Awkward Jazz (16+)

This story is about Satoru Tono from awkward silence a yaoi and Naoki from a yaoi called jazz. Satoru never shows his emotions will he over this and confess that he loves naoki? find out in AWKWARD JAZZ


12. questions

Satoru continued to cry, but he walked right up to Naoki. "Naoki!" Satoru yelped out. Naoki looked right at Satoru with a shocked look. "Satoru..." Naoki walked up with the other man staying back. "Who's he!?" Satoru pointed to the man. "Also why are you so chummy with him! Were u Fucking cheating on me you jerk; Did u honestly not want to have sex with me!!" Satoru shouted angerly at Naoki with tears streaming down his face. "He's only my friend Satoru; I left because i felt bad because i put you through pain! Gosh dont jump to conusions dumb ass" Naoki and Satoru were both yelling at eachother. Then there was a loud smack. One side of Satoru's face was red. "Wait....i...i..i..i..didn't mean to hit you Satoru..." Naoki went to hug satoru, but satoru backed away. Satoru was utterly afraid now, abd Naoki could tell. Satoru turned and ran out with Naoki yelling "Satoru; WAIT!!!"
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