Strawberry Bubblegum

'Just so you know my name is Alice Gallagher and I am an interviewer for E News and my latest job has been to go and see what the members of One Direction are doing now, five years after there breakup. And today I was going to see the last boy, Harry Styles. He was always my favorite and he's so attractive so I'm quite excited, but I hope he's happy with his family like the rest of the boys are.'


3. Chapter 3

I didn't get a phone call for two days.  I literally waited and waited every day.  I ended up calling the maid the next day because I got impatient.  Three days after I left Harry’s house, I finally got a call.   John and I were in the kitchen, he was cleaning his camera and I was making breakfast, when my phone rang from the table beside John.  
"You want me to answer it?" He asked
"Yea shore" I had already given up, thinking he would never call me.
"Hello" I heard John say to the person on the other line.
"Um Al it's for you" he said smiling and handing me my phone 
"Okkkkk" I said taking it from him
"Hello" I said questioningly 
"Hay beautiful" I heard his husky voice, I could tell he was smirking 
"Hi" I said quietly 
"Thank you for the presents.  You shouldn't have really" he said 
"You needed them" I said a little too quickly
"Well now that my place is all cleaned up would you like to come over....maybe you and I could have a party....just me and you." He said 
"Ha ha......ha um well John and I still have to do your sorry for E so maybe after that we can hang out?" I asked 
"Yea shore.  We're something nice for me.  Like a dress" he said the last part slowly
"Yes sir, Captain Styles" I said jokingly 
"Ohh that's sexy" he said
"Well I'm going to go,  see you in an hour or two." And with that I hung up on him.  
"What did he say?" john said putting his cammera down and looking me in the eye.
"Well um we are going to do his interview then im going to stay afterwards for a party his is having." i said continuing breakfast.
"But what do you have to do for him?"  he asked
"I have to wear a dress" i said
"Girl he wants in your pants" he said
( Alice's outfit )
Two hours later we were pulling up to his house.  It looked so much better!  That gardener did wonders with what was here.  
As we were walking up the front steps Harry's door flew open.
"Hello Alice" he said before pulling me in for a hug.  He just got into my bubble.  
"Ok, back away and go back inside.  We are gonna start the camera and get this filmed" I said pushing him away, but leaving my hand on his shoulder.
"Ok" he said with a smile.  As he closed the door John started giggling.
"What's wrong with you?" I asked.
"Oh nothing." He said finally turning it on.  
"Ok then....well here we go" I said before smiling and knocking on the door. 
One hour later we were done with the interview.  It went surprisingly well, beside the fact that Harry flirted with me the whole time.  
"Now we are finally alone." He said from the couch across from me.
"Yep" I said crossing my legs.
He got up to move, sitting down next to me, he placed his hand on my knee. I tensed, but didn’t remove it.
“So..what do you think we should do?” he questioned, wiggling his eyebrows.
“Harry, if you are trying to get me into bed, I can tell you right now it isn’t going to work,” I giggled.
“And what if that’s not what I’m trying to do?”
“Oh, really?” I didn’t believe him for one second.
“Alice, I think you are smart, thoughtful, generous, and sexy.”
He kissed my neck between each adjective, driving me wild.
“H-harry,” I stuttered, unsure of what I really wanted. When I was a teenager, this was my dream. To be here now with my celebrity crush. But that was many years ago, and we had both changed.
“Shh, baby, I will take care of you.” His soft breath hit my neck, sending a shudder down my spine. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him forward. I laced my fingers in his fresh cut curls that I had fawned over for so many years. I decided that yes, this is what I wanted. Even if it was only for a moment, I wanted to do this with him.
I sighed in defeat; Harry was too dominant, there was no way I could get out of it even if I wanted to.
He moved his hand higher and higher up my leg, pushing back the hem of my skirt. He crawled on top of me, not wanting to waste a single minute. I was in shock and unable to think straight. This was going to happen.
Harry looked into my eyes for permission to continue. I gazed into his emerald greens, darkened with lust and desire, and gave a slight nod of my head. That was all it took, and in one swift motion Harry had pulled my stockings off my legs along with my panties.
I arched my back off of the couch so he could easily slip my skirt off as well. Harry’s long fingers gently brushed down the sides of my legs, leaving goosebumps in their place. The cold air hit my already dripping core, and I snapped my legs shut.
“Sweetheart, let me repay you for all you have done,” Harry whispered, pulling my legs apart.
We both got rid of our shirts, tossing them carelessly somewhere around the room. Harry stood quickly and shook his jeans and boxers off, causing me to gape open mouthed at his rock hard dick.
He chuckled light heartedly and stroked himself a few times, rolling his head back in pleasure. The act caught me off guard, and I was surprised at how much it turned me on. I accidentally let out a small moan, and Harry pushed me back and climbed on top. My breathing quickened and I grabbed onto his broad shoulders. Harry lightly sucked on my neck and collarbones, sure to be leaving lovebites. It didn’t matter though in that moment.
I felt Harry glide his fingers against my core, testing the waters. “Oi, babe, you’re already so wet for me.”
“It’s all for you, Captain Styles,” I breathed. With that, Harry rubbed the tip of his cock against my opening, and pushed himself in to me, completely filling me up. A long moan escaped my lips as I adjusted to his size. He grunted and began to move his hips in slow circles.
“Faster, Harry please!” I cried, unable to control myself.
“If you insist, Alice.” And with that he pulled out and thrust back in me with all his strength. I scratched my nails up and down Harry’s back, making sure I left marks.
With every thrust, Harry filled me completely and it wasn’t long before I felt the knot in my stomach, warning me that I was close. I captured Harry’s lips in mine, and slip my tongue into his open mouth. Harry took the opportunity to massage my breasts with both hands, all while moving his hips magically. He glided his thumbs over my newly hardened nipples, and sent me over the edge.
“H-Harry, I’m coming,” I managed to moan before a wave of pleasure crashed into me. I screamed his name over and over, riding my high for all it was worth. The euphoric feeling clouded my vision and shook my entire body.  I clenched my walls tight around Harry’s cock, wanting him to come too. I came down from my high, panting and trying to regain my sanity. I nibbled on Harry’s earlobe, mumbling, “come, baby.” And he did.  Hard.
Harry pressed his body into mine while he released inside of me. I felt his heart speed up and then try to slow itself back down. Strings of curses escaped his lips, and he finally pulled out and collapsed beside me. I felt an emptiness between my legs, but cuddled up next to Harry and traced the outlines of his tattoos. We lied there in silence for awhile, both mentally and physically trying to compose ourselves.
“Alice, that was-“
“Amazing,” I cut him off.

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