Be My Superman

Angel Styles' older brother Harry Styles, finally comes back home and brings the lads with him. Angel's never met Harry's band mates, but when she does...

She has a certain connection with our favorite carrot loving boy.


3. Date Night ;)

  I slowly walked down the stairs only to see the lads hovering around my boyfriend, glaring at him. I looked at Jeydon and he looked so hot!

I smiled once I saw a red rose in his hands.

He knows those are my favorite. All the boys heads turned to me and they gaped.

Jeydon smirked and walked towards me.

  "You look absolutely stunning." He said. I smiled and blushed.

'Thanks. You look so handsome." I said. He smirked, "Yeah well." He said confidently.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.   "A-Angelica... Who is this... this..." Harry trailed off.    "BOY?!" Louis finished for him

"And what is that... thing on his lip?!" Liam exclaimed.   "He's my boyfriend and that thing is called a lip ring, and it looks so hot." I answered, kissing Jeydon on the cheek.

I notice Harry and Louis both tense up once I do. I understand Harry but why Louis?

"It is not 'Hot'! It-It's... CRIMINAL LIKE!" Harry exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow. seriously? That's the best he could think of?    "And where do you two think you are going exactly?" Zayn asked.   I looked at Jeydon, and he looked nervous and reluctant to answer.   "Well I was thinking maybe we could just watch some movies and... stuff." Jeydon answered.   "WHAT KIND OF STUFF?!" Niall asked.   "Just  STUFF." I said, grabbing Jeydon's hand and leading him out the door.   "Bye boys." I said, while walking out the door with Jeydon.   Jeydon held his car door open for me and helped me in. He got in the drivers side and drove us off to his house. The whole ride was filled with talking and laughter and we sung to the radio a lot. We never get bored together. When we got to his house, his mom immediately opened the door. Jeydon and I walked in and it was fun that whole evening. I had dinner with Jeydon and his family and we all laughed a lot.

I really love his family.

Soon they all went out to the theater  but Jeydon and I denied the offer  so we could have some alone time. We went up to his room and he closed and locked his door.

We watched The Lion King first, then Beauty & The Beast.   In the middle of Beauty & The Beast, Jeydon turned the TV off. I turned to him, confused, when he pulled me into a kiss.

I knew what he was doing. I smirked and kissed back.

He rubbed his tongue against my lip and I let him in. I ran my fingers through his hair and wrapped my legs around either side of his waist. He pushed me back onto his bed and i slipped his shirt off. I ran my hands up and down his chest and his fingers traced the end of my shirt. He tugged on my top and I knew what he wanted. I broke the kiss and starred at him.

We were both panting heavily.

I started to slowly take off my top, but Jeydon stopped me. 

"Are you sure?" He asked. I nodded,"Positive." He smiled and I smiled back. He helped me take off my top and then continued to kiss me. I put my hand up, stopping him. I started to unhook my bra. 

Jeydon put his hands on top of mine, stopping me, "W-what are you doing?" He asked. I looked at him seriously.

"I love you Jeydon. I also trust you. If I had to give my virginity away to anyone... It would be you. I want you as my first, last, and only. GOD I love you."I said.

I started taking my bra off again.

"A-Angel I love you to. And I want you to be mine... forever." Jeydon said, unzipping his pants.

We started making out again and Jeydon took off my bra completely and started feeling my breast. I unzipped his pants and gave him a hand job. We were both moaning and panting heavily. Jeydon got me on my back on the bed and hovered me, both of us completely naked.

"I love you..." We said at the same time. Jeydon and I kissed one last time. 

  I guess you know what happens after that...
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