Carter Finn Is 17 years old, and is one of the only girls in her school who doesn't have an obsession with the boy band 'One Direction'. Her "friends" decide to ditch her because she doen't think the boy band is the best. The girls leave Carter on the side of the street, witth no way home. When a handsome boy with curly hair pulls up to her on the side of the road and offeres her a drive home, she relises that she might have feelings for the boy...


1. Friends

Carters POV


I hopped off of the bus and walked up to the doors of the school. "first day of school...awesome..." I said sarcasticly to myself. I walked in the school doors and saw my best friends standing in a small circle. They seemed like they were really into a conversation. I walked over to them and I was instantly greeted with hugs and hello's. "so waht were you guys talking about? When I walked in and saw you, it looked like you were really into a conversation." My friend Becka replied to my question "We were talking bout' the new boy band 'One Direction'!!!" "Oh... I've actualy only heard one song by them.. they seem really cheesey!" I said. All of their eyes buldged out, and their jaws dropped, gasps escaped their mouths. "What??" I said with a bit of a chuckle, "What did I say?" "You don't like '1D'?!?!?" They all managed to say at once. -It was actualy kinda creepy-  "Well.. no. I don't really like them. Is that ok?" I asked. "Well, ya... we're best friends.. obviously we arn't going to hate you just because of this one band right girls?" Becka asked. "Ya, of course" they said. The bell rang and we all scurried off to class. I imediately started scopeing out all of the cute guys in my class, of course, there all cute. Great. How am I suppose to choose just one?? "hah" I muttered under my breath.

I sit down in my seat and try to get comfortable. Mr. Fink starts mumbling on and on and on and on.. My mind drifts off into another world... A loud snap breaks my day dream and I snap back to reality. Mr. Fink snaped his ruler on my desk to grab my attention, than backs it up with asking me a question he knows I  won't beable to answer, "Miss Carter. What is the answer to question 9?" I hesitate to answer, "um.. w-what paige..?" The entire class laughs at my attempt to answer, I sit down in humiliation as my face turns beat red. I can't wait for this class to be over!

*after class*

I run out of the class room only to trip in the middle of the hall way. All of my books fell and scattered all over the floor, people pointed and laughed, but no one stopped to help me out. "nice" I mumbled sarcasticly. I scrambled then  to get myself to gether and head to my locker. I walked fast,with my head down so no body would recognize me. I put my books in my locker and headed to the caf for lunch. I sat down beside Becka, she gave me a weird look than asked "Hey, do you want to come hang out with us tonight? We are all going to walk downtown and get something to eat." "Yeah, that sounds fun!" I replyed. Lunch ended and I headed off to my last class of the day. When art was over, I walked outside and met up with my friends.

*At the resteraunt*

 "I'll have the garden salad please." I gave the waitress my order as did the rest of the girls. "Hey guys, since you all invited me to come, I figure that I might pay for you. The food was pretty cheep anyway." I said. The girls all agreed, "We will be waiting outside for you when your done paying, Carter!" Becka yelled, "ok, I'll see you guys soon!" All five girls walked outside and I got up to pay the bill. After I payed, I walked outside to meet the girls, but to my surprise they wern't there. I waited outside for a few minutes, to see if they showed up, after 20 mins i walked down the street a bit to see if they went to the corner store. They wern't there.  The store manager kicked me out of the store because she was closing, it was about 7:00pm and was dark already. I lived  about a half an hour away from here, so I wouldnt be able to walk because it would take me all night. I had no way home, and the other girls ditched me... I thought they were my friends... I thought I could trust the side walk and glared at the empty road. Tears formed in my eyes and started to steram down my face. I couldn't help but think about why they would do this to me. I had no phone, and no money to call a taxi, I had used it all to pay for dinner. "Thanks..." I wimpered to myself.

I sat on the curb of the road and cried to myself. A red sports car  past me and splashed me, I was covered in mud from head to toe! I screamed at the driver "YOU IDIOT!!! WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!!!" The car screeched to a stop and backed up to me. Crap.. The window was down.. The driverf got out of the car and stood their staring at me with widened eyes. "I'm SO sorry!! I didn't see you their!!" the boy said. "Obviously.." I said under my breath. I sat back down on the curb and began to cry again. "Hey, look. I'm really sorry! But why are you sitting here all alone?" He asked. I tried to hold in my tears as I spoke, "M-my friends.... t-they left me here alone... I have n-no way home, and no money, and n-no phone." I managed to finish the sentance than I lost it. The tears uncontrolably rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed. "I'm so sorry!"He said. He pulled me into a hug and helped me up. "Why don't you come home with me tonight? You can get cleaned up and spend the night. It's really late, and I only live a few mins from here." He said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "um.. sure.." I hesitated as I replyed because I was still unsure, I didnt even know who he was! He led me over to his car and oppened the door for me. I climbed in and closed the door, he did the same. We started to drive down the road when I said something. "I'm Harry. I just thought you should at least know my name." "I'm Carter.."

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