Be My Superman

Angel Styles' older brother Harry Styles, finally comes back home and brings the lads with him. Angel's never met Harry's band mates, but when she does...

She has a certain connection with our favorite carrot loving boy.


5. The Kiss

"Angelica... Get in the house. We'll talk about this later." Harry growled.

"No! I wanna stay with Jey-"

"Now!" Louis snapped. I blinked back tears and looked at Jeydon.

'Go' he mouthed to me. I nodded and left them to talk. I went inside and closed the front door behind me. All I heard was yelling and screaming. I was getting scared. I looked thought the peep hole and saw Niall and Zayn holding Louis back and Liam holding Harry back. Jeydon was saying inaudible words. Harry just screamed at him more. I could definitely hear his and Louis' voices since they were so loud.

"Stay away from her!" Harry screamed.

"You don't deserve her." Louis shouted.

I couldn't take it anymore. I ran up to my room, crying. I don't want Jeydon to stay away and He DOES deserve me. I don't deserve him. I locked myself in my room, waiting for the fighting to stop. I could still hear the muffled shouting.

A few minutes later, it got quiet. The fighting stopped and I heard the front door slam. I pressed my ear against my door and I heard what the boys were saying.


Harry: I can't believe she chose him! He's such a jerk!

Niall: If she was my sister, she would never see him again.

Liam: She deserves better! She seems like a sweet girl

Louis: I know she can do better than HIM! He's such a dick! (Sorry for language) I mean come on!
I bet he forced her to stay with him all night! Probably just wanting her to.... UGH I can't even think about it without throwing up!

Zayn: Im going to go talk to her.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and towards my room. I sat on my bed and waited. Zayn knocked on my door. I got up and unlocked the door and he barged in.

In My Room...

"You can't make me leave Jeydon!" i said. He raised his eyebrow, "Actually, I can."

That pissed me off. (Sorry for language)

"YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!" I yelled. He looked shocked that I raised my voice at him. I suddenly felt bad.

"I-I'm sorry, Zayn. It's just that... I love him." I said, sitting down on mine and Louis' bed. He sat next to me and grabbed my hands in his.

"Sweetheart... I'm sorry to tell you this but... If it wasn't for your mum or Harry... You wouldn't know what love is. You barely know what love is." He said. I was taken back. How could he say that? Of course I know what it is.

"Love is the way I feel about Jeydon and how he feels about me." I said seriously. He sighed and squeezed my hands.

"Love is when you're with someone and they make you feel happy." Zayn told me.

"But I am happy with Jeydon! Really I am! And you can't stop me from seeing him just because we spent the night together! Not you, or Harry or Louis or Niall or Liam or ANYBODY." I said, releasing my hands from his and standing up from my bed.

He stood up to, "What exactly happened last night? I know it wasn't just an innocent sleep over." I could tell he was trying to keep his voice down and not yell at me.

I swallowed, "I-It's nothing for you to worry about." I said. He grabbed my arm, roughly, making me yelp in pain. He didn't care tho.

"Tell me!" He growled. I starred into his eyes and saw nothing but anger. It scared me.

Tears blinded my vision and before I knew it I was on the floor, balling my eyes out.

Zayn was quickly kneeling by my side, holding me while rocking me back and forth like a baby.

"A-Angel.... I didn't mean to- I-Im sorry. Please don't cry." He pleaded.

"It's not you! It's me! I'M the one that should be apologizing! I'm sorry I lied. W-We... He didn't want to at first... But I- I love him so much and- I-I just... We..." I couldn't say it. I was to busy crying. I saw Zayne's eyes go wide. He knew what I was going to say. He sat there frozen for a long time.

I snuggled my head in his chest.

"I-I'm so sorry." I said in between cries. He just held me tighter, not saying anything in response. 

"I won't tell..." Zayn said, holding me tighter, "I understand. You're a teenager and I guess you do seem like you know you're limits. And Jeydon's not a bad guy. The whole time outside, he didn't yell once. He simply tried to reason with Harry and Louis. They were the ones going overboard after all." He said. I smiled as he wiped my tears away with his thumb. 

"So you won't make me break up with Jeydon?" I asked. He shook his head, "I think you can make the right decision." He said. I smiled.

"Thanks." I said and snuggled up to him. He rubbed my back, "I trust you." He said. I blushed. "Thank you Zayn. I can't tell you how  much this means to me. even tho you only known me for about 2 days, thanks. If only Harry was more like you." I sighed. He smiled, "Don't worry about the boys. I'll handle them." He said. I smiled really big.

"Thank you so much Zayn!!!!" I said and kissed his cheek, tackling him onto the floor with a thud. We laughed out loud at my clumsiness.

"Ha! Sorry I guess I'm just a bit clumsy..." I said, blushing. "You can tackle me to the floor anytime." He said. I thought he was joking so I laughed. When he didn't laugh with me I knew he was serious. I blushed more and we starred into each others eyes.

He started to lean in and our lips touched. He kissed me but I didn't kiss back. I didn't pull away either. I actually liked it. I didn't feel any sparks tho. Not like the ones I feel with Jeydon.

It felt wrong. Is this wrong?

Just then my bedroom door opened but Zayn and I didn't notice so he was still kissing me.

"What happened?! we heard a thud and- Woah..." We heard Liam's voice say. Zayn and I looked up seeing all the boys there.

Niall and Liam were pink in the face, but Louis' and Harry's was red.


"You. Are. So. Dead, Zayn." 
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