Dreams Do Come True.. But Sometimes They Aret How You Drempt It

Have you ever wondered if you tried to dream the same dream over and over again that one day it will come true? Amy Did. And guess what he dream came true.. dreamed about meeting the famous Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. But is this dream of her exactly how she imagined it?


1. A Twitcam And A DM

"Amy!! omg their on their on their on !!! hurry up your gonna miss it!!!" My friend cammii screamed at me. "I'm coming! I have to fix my hair!" " Really amy? really? THEY CANT EVEN SEE YOU!" ... Wait.. she was right haha. oh well. what if they choose a fan to view. wait! shes wrong they can see all of us.. their fans, at least I think so. This is my first Twitcam and i'm really nervous. Only reason I really wanted to do this is because I get to see what Harry Styles. I am completely in love with Harry.. Hes so perfect, Ive always dreamed about meeting him in  person, what it would be like, what he'd say to me, would he ever like me more than a friend or a fan... I guess every directioner thinks about these kind of things. But also I don't just love him for his looks or his fame or anything. I love him for him... "aaammmyyyy!!" Cammii said, interrupting my thoughts. "Okay okay okay in done here i come little miss bossy pants!" I walked out of my bathroom and into my bedroom to find cammii topless at my computer desk.. " umm Cammi where the hell is your shirt?" I said with a little confusion anger in my voice. "I took it off just incase they can see us and Zayn might see and think that my boobs are nice and DM or call me or text.. Or want to marry me" she said while she adjusted her boobs in her bra. "Or maybe he'll think your a desperate slut that will try to do anything to get into his pants?" I sad while trying not to burst into laughter. Cammi just stared at me for a second and turned back to the computer. I walked over and sat down next to her and watched to boys while they tried to adjust the camera so they all could fit in.

"Hello Mates!!" They all said at once " So since we don't have much to talk about tonight and most of you guys begged for this, how about we play a game of questions hm?, tweet us questions and we'll try to answer them all before the two hours are up" Liam said while smiling into the camera. " No inappropriate questions either!" Nail threw into there and all the boys roared into laughter." Hey we have our first question!.. well make that first 472 questions , This is going to be one long crazy fun hour" Louis said.

I tweeted a question that said " @Onedirection .. Harry why are you so quiet? That's not normally like you?" Odds are they might not get to my question. " Hey Harry here's one personally for you mate, @Haiya_ItsAmy asked why are you so quiet? that's not normally like you?"  Louis said.. when he said that my jaw dropped, they  actually read my question! I was doing my happy dance on the inside "I'm fine doll, I just have a slight migraine. but im perfectly fine. thanks for asking" Harry said in a sly voice. He seems really down I really doubt that a migraine is the problem. So I DMed him hoping he'd DM me back. "Hey Harry.. you look really down and I just wanted to see if a migraine was really the problem, you look like something is really bothering you.." I pressed send and looked at the screen at Harry. I was honestly ignoring all the other questions.. I heard a few that I know was from Cammii "Zayn have you ever had a blow job? if you have I bet it wasn't as great as mine would be" She can be really sick sometimes but shes a good friend, I've known her for practically my whole life.  Beep Beep Beep, my phone interrupted my thoughts. Direct Message from @HarryStyles: Yeah, migraine isn't the problem.. earlier today my lads was talking about their girlfriends and how much they love them, and im still single.. and that really bothered me. nothing you need to worry about(: " omfg Harry dmed me back! ahh okay act normal.. " I knew it.. And im really sorry, its nothing I could really help with but I could help you feel better if you want?" I sent back and I got a reply back a minute later " Maybe you could help..  You seem like a nice girl and youre really pretty.. if youd like me and you could talk more.. maybe text? Heres my number 555-0235.. im trusting you Amy." Am I dreaming? please tell me im dreaming! He wants to give me a try.. even though he just met me like 5 minutes ago but ahh! I exited out of twitter and went right to my messages and created a new one

To: Harry Styles .. "Hey its me Amy." a few seconds later I got a text.. it was from Harry...



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