Awkward Jazz (16+)

This story is about Satoru Tono from awkward silence a yaoi and Naoki from a yaoi called jazz. Satoru never shows his emotions will he over this and confess that he loves naoki? find out in AWKWARD JAZZ


15. School

Naoki and Satoru both go to different schools. Naoki goes to college while Satoru finishes his third year of highschool. Though they both don't see eachother often they would talk about eachother to there friends in school. For Satoru his closest friend is Yuuji. Yuuji knows when Satoru is sad happy or well basically anything, though Satoru doesnt show his emotions. One day when Satoru was little he enjoyed this book that Yuuji owned. When yuuji went to move away he gave Satoru the book as a gift. When they met in highschool Yuuji was a third year and Satoru was a second year. Satoru was with keigo at the time, and Yuuji did not approve of keigo because he made Satoru cry and everything. So when Naoki and Satoru got together Yuuji watched carefully. *Authors note* This is going to be a side story that comes fron awkward jazz!!
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