Dreams Do Come True.. But Sometimes They Aret How You Drempt It

Have you ever wondered if you tried to dream the same dream over and over again that one day it will come true? Amy Did. And guess what he dream came true.. dreamed about meeting the famous Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. But is this dream of her exactly how she imagined it?


2. Should I? Or Should I Not?

He texted me back within 3 seconds, pretty amazing. I opened the the text and it read

From Harry: "Hey girly, what's up?"  .. Our conversation was pretty much a normal conversation. A fan asked the boys to do something together, I did hear the whole question. So I had to watch and wait for Harry to text me back.

"Who were you just texting?" Cammii asked while still looking at my computer screen. "No one" I said, a little too fast,  she turned around and looked at me and the at my phone. I guess Harry and the boys where done with whatever they were doing because I got a text from Harry. When Cammii saw that it said Harry she dived for my phone and ran off with it. I tried to chase her but she was already in the bathroom with the door locked. "Cammii!! give me my phone back!" "Not a chance!.. How are you texting someone named harry but you don't know a harry.. there isn't an harry that goes to our school, and trust me I know" "Okay fine he isn't someone that goes to our school" "Then who is it?" I rolled my eyes and said "Come out and i'll tell you. I promise" I heard the bathroom unlock and the door came open slowly. "Here, now who is it?" she said as she handed me back my phone. "Harry Styles" She looked at me with a smirk on her face and then roared with laughter " Bahahahahahha!!! , do you really think im going to believe that Amy?' She said, still laughing. "I have proof that its Harry Styles." I pulled up my Dm's between me and him. She just stood there with a dub look on her face. "Oh Ha-harry styles gave YOU his number.. And Zayn wouldn't give me his!? " She seemed a little mad now. " yeah, I didn't ask for his number. He just gave it to me" She just walked away and started to get her shoes and jacket on " Where are you going? "  I asked her "Home, the twitcam lasted longer than they said, and my mom is coming home tomorrow so I have to go get some  rest I have to get up early, see ya" she said as she walked out of my room and down thee stairs. "Byee" I yelled after her and shut my door and flopped on my bed. Pulled out my phone and texted harry back "Hey sorry it took me so long to reply" he texted back within seconds

FromH arry:  Its okay. How are you? .. for the rest of the night I just laid on my bed and texted harry.

To Harry: I'm good, pretty bored laying on my bed, how about you?

From Harry: Im alright pretty tired

To Harry:  want me to let you sleep?

From Harry: No!, I don't mind staying up and talking to you

To Harry: Haha okay. Hey did I tell you that im signed up for this exchange program, and where going to London?

From Harry: What?!? really?! that's great! Maybe me and you could meet up and hang out?

To Harry: haha yes really, and that would be great! I leave in two days.

From Harry: Great! Do you know who you'll be staying with?

To Harry: We get to stay in a hotel.

From Harry: Do you think you would want to come live with me? That's only if you want to..

Did he really just ask me that?! Should I stay at a 5 star hotel for 2 years or stay at Harry freaking Styles house for 2 years?? ..


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