I want ~(Niall Horan Fanfic)

Julia, is not your average girl she isnt famous or a model, But she steals Nialls heart. Can he help her in her time of need. Or does she break nialls heart because she doesnt feel the same. As he fights for her the only thing she can ever think is what she wants.
~Also includes Basshunter "Jonas Altberg"
~from the choice board


1. Meeting an Angel

"Lets go Jonas!! I`m tired", It was a quarter past eleven and I was tired. My boyfriend is Jonas Altberg, well you may know him as Basshunter, he is swedish. I love him but he really knows how to work my nerves like now, he is sitting here flirting with all these air head girls, with big boobs and fake hair and nails. "Julia, cant you wait five minutes". He was pushing it "No, im leaving with or without you", He kept talking as if he didnt hear me. I grabbed my bag and walked outside. I guess he was walking home by himself. Im Julia by the way, and right now im going home. I headed out me and Jonas shared a flat together in Liver pool, we were here temporarily. All of a sudden Jonas decided to try race car driving. Why I would never know. He thought it was cool once I told him my father used to do it, and made me do it as a kid too. I began walking turning on our street it was only about a ten minute walk. I heard my name being called but I decided to ignore it Jonas could fuck off. "Babe wait up", he grabbed my shoulder spinning me to face him. "Why didnt you wait for me?", "Why so I could just sit and watch you flirt with every other girl but me!". He laughed. Such a jerk I didnt have to take this. I turned on my heel again heading for the flat. He grabbed my arm once again "Wait I was laughing, because I think its silly you are jealous, you have nothing to worry about". I began to relax a bit "Well its hard not to get jealous when you all over them, they are prettier than I am, and have bigger boobs, and smaller waist". He hugged me and kissed my lips making me melt "That may be true but, I dont love them I love you". He wrapped his arm around me and we began walking again. Just then we heard yelling as a blonde guy and curly guy got out of their car arguing. They were very heated and stormed in the house "Harry you ass why would you do that", Three other guys followed them in the house. I looked at Jonas and he shrugged. I walked up to their door and knocked. I heard rustling then the door swung open to an angry looking irish one. "NO YOU CANT HAVE A FUCKING PICTURE!!!". I took a step back. "Sorry", I mumbled "I was just letting you know you left your car doors open, and the lights on, I didnt want anyone to steal your car".. He looked passed me "Oh yeah, thanks sorry about that paps". "No problem", I turned around walking down the path back to Jonas. "Oi wait!", He called. I turned around "Yea?", "I didnt get your name". I smiled "Its Julia!", He smiled "a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! I`m Niall by the way!". I smiled "I know who you are!'. I turned around taking Jonas hand. He kissed my lips he could be a little over protective and a bit controlling but I didnt mind it made me feel safe. Niall ran out of the house turning his lights off and shutting the car doors "Do you live close by?". Jonas turned and shot Niall the finger "None of your damn business!!", he pulled me closer, and mutttered things in swedish. I laughed and turned back to Niall "The next house actually!". He smiled and went back inside. Jonas let go of my hand and stormed into our flat. Oh great this wasnt going to be pretty. One thing was for sure i wasnt to upset about Niall horan beeing my next door neighbor..

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