This movella is about Cassidy finding true love. She just broke up with her boy friend 2 weeks ago names Harry styles.She decides to move on. does she move on? does she still have feelings for Harry? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!


4. Move on?

Cassidy's P.O.V

I wake up in Lou's bed. I wonder where he is sleeping i thought. I take my body out of the soft, cozy blanket.

i look down to see Lou sleeping on the floor. AWW he is so sweet making me sleep in his bed while he has

to sleep on the hard floor.

I put on black denim shorts and a grey sweater and do my usual make up routine.

I walk down stairs making sure that Harry is not down there. no one was downstairs. I walk into a random room

not caring if it is Lou, Zayn, Liam or Niall. I walk into a room with blue colored walls. I see Zayn already up changing into Black Jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt. 

Im sorry i said

Thats alright love He says smiling'

What ya doin i say sitting on his bed


Hehehe Yup i knew that

Im sorry about what harry did

no, its not your fault at all

listen, Cassidy I really like you, and i mean like you more then a friend

Aww, Zayn i like you too i say smiling

Cassidy Tomlinson, Will you be my girl friend


He walks over to me and smashed his lips onto mine. We start making out for 15 minutes. Untill someone walks in.

Hey Zayn, Do ya know where Cass! WHAT DA!! 

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