The wedding crashes

Alena (all-eee-nah) is dating Harry styles follow her and Harry on their adventures to there wedding day.but when a shock comes it could be the first and last time alena wears white


4. Theme park time

So today me,Harry,and Louis are going to Thorpe park."I can't wait to ride saw""me to" Louis pitched in"I can't wait to ride stealth""oh yea "me and Louis said in unison.then we sat there listing off all the rides."The swarm,nemesis inferno,colossus,tidal wave,x:/no way out,detonator,samurai,flying fish,virtex,slammer,and project Dylan.Lets ride all of them .On colossus me and Harry sit in the front and kiss the hole way up.And on saw we did the same practically all the rides.

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