Be My Superman

Angel Styles' older brother Harry Styles, finally comes back home and brings the lads with him. Angel's never met Harry's band mates, but when she does...

She has a certain connection with our favorite carrot loving boy.


7. Caught...

I woke up to the sun shining on my face through the curtains. I smiled, seeing Louis' arm still around me. I turned on my side so I was face to face with him. I moved some hair out his face and watched him sleep peacefully...

Hey! Don't judge!

I smiled as I heard him snore quietly. SO CUTE! I snuggled up to him so our chests were pressed up against each other. I smiled as I took in his scent. I felt him hold me tighter as I moved around to adjust my position. I smiled more and buried my head into his chest.

I looked at the clock, only 8:18 am. I sighed. it's way to early so I went back to sleep in Louis' protective arms.

Harry's POV

  Niall, Liam, Zayn and i were already up. Louis and Angelica were still sleeping. Of course Angelica is  still  sleeping, she thinks an  appropriate  time to get up isn't  until  past 10. I chuckled just thinking about it. Just then the door bell rang.

excused  myself from the other lads to answer the door. I opened the door only to find...


"What are you doing here?" I asked, trying to keep my cool. He sighed, "I came here to see Angel. And apologize to you." He said.

What did he say?! 

I was taken back. 

First, he refuses to fight me and then he comes to apologize?

He needs to stop being such a good 
person   It's getting harder and harder to hate this guy.

I sighed and let him in. He came in took his hands from behind his back, revealing a box of chocolate and a  bouquets of roses.

"The chocolates are for you, sir." He said, respectfully. I tried not to smile and kept a straight face on.

"BOYS!" I yelled. Liam, Niall and Zayn came in the room and all of them frowned, except for Zayn, upon seeing Jeydon.

"I don't really enjoy chocolate but... I'll taste yours." I said, taking the chocolate, reluctantly. I opened the box and ate one....


"Oh my god!" I exclaimed. It was like... delicious bombs of deliciousness dancing around in my mouth to the worlds best soundtrack!!!

"D-Do you not like it? I could get you another box." Jeydon said, trying to take the box back. I pushed his hand away.

"No no no. I-Ill try to force them down." I said, pretending to hate them.

I turned to the boys and mouthed 'These are AWESOME!'

They groaned, hoping the chocolates would be bad.

"Well, if you don't mind, sir, could you direct me to Angel's room?" Jeydon asked me. I nodded, chugging down the box of chocolates.

 "Down the hall, second to the left." I said. "Thank you." He said and went up stairs. "Mmmhhhmm." I said, eating more chocolate.

Niall tried to take one so i slapped his hand.

"Get your own darn chocolate!" I said, selfishly.



Jeydon's POV
  I went up the stairs to Angel's room, following Harry's  directions . I  knocked  on the door lightly, knowing she was still asleep.  She  can never wake up early enough. The thought made me chuckle.

When she didn't answer to my 
knock , i cracked the door slightly.


I looked in the  bedroom  and saw MY girlfriend asleep in ANOTHER guys arms!

They were both dressed in footie pjs and seemed pretty comfy in 
each others  arms.

I felt the tears coming.

"What the hell?!"
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