I want ~(Niall Horan Fanfic)

Julia, is not your average girl she isnt famous or a model, But she steals Nialls heart. Can he help her in her time of need. Or does she break nialls heart because she doesnt feel the same. As he fights for her the only thing she can ever think is what she wants.
~Also includes Basshunter "Jonas Altberg"
~from the choice board


3. Nice to see you again

I woke up early the next morning. Jonas was still passed out on the sofa and I could almost guarantee he was going to have a hang over, when he woke which was something I did not want to be around for. I grabbed my purse after my long shower and stepped out into the chilly London air. Starbucks sounds amazing right about now, thankfully it wasnt to much of a walk from here. I put my ear buds in my ear and Ed sheeran`s Kiss me came on. I really loved this song. My dream was to have a guy sing it to me, man ed`s words could just make me melt. I asked Jonas to sing it to me a couple of times but he always said the same thing 'Im not singing that lame indie song, besides it was written by a ginger'. Thats how our  very first fight started bringing many more to come.  The bell rung as I opened the door to starbucks it was rather early so not very many people were here. I walked up to the cashier and ordered a milk chocolate with mint frappe. I sat at a table by the window and waited for my name to be called. Cars were passing on the street as I watched it was still a bit gloomy and dark. "Julia", I walked up to the counter and got my frappe returning to the table. I sat there a while my head burried in my phone until I heard the chair across from me moving and someone taking a seat. "Julia", He greeted me his eyes shining brighter than his smile. "Niall", I returned "Do you always come to starbucks this early?". He nodded taking a sip of whatever it was he was drinking "I have to come early so I dont get bumbarded with fans, dont get me wrong I love them but some times I just want peace.". I nodded understandingly "What about you?", he asked taking another sip. "Not usually but sometimes Jonas isnt the nicest person when he has a hangover". "Ahhh", he said understandingly. "So how`d you meet?". "Mutual friend", "And you liked him right away?", "Not really, to be honest I thought he was to good for me". He frowned "I dont think anyone is to good for anybody". I just shrugged and took another sip breathing in the smell closing my eyes. He chuckled "Good?", "Like heaven", I laughed smiling. He smiled too showing all of his teeth "what is it?". "Milk chocolate frappe with mint, yours?", "Just a plain black coffee", I chuckled "What?", he asked casually "Nothing I just thought a popstar like you would order something a little les.. boring". He chuckled "So you think im boring?",  "I suppose so yes". He stood up taking my hand "Oh i`ll show you boring". I took his hand as he drug me to the nearest taxi. "Where are we going Niall", I asked mainly curious. He looked at me placing his hand on my knee "Oh you`ll see".

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