This movella is about Cassidy finding true love. She just broke up with her boy friend 2 weeks ago names Harry styles.She decides to move on. does she move on? does she still have feelings for Harry? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!


5. Jealous


Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe what i just saw. Really!?!?! Cassidy and Zayn getting it on!

She loves me not him!! Wait i cheated on her! UGH why do i always mess things up!

I am going to walk back in there and ask what is going on.

Before i could think twice i kicked the door open.

WHY WERE YOU BOTH KISSING i yelled at the top of my lungs.

Why  all of a sudden you care cassidy said coldly

Because you love me not him i said angrily grabbing her arm and dragging her into my room

DON'T TOUCH ME she yelled, tears streaming down her face

listen, I know you love me. I love you. I am sorry i cheated on you! she meant nothing to me 

Harry, I don't love you, I love Zayn and only Zayn 

Your joking right. Its not like you both are a couple now

Harry, Zayn and i are a couple now. We love each other very much and you can't take that away from me

NO!!!, YOU ARE MINE. YOU HEAR ME!! ONLY MINE i said grabbing her arm again and slamming me against the wall

ZAYN!!! HELP ME!! Cassidy screamed in agony 

Zayn slammed the door open

WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER he yelled angrily holding his fists up in the air

nothing, now leave i said calmly

He walked slowly towards me full of anger

Zayn lunged at me punching me in the face. I collapsed on to the hard floor hitting my head first

Thank you babe Cassidy said happily to Zayn

Anything for my Girlfriend Zayn said

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