Carter Finn Is 17 years old, and is one of the only girls in her school who doesn't have an obsession with the boy band 'One Direction'. Her "friends" decide to ditch her because she doen't think the boy band is the best. The girls leave Carter on the side of the street, witth no way home. When a handsome boy with curly hair pulls up to her on the side of the road and offeres her a drive home, she relises that she might have feelings for the boy...


2. Mud

Harry's POV

Carter was beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen anyone as flawless. Her long brown hair fell over her sholders, and was naturaly curly at the bottom, almmost like ringlets. Her dark brown eyes were so soft, and warm, I couldn't help myself but to bring her home. Even though she was covered in mud, her skin still looked perfect, and her smile was briliant! "I'm a bit cold, Harry. Do you mind turning up the heat a little?" She asked. "Of course, love." I turned up the heat in the car a few notches. How could I not? How could I say no to her? Even her voice put me in a trance. We drove in the driveway wad stepped out of the car. "Carter, I forgot to tell you. I live with four other boys, they are the other members in our band. Their really nice lads!" I said. "Oh, thats fine.." She said quietly. I knew she was nevous about this, and I didnt want to make her feel uncomfortable. I oppened the door and she followed me in. Our flat wasnt much, but obviously it was enough to impress her. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. "What?" I asked. "Your house... it's amazing!" She exclaimed. "ha, thanks! Follow me." I said. She followed me to the bathroom, "You can get cleaned up in here." I said. "Ok, thanks" she said with a smile. She started to take off her shirt when she turned around. "umm.. Harry? Are you going to leave?"  she said curiously. "Oh, um.. ya." I said I I walked out. I can't believe I did that! I didn't even notice that I was staring at her, shes just so perfect! I felt so embarased... Why did she have to be so freaking perfect?? I heard the shower turn on and I knew that she would be a while. I wen't into the living room sat down to watch some telly with the boys. We were watching the XFactor when I heard someone clear their throat. "ehm..Harry?" Carter said. She was standing in the living room wearing nothing but a towel to cover herself. I couldnt help but stare, but so did the rest of the boys.. This got me mad, so I stood up and said "Carter! Whats wrong love?" "I-I dont have any clean clothes to put on..," She whispered. The boys were still staring at her, and I'm sure I saw Zayn drool. "Oh, come up to my room, I'm sure you can wear one of my shirts as a dress, and Louis might have a pair of his sisters skinnies you can wear." She smiled and followed me to my room. I pulled out a plad button-up shirt, and handed it to her, without knowing what I was doing, I started staring again. But this time she didn't notice. She was faced in the opposite direction than me, so I was facing her back. She dropped her towell and slipped on my shirt. She started to run her fingers through her long beautiful hair when she called out "Harry!!! I'm dressed!!!" I quietly walked up behind her and put my hands on her waist, "I know." I whispered in her ear. She jumped that quickly turned aroun. "How long have you been in here?!?!?" "I never left..." I muttered. "So you saw me...get dressed?..." "yes..." She ran out of my room and locked herself in the bathroom. "Carter? Please open the door." I said behind the closed door. "No!!I hate my body!!" She said under her tears. "Why??" I asked. "You have a beautiful body!" She unlocked the door and I walked in. I fell into shock, the floor was covered in blood. I looked at Carter and saw that she was holding one of the boys razors in her hand, and on her wrist were 3 very deep wounds! "CARTER!!! WHAT DID YOU DO??" I yelled at her. I fell on my knees and tears filled my eyes. Zayn ran up the stairs to see what was going on. He saw Carter and didnt say a word, he walked over to her, picked her up bridal style and carried her into his bedroom. I stayed on the floor in the bathroom staring at the blood and crying. I couldnt believe she did that! What did I do wrong? I know ive only known her for a few hours, but I think im in love with her...

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