The wedding crashes

Alena (all-eee-nah) is dating Harry styles follow her and Harry on their adventures to there wedding day.but when a shock comes it could be the first and last time alena wears white


13. Abby

3 months later ,I'm with another girl Abby ,sooo much better than ....alena.I check the mail all boring stuff until - ommfgicbwtfwydttm .(oh my mada fu'' god etc.Your invited to come see nick and Alenas new baby.Oh she had a baby ...but that's weird considering she can't have u know what with certain people.She had it with me...."I have a baby"...."you have a what...?"i hear abby say in the distant"oh um..."i just couldnt seem to get the words out"nothing""ok...hey babe?""yea abby"'wheres the mail i need to see if my paycheck came in"."oh i have it...."i hear her coming twords me oh no i shove the invitation in my undergarnments:"ok let me see""bill,bill,ahah here it is".then she lokked at me "somthing seems wrong harry is it cause...""no im fine i say ""are you s...""i am i promise""well show me that you are ""ok"i say leaning in twords a kiss,afterwards she does her famous smile...this dosent seem right i i was engaged i couldnt do it i had to get my,alena back but how?

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