The wedding crashes

Alena (all-eee-nah) is dating Harry styles follow her and Harry on their adventures to there wedding day.but when a shock comes it could be the first and last time alena wears white


5. Alexandra

My phone buzzes.and I finally pick it up and answer"hello"alena!!!!!"a familiar voice shouts "Alexandra?"I was in shock my best friend in the hole world had actually have time off to call me she's in a group called unbelievable "yep ""omg how's the band?""great we're realising our 7th album next month""I'll be sure to buy it....hey where's your next concert"?."In London ""really that's where I London""omg we could meet and ...""alena?""yes ""why do I hear Louis Tomlinson in the back round ?""because I'm engaged to Harry styles"."OMFG why are...are you for real ahhhhh""yes I'm for real"ok so.......ugh ""alena listen I have to go but I'll call sometime later ok ?""yea ok""ok bye .And that was it Alexandra .quite something right. 





Do you want to be Alexandra ???comment below if you do and sry bout the short chapters.

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