Dreams Do Come True.. But Sometimes They Aret How You Drempt It

Have you ever wondered if you tried to dream the same dream over and over again that one day it will come true? Amy Did. And guess what he dream came true.. dreamed about meeting the famous Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. But is this dream of her exactly how she imagined it?


5. The big question...

After all the boys calmed down Harry showed me to my room and I unpacked and went to take a shower. Once I got out I went down stairs to join the rest of the boys. When I walked into the lounge room I  found everyone but Niall and Harry asleep. I pulled out my phone to check the time and it was 3am .. How long was I  in the shower? Niall finally realized that I was standing there. " Well look who's finally out of the shower" He said with a smirk on his face as he got up off the couch and approached me. "I swear it only seemed like I was in there for about 30 minutes. Harry laughed and said, " more like 30 decades" " would you like something to eat Amy?" Niall said as he pointed to the kitchen.. "No thanks, I think I'll just go to bed since its 3am" I turned around a started up the stairs "wait Amy.." I turned around and say Harry jumping up from the couch " yeah?" I said staring at him. "Can I talk to you before you go to bed.. its kind of important.?" he seemed nervous why? "Sure what is it Harry?" I said "can we go out on the patio and talk?" "okay" we started for the back door. Harry opened the door and pointed for me to go out first, such a gentleman. Harry shut the door behind us and faced me. "What is it Harry.. you seem really nervous" I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. " Yeah I'm a little nervous, I want to ask you something Amy" "Well go ahead, I'm all ears" " Okay.. well.. okay im just going to jump right into it.. Amy will  you be my girlfriend?" ... Did he really just ask me to be his girlfriend!? Omg I was fangirling on the inside.. "Its okay if you don't.. well not really but.. " I cut him off before he could finish "Yes" Harry just looked at me with big eyes, and his smile carried from ear to ear. "Really?!" He asked " yes, id love to be your girlfriend"..  

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