Strawberry Bubblegum

'Just so you know my name is Alice Gallagher and I am an interviewer for E News and my latest job has been to go and see what the members of One Direction are doing now, five years after there breakup. And today I was going to see the last boy, Harry Styles. He was always my favorite and he's so attractive so I'm quite excited, but I hope he's happy with his family like the rest of the boys are.'


2. Chapter 2

"You don't talk that much do you?" He asked looking at me out of the corner of his eye.  

"I do sometimes.  When I'm used to being around the person, you just have to give me an hour or so." I said looking out the window

"Ok, well um how old are you?"  He asked pulling out of his driveway onto the California highway.

"I'm 20" I said 

"Cool.  So I'm only, like, 4 years older than you?" He asked

"Yep." I told him finally looking over.
"Ok well you need to get your hair cut so let's go to that place over there" I said pointing over to a hair salon.

"Fine" he grunted "only for you" he said not a moment later leaning over and giving me a big smile.

When we walked into the salon and Harry got into the chair a lady walked right over. 

"So what are you wanting today?" She said asking Harry but he just pointed to me.

"Um here" I sad giggling showing her a picture of Harry when he was 18.  She just smiled at me and said she could do it.  Thirty minutes later 19 year old looking Harry stood before me.

"You look good" I said looking him up and down.

"Thanks" he said with a smirk 

" now I can be seen in public with you" I said jokingly, dramatically flailing my arms around.  He surprised me by grabbing my arm quiet firmly. 

"You don't mean that" he said looking me in the eyes, his eyebrows knotted together.  

"I know I don't thats why there was sarcasm in my voice" I said yanking my arm away.  "Come on now we need to get groceries for you." I said walking out after he payed the laddie at the front desk of the salon.  

We walked over to the Walmart that was next to the salon, ironic I know, and began shopping for some food.  An hour later we came out with a cart full of food.  He wanted allot of junk food but I wouldn't let him get that much.  I helped him put the food in the back of his car and then we drove back to his house. 

"Harry" I screamed whenever we got his groceries put up and he went to the bathroom " I put my number on your refrigerator door!  If you ever need anything just call or text me!  John is here now to pick me up!  Bye!" I screamed so he could here me.

"Weight" he screamed from upstairs.  Not 10 seconds later he came running down the stairs.  

"Is he your boyfriend?" He asked grabbing my arm again.

"No I don't have a boyfriend" I said yanking my arm away, again.

"Good" he said. "Be expecting a call from me" he said with a wink.

"Bye Harry" I said opening the door and closing it behind me.  I quickly walked down to the end of his road to weight for John.  I couldn't take one more second near him.  There was allot of sexual tension in the air.  

As I was setting and weighting my mind wondered back to his garden.  It was absolutely terrible.  Just as I started to think about the fountain John pulled up next to me.

"What was that about? What happened?" He said as I opened the door to the van.

"I couldn't stand seeing him like that so I got him cleaned up.  And by the way do you know of any gardeners?  Like I want to call a gardener to go fix his front yard up" I said.  Johns family is beyond rich so I thought he might know a phew. 

" yea I know a number." He said handing me his phone.  "It's the 3rd one from the top I think" he said looking at the road in front of him.

"Ok" I said hitting it.  A man answered on the  third ring and I told him what I wanted him to do.  I also told him that if Harry asked what he was there for to tell him he was a present from a Mrs. Alice.  John offered to pay so I didn't have to.  He and I had been best friends since we started working together on E.  We even share an apartment.  Coarse we don't have to pay for it because his parents are rich, like I said before.  He kind of spoils me, if he wasn't gay I would think he liked me to be honest.  

"Sooooo are you gonna tell me what happened?!?!"  He asked again

"Nooooo I'm not.  All I'm saying is he looks FINE" I screamed the last word, which startled him a bit.  "He also needs a maid but I think I'll weight a phew days for that." I said before he could say anything else 

"I have those to so when you want one just tell me" he said giggling.  He was probably thinking of some inside joke.  I just rolled my eyes at him and looked out the window.  

When we got back to the flat I decided to go take a shower.  After that I went to the living room to watch a movie with John.  I didn't say anything but I was secretly weighting for my phone to wring.  

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