"Its over? He lost all custody?" She was smiling 

"Its over" I repeated 

"Jazy your brother has called you a million times saying you need to come home something about a Lake and a lot of Fans and being trapped"

"I guess I have to go rescue my brother" She rolled her eyes and gave the boys a hug and walked upstairs I followed and saw her put a shirt on over her bathing suit I shut the door and just laid on the bed

"Babe are you okay" She asked sitting next to me

"Yea I'm fine just thinking" I said sitting up and crossing my legs 

She came and sat on my lap so that she was facing me and wrapped her legs around my waist

"You sure" She smiled 

"Yeah I love you"

"I love you t-" Before she could finish I slammed my lips onto hers our lips moved in sync and I felt her lips curve into a smile I smiled also she ran her hands through my hair I was about to deepen the kiss when

"Jazzy do you need a ri-" "JESUS!" Siva yelled 

We both pulled away and we laughed a bit 

"Hi to you too Siva and no I don't need a ride thank you though" she got off my lap stood up and grabbed her purse 

"Next time lock the door" Siva said

"We'll be sure to do that" I smirked Jasmine gave me one last kiss hugged Siva and yelled by to the boys

Jasmine's P.O.V 

I grabbed my phone out and called Zayn 

no answer... 

I called Liam

No answer.

I called Harry

No answer

I called Louis 

No answer 

I called Niall 


"Hey hey hey calm down where are you"

"At the lake there is a bunch of girls trying to attack us"

"I thought I was only rescuing Zayn but now Ihave to save all 5 of you Im on my way Im on foot though Ill be there in 5" I check the time on my phone 4 PM I put my phone in my back pocket and my purse/bag over one shoulder and I took off running 

*10 minutes later* 


How am I going to do this 

I saw the boys at a window with begging eyes I smirked I finally realized how I was going to do this I turned on my inner fan girl

I started screaming "OH MY GOD ITS TAYLOR LAUTNER ACROSS THE LAKE!!" I started fangirling again and the girls took off running in the direction that I pointed I went into the cabin 

"JASMINE!!!" They all gave me hugs except for Zayn 

"Guys wheres Zayn??"

"We dont know" 

I started panicking

"WHAT!!" I shouted I started to expect the worse

"Hey calm down love its alright" Niall said rubbing my back

"How the hell do you not know" 

I grabbed my phone and started calling him till he walked in the door

"Thank god" We said in Unison I hugged Zayn "Alright I got good news and BAD news " I said everyone looked at me 

"What happened bad news first" 

"He found me and ATTEMPTED to stab Nathan and the boys for protecting me" 

"WHAT!?!" Zayn yelled 

"Hey calm down now for the good news" 


"W-what" Zayn asked

"I had Max call the police when they got there the lady told me he lost all custody Zayn MUM has all custody over me" I smiled

The boys started cheering

Zayn picked me up and spun me around

"FINALLY! We have to call Mum" Zayn said 

"I will whats her number"

 "No we are video chatting lets get in the van paul flew in" We walked outside and saw a tall man 

"You boys okay how did you get out" He asked I just stood there my arm was linked with Zayns and my head was on his shoulder 

"The genius that is my baby sister" Zayn said I lifted my head up and unhooked my arm and shook his hand 

"I'm Jasmine" I smiled 

"Nice to meet you Im your brothers and the boys' bodyguard" He said smiling back 

"You have a handful" I said laughing

"Do I ever" He said

"CMON WE HAVE TO SKYPE MUM!"  Zayn whined 

"Zayn stop your sounding like Niall" I snapped

"Are you sure you're related to Zayn?" He asked

"Sadly yes I had a Sibling DNA test done to see if I was" I joked

"HEY you know you love me" Zayn smirked 

"I know I do" I smiled 

we got in the van and Zayn pulled out my laptop

"HEY thats mine hands off" I snapped and put my password in 

"Sorry" I handed him my laptop so he logged on and skyped my Mum

"Hi Mum" He said smiling

"Hi sweetie you said you needed something are you okay?" 

"Yes Mum say Hi to the boys"

He showed Niall and I ducked so she couldn't see me 

"Hi boys" She smiled I haven't seen that smile in a long time I really missed her

"Hi Mrs.Malik" They said in unison 

There you go boys" Paul said

"Thanks Paul" I got out and walked in behind Niall so she couldn't see me

"Mum I have a surprise for you" I sat next to Zayn 

"Honey you didn't have to get me anything" She said

"I could always take her back" 

I slapped his arm 

"OW!" He yelled 

"Take who back?" He shifted the camera to me

"Hi Mum" I smiled 

"Jasmine is that you?!"

"Yeah Mum its me"

"Zayn got you away from your father?" 

"They all did Mum and I have good news" 

"Whats that honey"

"He lost all Custody of me today" I smiled and wiped a tear away 

"He what" 

"Mum you have full Custody of me I know Zayn told you Ive been abused and he tried to stab my boyfriend and his band members and tried taking me again and we called the police and he lost all custody" Harry was rubbing my back because I was crying so much 

"Sweetie are you safe and whos your boyfriend?" 

"Yeah Mum I'm safe I got Niall Harry Liam Louis and Zayn and my boyfriend is Nathan Sykes from another boyband"

"Oh Jessicas Brother"

"Yeah you remember?" 

"Yes hes such a sweetheart" She said

"I know" I started smiling at the thought 

"Looks like wittle Jasmine is in wuv" Louis cooed

"LOUIS" I groaned 

"I have to go to work Bye Zayn Bye Jasmine Zayn take care of your sister" She said

"Bye Mum" We said in Unison and shut the computer 

"You alright love" Harry asked I just now realized he was shirtless 

"Yeah Thanks Haz" I smiled and sat on his lap

"I'm bored" 

"Well go do something"

"OOH!" I yelled 

"What" He asked

"NI-NI!!!" I yelled 

"Yes Jaz" 

"Would you two like to come to the beach"

"Yeah" They said

I got off of Harrys lap and they went to change

"WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE BEACH?!" I yelled through the house

"LIAM AND I WILL" Zayn yelled 



"Zayn Li" I asked

"Yeah" They said in unison 

"Can Nathan and the rest of the band come Jessica is coming to" I said hoping they'll say yes

"Yea thats fine we'll tell the boys" Liam said 

"Yay!"  I hugged them both as we went upstairs to get changed and called Nathan

*Nathan and Jasmine's Phone Convo*

"Hey Babe you okay?"

"Yea Nath do you guys want to come to the beach with me and the boys and Jessica can come too" I said

"Yeah be at your house in 5" 

"See you in a minute babe" I smiled 

*End of Convo*

I got dressed into my Bikini and put on a pair of denim shorts and and put on my sunglasses and a towel  and walked out 

I ran downstairs 



"JESSI!!!!" we ran and hugged each other 

"Hey long time no see" Tom said sarcastically 

"Shut up" I said and hugged Nathan

"You two cant get enough of each other can you" Zayn said coming outside with the boys

"I agree with him on this" Siva said

Nathan and I got the devilish smirk on our faces we both leaned he put his hands around my waist and I put mine around his neck 

we got a rounds of "GET A ROOM" and "GROSS" 

"NO P.D.A" Harry yelled

"Shut it curls" We started walking towards the beach 

"By the way Jessica this is Niall Liam and Louis you already met the other two guys this is Jessica" 

"Nice to meet you" Liam said

"You too" 

"Now your... Nathans sister?" Niall asked 

"Sadly yes" 

"Haha I said the same thing about my brother" I laughed

Nathan put an arm around my waist I just smiled

"I can't believe I'm back in Florida" I said smiling

"You remember the lake" Jessica said laughing 

"Yep" I smiled 

"Wasnt that where you and I kissed those two bro-" I cut her off I covered her mouth 

"Kissed who?!" Zayn and Nathan raised eyebrows 

"Crap" I said

"RUN!" She yelled we took off our flip flops and took off running till we bumped into a group of 9 teenage girls 

"Jessi Jazzy?" 

"OH MY GOD YOU GUY LOOK AMAZING" I yelled  we all hugged each other 

"Same too you both" The boys came up behind us

"Nathan???" They asked

"HEYY!" he hugged them all

"Guys this is Tom Jay Max Siva Harry Liam Niall Louis and My brother Zayn"

"Hey" The girls said

"Guys this is Jessa, Jinger, Amy, Amber, Rose, Maria, Sarah, May, and Vanessa these are the other NINE girls we went to the lake with" Jessica said as we pointed to each girl 

"So why are you running" 

"Because Loudmouth here almost told our brothers about what happened with the two brothers" I said

"We never forgot that one"

"Shut up!"

"You want to come join us at the beach?" I saw the boys eyes go to one girl it was pretty funny 


"Hey is that?" Jessa started 

"NO hes WAY to built and good looking" I said

"Excuse me?" Nathan said 

"Hey you know I love you"

"WAIT! Back the Hell up you two are going out?" Jinger said 


"Bout damn time"They said

"Hey we'll be back"  They said and left us girls

We walked onto the vacant beach and laid wood in the sand for the fire later

then we felt something wet and cold soak us we started screaming they through buckets of water on us Amy was already in the water we all had taken off our shirts

"Thanks guys" We said sarcastically we got in the water and started playing chicken for a bit and then we got tired and we had a tents so we set them up and we were gonna camp on the beach 

We sat around the fire singing laughing and telling stories


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