Strawberry Bubblegum

'Just so you know my name is Alice Gallagher and I am an interviewer for E News and my latest job has been to go and see what the members of One Direction are doing now, five years after there breakup. And today I was going to see the last boy, Harry Styles. He was always my favorite and he's so attractive so I'm quite excited, but I hope he's happy with his family like the rest of the boys are.'


4. Chapter 4

I woke up a phew hours later to a new feeling.  Silk?  I opened my eyes and was greeted to Harrys bedroom, but no Harry.  As I was stretching my arms our i felt something on the pillow beside me.  A letter.  Oh how corny, but cute I will admit.                Dear Alice,                   I'm sorry I had to leave you love, but I had some errands to run.  Your clothes are on the dresser.  Ill be seeing you soon princess.                                                                                    Love Harry xx      P.s. I guess your not a virgin anymore ;)   Did he just draw out a winky face?  Did he just call me princess?  Did he take my virginity away?  My answer to the last question was answered quiet quickly whenever I tried to stand up.  I was soar, really soar.     "Ow" I said with every step I took toward the dresser.  I can't believe I gave up my virginity so quickly.  I mean, I'm not regretting it.  It was good.  But I thought I was stronger than that.  But at least he didn't hurt me, or really hurt me.     As I was about to put my clothes on I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye and it turned out it was just my reflection in a full length mirror.     "Wow" I said to myself.  I had bruises all over me, and hickeys.  But they were in places were nobody could see them, except one big hickey on my neck.     "Crap Harry" I really need to quit talking to myself.  Now everybody will see this and ask questions.  Or won't ask questions at all and will just assume.  When I got done putting my clothes back on i noticed a box with my name on it beside my shoes.  It had another letter on top, and a key taped to the top.          Dear Alice,                           Hello again love, I'm glad you noticed this box.  Please don't open it tell about, lets say 8 tonight.  Ok?                                                                      Love Harry xx P.s. the key goes to the ranger over in the garage.  You can drive it home.    Oh my gosh.  I hate surprises and I hate driving so this is just bad all around.  I grabbed my phone and quickly called John.  He answered on the second ring.   "Hello" he said giggling.   "What's going on?  Who's there?" I asked, not noticing my tone tell he answered me.     "Well Mrs.Mean I'm doing fine and it's Tyler.  He was in the neighborhood and he came to see us.  Iv been telling him all about your little situation with Harry." I could hear Tyler laughing in the background.  Tyler was one of Johns friends, he's gay to but I don't think they really have anything going on.     "That's great now will you please come and pick me up at Harry's?" I asked, no pleaded.   "Fine fine fine, Tyler and I will be there in a phew" and with that he hung up.   As I weighted I thought I might as well creep Harry's house.  Look in ever room and what not.  It wasn't anything special.  I mean it was amazing, but there weren't any red rooms or anything weird like that.  The most exciting thing in his house was probably his bathroom, or the giant indoor pool.      By the time I got back to the living room John and Tyler were pulling up in the van.     "Thank you" I sang as I got into the back seat.  "And hey Tyler"    "Hey girl!  So I know I just got here but I'm pretty shore we are all dying to know what happened!" He said pushing his glasses back up on his nose and pouting his lips.     "Oh well you see what happens in Harry's house stays in Harry's house so.." I said shrugging.     "Oh really.  Uh hm well you see what happens when somebody sucks on your neck is called a hickey, and you have a giant one on your neck so.." He said mimicking my tone of voice.     "Burn" John said joining into our conversation.     "What's in the box?" Tyler asked.   "Oh um I don't know yet.  I'm not supposed to open it tell 8 tonight." I said.   "How romantic" Tyler said. "Do you think I can have a peak, seeing as I am leaving tonight so I won't get to know?" He asked pouting.   "Well when you put it that way I guess.  But don't tell me what it is!" I said handing him the box.   "Ok I won't I promise.  Now close your eyes so we can look." He said.   I closed my eyes and heard the box top some off and gasps from both Tyler and John.     "There's a letter" I heard Tyler mumble.  I could here him mumbling the words on the letter but couldn't make out any of them.     "Well I'm staying now" he laughed.     "Ok Alice you can open your eyes now."  I opened them and was handed the box.  Tyler looked so excited.     "Why are you so excited looking?  And why are you staying?  Not to sound rude." I said   "Oh nothing.  You will find out at 8.  No weight, I'm changing that for him to 7:30.  He obviously doesn't know girls that well." He said turning back around in his seat.     "Ok then." I said.   It felt like it took forever for 7:30 to come up.  The whole three hours that I weighted, Tyler was in Johns closet.  I could here him taking to himself but I wasn't going to pay any attention.  Every once in awhile he would call John in there with him though.  Odd, very odd.   At exactly 7:30 Tyler screamed at me.  "ALICE IT'S TIME"    "OK" I screamed back.  I jumped over the edge of the couch and ran to my room.  I opened the box and literally couldn't breathe.  It had to be one if the prettiest and fanciest dresses I had ever seen. It was a coctail dress with jewls all over the top and then feathers at the bottom. ( )  Then I noticed the letter.           Dear Alice,                                      I'm having a party tonight at my house.  I bought this dress for you to wear.  The party starts at 9, don't be late.  And bring your friends.                                                                                                       Harry xx   I need to get ready.  Why am I so nervous?  Oh yea this guy took my virginity away this morning and he is Harry Styles.  That's when there was a nock on my door.   "So what do you think?" Tyler asked jumping up and down.   "I think we are going to a party!" I said putting my hand up for a high five.   "I KNOW" he screamed running and giving me a hug instead of a high five.   "Do you know what this means.  What if.  I can't.  Just, I can't.  I have to go get ready.  Goodbye." And with that he closed the door.   I took a shower and put my makeup on.  After my hair was dry I straightened it and it almost went down to my butt.  I then put on my dress, shoes and jewelry and I was ready to go.     I walked into the living room and was greeted with the boys and tuxedos.     "oh my gosh you guys look so handsom!" i giggled.   "No, We look hot." John corrected me.   "Oh yes im sorry to ophend you sir.  Now lets go" i said heading out the door.    We pulled up to harrys mantion 20 minutes later and it looked like a completely different house.  There were lights everywere and people all out in the yard.  It wasn't a fancy party like i thought it would be.  I mean, everybody was dressed nice but they were not acting nice.     "Mrs. Alice.... and friends?" i was nocked out of my thinking by a tall guy in a tux.     "Yes?" John answered for me.   "Right this way please" he said leading us into the mansion.  
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