Be My Superman

Angel Styles' older brother Harry Styles, finally comes back home and brings the lads with him. Angel's never met Harry's band mates, but when she does...

She has a certain connection with our favorite carrot loving boy.


4. Trouble Starts Here...

The next day...

I looked around, noticing I just woke up in Jeydon's room. I looked under the covers and noticed Jeydon and I were spooning and naked. I suddenly felt pain in between my thighs- yes, in... that area. I turned onto my side so i was face to face with Jeydon. He was still sleeping, and he looked so darn cute! I moved some hair out of his face. He can never keep that hair out of his beautiful face. I kissed him and I felt him kissing back. I pulled back, smiling.

"I thought you were asleep." i said with a smirk. "I was but... I had the feeling that someone was... starring at me... hmm .." He said with a  smirk while rubbing his chin. I blushed. He laughed, "It's fine baby." he said, pulling me closer to him so my naked chest was against his. I noticed him starring at my boobs. I blushed and tried to cover myself up. Jeydon just put my hands down, exposing my breast again.

"Don't be ashamed of your beautiful body. Besides... It's not like i didn't see it all last night." he said and winked. I blushed more. 

I couldn't take it anymore... i NEED to ask.

"Jeydon, d-do you... regret... last night?" i asked. He frowned, suddenly angry. Was it something I said?

"Angel I love you. I can't even imagine anyone else I would wanna give my virginity up to. I'm glad we did what we did last night. You're officially mine. Forever. You're so..." He trailed off and looked into my eyes. He touched my cheek with one hand and ran his fingers through my hair with the other hand.  "You're so... Beautiful, smart, funny, and... Perfect." He said. I blushed madly as he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back and slipped my tongue in his mouth, surprising both of us. He pulled away, reluctantly. 

"W-Wow... I never thought you'd..." He trailed off. I knew what he meant, tho. I'm usually not one to support French Kissing. Sure, I allow it from Jeydon, but I don't encourage it. Honestly, I thought it was gross, but when I'm with Jeydon, it seems right.

"yeah I know." I sighed, cuddling up to him. I pressed my boobs against his chest and twisted his legs with mine. He smirked and pulled me closer, obviously liking this position.

"Jeydon... Was I... Good?" I asked.

He laughed out loud.

It wasn't exactly a joke...

"Baby, words can't express how good you were to me last night." He purred in my ear. I blushed and smiled.

 "Really? I thought I was bad..." I said. He smirked, "You were the EXACT opposite." He said and kissed me. I smiled and pulled away, looking at his clock.

10:18 am!!!!!!!!!


OH MY GOD I GOTTA GET HOME! I grabbed my phone off of Jeydon's nightstand and saw 20 missed calls and over 50 un read text  from Harry!

"OH MY GOD HARRY!" I screamed and jumped out the bed, putting my same clothes from yesterday on. "Oh my god Harry what?" Jeydon asked, sitting up. "I gotta get home! Harry's gonna kill me!" I exclaimed, after I was fully dressed. He nodded, understanding. 

We both got dressed and went downstairs, only to find his mother, Tina (She wants me to call he by her first name or she feels old.) cooking, his younger sister, Paige  and his older brother, Brandon, sitting at the table. His parents are divorced. ;(

i knew they were gonna offer me breakfast, and I could never turn them down. 

"Morning Mom." Jeydon said, wrapping an arm around his mom and kissing her cheek.


She smiled and greeted him.

"Morning, Miss Wal- I mean uh, TINA." I said with a polite smile. "Morning Brandon & Paige." I said, going over and giving Paige a hug. She smiled, hugging back- we were like sisters.

I gave Brandon a hug and as I tried to let to, he held on longer than needed. Same old Brandon. Every week it's the same thing. He still hasn't let go and every one was starring at us now. I looked at Jeydon and he was red with anger.

"Ok Brandon! You can let to any day!" Jeydon said, angrily. "5 more seconds..." Brandon sighed. I rolled my eyes and flicked his ear. "Ow! Jeydon, your girlfriend is EXTRA violent today." Brandon said, sticking his tongue at me. I laughed.

He's suppose to be the OLDEST but acts the youngest.

i went to sit down in my usual seat, next to Jeydon. Jeydon rushed over, pulling the chair out for me. I smiled, sitting down in the chair. Jeydon sat in the chair next to me and his mom came over with the food: Waffles, sausage, eggs, and orange juice.

"This looks delicious as always Tina." I complemented. She smiled, "Thank you, Angel." I smiled back, "Your welcome."

After that it got uncharacteristically (Big word huh? Yeah I know ;) I'm smart like that) quiet. I noticed how Brandon and Tina kept sharing strange looks with each other.

"What's going on?" I asked. Brandon looked like he was holding in a laugh. Apparently he was holding it in to long because suddenly he burst out laughing, causing Tina to sigh. 

"Jeydon, Angel... Is there something you would like to tell us? Something that happened between you two last night? In the bedroom? That was very LOUD?" Tina asked. Paige gasped, "YOU HEARD IT TO?!" She exclaimed, causing Brandon to laugh harder.

"How could you not hear them?! 'OH JEYDON! DON'T STOP! OOOOOOHHHH!' 'OH ANGEL!!!!! SUCK HARDER! HARDER!UGH!' HAHAHHAHAHA' Brandon exclaimed, laughing harder. His face turned red and he almost fell out the chair with laughter.

Tina slapped the back of his head hard, causing him to 'ow' but still laugh.

I stuttered, "Mi-miss Wale or Tina or uhm.... Uh... I'm so sorry! I- I shouldn't have... Especially under your roof... I didn't mean to oh! IM SO SORRY!" I exclaimed. 

"Mom, we didn't mean to! It was just- we thought you guys left and it- we're so sorry!" Jeydon apologized. 

"Jeydon..." His mom said in a warning voice. "Uhhhh sorry, gotta take Angel back to Harry's! Later mom!" Jeydon said grabbing my hand and his keys, leading me to his car. The ride was silent and awkward. When we got to my house, Jeydon opened the car door for me. He walked me to my porch and we stood there awkwardly.

"Sorry bout my mom. She's just... Protective I guess? Or just a lil freaked out." He said with a chuckle. I laughed to.

"It's fine. I see why she is. I just hope she doesn't hate me now." I said. "She could never hate you. She thinks you're a good influence on me." He said I chuckled. "Well duh." I said jokingly. We laughed.

i looked into his eyes as he started to lean in. We kissed for a while until the front door opened and Harry and the rest of the boys appeared at the door way,pulling me next to them, away from Jeydon.

Oh boy...
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