The wedding crashes

Alena (all-eee-nah) is dating Harry styles follow her and Harry on their adventures to there wedding day.but when a shock comes it could be the first and last time alena wears white


3. What just happend

So me and Harry had just got home from Thorpe park and he said stay here 2 min later this is what happend"alena it's been 6 years I've been waiting to say this but..."he got down on his knee and took something out of his pocket and opens it"alena Elizabeth Mary rose sky will you,marry me?""YES OF COURSE "he got up and put the ring on my finger put his hands around my hips and kisses me the kiss last bout 5 min and when we break apart we find the paps outside the window taking photos and vid eons .Then Liam walks in playing its the best day ever by sponge bob the perfect ending for the perfect day.


omfg you know what I hate is that when Niall got his braces off ever body says ohh I'm a Niall girl now anyways ill update when I can so bye

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