Dreams Do Come True.. But Sometimes They Aret How You Drempt It

Have you ever wondered if you tried to dream the same dream over and over again that one day it will come true? Amy Did. And guess what he dream came true.. dreamed about meeting the famous Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. But is this dream of her exactly how she imagined it?


3. Everything Happens For A Reason I Guess :D

I want to live with Harry for 2 years but Cammii would be mad at me, she'd want to come and live with him too. Maybe he'll let her come to?

To Harry: I'd love to!... but my friend cammii is going to want to come to.. I got a reply back in less than a minute.

From Harry: That would be okay.. is she part of the exchange program to?

To Harry: No, she just loves Zayn and would want to see him.

From Harry: Well maybe you don't have to tell her, since she's not going to London to she wouldn't know who your living with.

To Harry: True.. I guess I'll just go with that. I cant wait! xD

From Harry: Neither can I!(:

After that we just started talking about things we could do until school starts. He told me about something's you can do in London, Comes out there's more things that I thought.

           2 Weeks Later

Ahh! This is it! Finally in London! I stood there waiting for my luggage to come around when all of a sudden I heard girls screaming, I turned around to see what all the commotion was about. As I was turning around I saw him.. starring at me, He had the biggest most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Harry Styles...


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