Dreams Do Come True.. But Sometimes They Aret How You Drempt It

Have you ever wondered if you tried to dream the same dream over and over again that one day it will come true? Amy Did. And guess what he dream came true.. dreamed about meeting the famous Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. But is this dream of her exactly how she imagined it?


4. Whoa!

"Hi Amy" Harry said as he came closer. "Hey Mr. Styles" I said with a smile on my face. "Are you ready to go to my place?" " Uh yeah I'm just waiting for my..." I was cut off by the sight of my luggage coming around. Never mind there it is" I said as I grabbed my luggage. " Here let me get that for you" Harry said as he reached for my Luggage. "Thank you" "No problem hun!"  

Harry carried my luggage as we walked to his limmo. We got in and drove off to Harrys place. "Amy.. Wake up we're here" Harry said as he tapped me. The ride was a little long and I was a still tired form the plain ride, I guess I fell a sleep and didn't notice. Asi stepped out of the limmo, I was shocked by what I saw.. Harrys house what big enough to fit 50 families in it!

" Geez! This place is huge! You live here alone?" I asked while still looking at his house. "No, me and the rest of the lads live here" He said while chuckling " Oh haha" We got into the house and was greeted by Liam and Niall "Hello you must be Amy" Liam Said as he pulled me into a hug. "Hey Liam what if I want a hug to!" Niall said as he tried to pull Liam off me. " Okay okay okay calm down" Liam said as he let go, and Niall attacked me with a bear hug " so happy to finally have you here! Now harry can stop talking about your stay" Niall said as Zayn and Louis walked into the room Roaring in laughter. I turned to look at Harry and he was blushing.



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