Be My Superman

Angel Styles' older brother Harry Styles, finally comes back home and brings the lads with him. Angel's never met Harry's band mates, but when she does...

She has a certain connection with our favorite carrot loving boy.


2. Meeting The Lads & Moving In With Harry

I was downstairs in the living room with all my things packed, waiting for Harry. He won't be here for about another 1/2 hour, but I couldn't wait to see him. Today at school, I already said bye to all my friends. I told them how I won't be able to see them since I'm going to be home schooled and maybe be on tour soon with the lads and everything.    I was sitting with my boyfriend, Jeydon Wale, on the couch. Yes, THE Jeydon Wale is MY boyfriend. I was saying good-bye to him. I'll only be about 30 minutes away from him, but that's still to far. We live right across from each other, and I'm gonna to miss that.   "I-I-I'm going t-to m-miss y-y-you!" I cried hysterically into his shoulder. He held me and rubbed my back and shushing me.    "Shhh. Baby, don't worry. I'll only be 30 minutes away. I'll come visit whenever I can. I'll call every night, and we can still have our date night. It'll be like you NEVER left." he said, reassuringly. I smiled, thinking of date night.   Every Friday night, Jeydon and I have our very own date night. Just the 2 of us. We usually stay home and watch a movie, go to the theater  or go out to eat dinner together. Sometimes we just spend all date night making out at his house.   God, I love this boy.   "J-Jeydon.." I said. "Yes, baby?" He asked, not releasing me.    "I love you." I said, without stuttering my words again.    It got quiet and I was getting worried. I've never said that to him before. What if he doesn't feel the same way? Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I was about to take it back when...   "I love you to baby. I love you so much!" He said looking into my eyes. I smiled as he kissed my tears away.    He smiled at me. God, I love his smile. I leaned in and kissed him, deeply and passionately  He kissed back, with the same amount of passion. Our lips moved in sync, and Jeydon's tongue rub against my lip, asking for an entrance. I smiled and let him in. His tongue explored my mouth and i ran my fingers through his hair, and wrapped my legs around either side of  his waist.   "TIMES UP!" My mom yelled, walking into the room with the timer. Yes, the timer. She uses it every time Jeydon comes over. He's not aloud to be alone with me for more than 10 minutes.
My mom thinks if were alone for more than 10 minutes... "Things" might happen. Yep, that's my mom for ya.   Jeydon pulled away, and I blushed embarrassed again by my moms use of her timer. I glared at her, but she just smiled sweetly at me. She stuck her tongue out at me and i laughed.   "Jeydon... You know the rules. 10 minutes." My mom warned my boyfriend.

He chuckled  nervously, "I'm so sorry, Miss Styles. I seem to always loose track of time. You can blame your daughters beautiful eyes for that." he said, sweetly, pulling my up to stand next to him, in front of my mom.

She sighed, dramatically, "He's a keeper, Angel." My mom said, winking at me. I smiled and nodded, moving closer to Jeydon. He is a keeper.   Notice how my mom called me "Angel" Instead of "Angelica" like harry does. I only let Harry call me that. Not my mom, my friends... not even Jeydon. Only my brother.   "Well, I should get going. I promised my mom I'd be home for lunch. Sorry I don't have time to meet your brother, but I'll meet him tonight when I come to pick you up. Good bye, Miss Styles." Jeydon said to my mom. She smiled at him.

"Bye, Baby." He whispered in my ear, and kissed my cheek, then walked out the front door and off to his house. About 10 seconds after Jeydon left, i got a text. I took out my cell.  

'Miss you already. ;(' ~ Jeydon ♥

    I smiled sadly at the text. 

    'I miss you 2. :( ' I replied.

      I sighed, and fell back onto the couch, laying on my stomach, and my face buried in a pillow.   "Sweaty..." my mom said, rubbing my back. "What?" I muffled through the pillow. "Harry should be here any minute, now."

    The doorbell rang. My head shot up and I ran to the door, opening it, only to be greeted with a humongous hug.   I hugged back, noticing it was harry. He picked me up and spun me around in the air as I scream, joyfully.   We laughed and he put me back on my feet. I noticed how much taller he gotten, since I last seen him 1 year ago.   I started crying, as Harry pulled me back into a hug. I buried my head in his shoulder.   "I missed you." I said. "I missed you more." He said. "Impossible." I whispered in his ear. He chuckled.   That's when I noticed 4 other boys standing in the doorway, gaping at... me? oooookay...   "Uhm... Harry? Who's your friends?" I asked. Harry let go of me and faced the 4 boys.   "This is Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, my mates. Lads, this is my sister and my mother." Harry said, hugging mum.     When Harry  announced the last boy's name, I couldn't stop starring. He was a handsome man... VERY handsome if I might add.   Louis? I believe his name was. I noticed how he couldn't keep his eyes off of me... I couldn't keep my eyes off of him neither. It was as if... we were... connecting....

He smiled at me, which caused me to blush. He smirked.   Wait what am i doing?! This guy looks twice my age AND I already have a boyfriend. But, Look at his eyes... NO STOP IT! Remember JEYDON! and... The law!   I forced myself to look away from Louis, and pay attention to what mum and Harry were discussing.   "And make sure she sleeps with a nightlight. Lord knows she's afraid of the dark-" My mom said. The lads laughed and i blushed, "MUM!" I exclaimed. She just shrugged, taking out her timer, handing it to Harry. He looked confused. Lord please DON'T!   "What's this for?" He asked confused.   "That's for Angel and her boyfriend-"   "BOYFRIEND?!" Harry and Louis yelled. I blushed and sank to a nearby corner.   "Yes, her boyfriend. Surely you know Jeydon Wale? Lord, do those girls fawn over him. Anyways, Whenever he's over- which will be about EVERY DAY- make sure you use this timer whenever they're alone. 10 minutes alone- nothing more. After 10 minutes, accompany them. Or kick Jeydon out. Whichever comes first. We don't want anyone popping out a baby." my mom said seriously.    Harry took the timer quickly and held it tightly in his hands for dear life.   "Should I trust him?" Harry asked, seriously, glancing at me. I sunk deeper into the corner.   "Oh yes, he is a very fine boy- but a boy nevertheless. He's polite, respectful and- if i do say so myself- pretty darn cute! Am I right or am I right, Angel?" My mom asked, winking at me.   I groaned, "Yes! He's cute! Can I leave now?" I asked, completely red in the face.  


  We finished putting all my boxes- which wasn't that many- in the car. Liam was driving and Zayn was in the passengers seat. Niall, Harry and Louis were sitting together and I squeezed myself between Harry and Louis.   "So, Angelica-" Liam started, but harry interrupted, "It's Angel." Harry growled.   "Uhm Ok... so Angel... How old are you?" Liam asked. All the boys turned there heads to look at me.    "16." I answered. I noticed how they all muttered something along the lines of 'Darn' or just pouted.   Louis looked the most upset. He sunk in his chair and scooched a little further away from me and closer to Niall. He shook his head and looked down at his lap. I sighed.   After that the lads started asking me random questions. They were actually really funny guys. Louis would talk every once in a while, but i had a feeling he was ignoring me.   Finally, we pulled up to a huge house.


I squealed and climbed over Louis, Niall and Harry and ran to the front door. I opened the door- which was unlocked- and started dancing around like crazy just looking around the amazing house.   The boys walked in with my luggage and laughed at my insane dancing and screaming.   "Oooookay? Well I'm gonna show you your room. Come on." Harry said, leading me upstairs.   "BEST ADVENTURE EVER!" I screamed as i followed Harry up the stairs. I heard the lads laughing at my hyperness.   We stopped at a room and when we walked inside i saw it had one huge king sized bed in the middle. I had blue walls and a couple of posters of Superman and it's own bathroom. I screamed.   "AHHHH! SUPERMAAAAAAAN!" I screamed, running around. Harry put a hand out and stopped me from running. I dramatically fell to the floor and looked up at harry with sad eyes.   He started laughing so hard, he was clutching his stomach, "How does Jeydon always put up with your craziness?" he joked. I smirked, "Actually he ADORES my craziness." I answered with my nose dramatically in the air and my hand on my heart. Harry just laughed more, while shaking his head.   "I missed you so much." He said, helping me up. "I missed  you to." I hugged him.   "AWWWW!" We heard voices say from the doorway. Harry and I looked over and saw the lads there, smiling at us. Harry and I rolled our eyes as the lads came in.    "So I guess we're sharing a room... and a bed, huh?" I heard a husky voice whisper in my ear from behind. I turned around and came... face to chest with Louis. He is MUCH taller than me.   "Uh-Uh... I-I guess..." I stuttered. God, I sound so stupid. I mentally slapped myself. Louis just chuckled. "Don't be nervous around me, love." He said and ran his fingers up and down my arm. My heart fluttered.

Oh, the things this boy does to me.
  "LOUIS!" We heard a voice growl. Louis and I turned and saw Harry glaring at Louis, while the other lads stood there, smirking. Louis smiled, innocently, and scooched away form me. I sighed.   "Anyways! Well, Angel you'll be sleeping here with Louis and if you need anything our rooms are right down the hall." Liam said and they left, going downstairs, leavingme alone with Louis.   I looked at the clock, 5:30. OH MY GOD! I ONLY HAVE 1 1/2 hours LEFT?!   I screamed aloud, causing Louis' head to shoot up, "Whats wrong?!" He asked concerned.   I started running around unpacking, quickly throwing things into drawers  keeping out a couple of outfits. "I HAVE TO GET READY!" I told him, and then continued running around, Louis sitting there, starring at me.   I finally found a cute outfit I could wear.

My Outfit

I went into the bathroom and changed. I put on some makeup and straightened my hair for like the first time ever in a while. I know Jeydon likes my hair straight, cause it's different than my usual natural curls.    I looked at my reflection in the mirror and was finally pleased with the way I looked. I looked... beautiful... If i do say so myself.    I took a deep breath and walked out the bathroom, only to find Louis gone. I heard laughing downstairs and knew he must've been goofing around with the boys.   I grabbed my cell and checked my messages from Jeydon.   'What's your new address so i can pick you up tonight? BTW it's gonna be  extra fun tonight. ;)' Jeydon ♥   I smiled, already knowing what he was planning on doing with me tonight.   '[Address Here]. I can't wait till tonight, babe. Hope you can keep up with me. ;)'    I texted back and put my phone in my purse. I looked at the clock, 6:30. I had some time to spare so i stayed in mine and louis' room watching spongebob reruns. 30 minutes later the doorbell rang.   "ANGELICA!" My brothers voice yelled for me. "Coming." I said and walked downstairs.   I slowly walked down the stairs only to see...
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