The wedding crashes

Alena (all-eee-nah) is dating Harry styles follow her and Harry on their adventures to there wedding day.but when a shock comes it could be the first and last time alena wears white


2. Lonely

Louis P.O.V 

I take one look at alena and Harry there do cute  together.Only If I had a girl then maybe I wouldn't be so lonely .i go to bed but then wake up 5 min later the room next to mine(alena and Harry's)was full of groaning and weird sounds.There doing it again harry and alena do it 3 nights a week . Harry's P.O.V 

"mmmmmmm" I say reaching my hand down twords her part.then she goes under the blanket .next thing I know she was sucking on my part i liked it alot.Alenas P.O.V 

I only do bad things because I grew up rough my parents divorced when I was 2 days old then my mom died and I I had to live with my drunk dad .so really it doesn't do anything to me. 



Ok guys so maybe ill right another chap tonight and continue writing if I get at least 6 likes and a comment TONIGHT I said.

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